Canadian Club on Mad Men Hollywood Branded Inc. secured hands-on and on-screen exposure for Canadian Club throughout Mad Men, making Canadian Club Don Draper’s drink of choice.


It’s a proven fact: when people see their favorite celebrities holding, wearing or even standing near certain products in movies or television shows, they will buy them. People see a brand’s logo, hear a verbal mention or recognize a product in an entertainment property, and they want it.At Hollywood Branded, we get your products onto the sets and integrated into these productions, so your company can increase revenue and value. Our staff places products for our clients in the following entertainment properties:
  • Feature films
  • Television Series
  • Mobile
  • Music Videos
  • Video Games
  • Theater
  • Broadband Content
  • Publications
  • Events
Here’s how it works:With over 30 years of combined team experience, our management team has developed a dependable reputation and strong relationships with producers, unit production managers and prop masters on the sets of movie and television shows. Our team is on various set locations every day, interacting with production decision makers and presenting educational marketing materials. These materials help the crew to fully understand your brands and their on-screen relevance and storyline capabilities.Exposure may include verbal mentions, storyline messaging, insert shots, branded box or product hands on placement with an actor, signage or placement of other branded and wardrobe items. We negotiate the opportunity for your company to participate, then coordinate all the logistics, including the distribution of your products to the production sets and evaluating the opportunity with detailed ROI reports upon placement confirmation.All products that are non-consumable are returned upon the completion of filming to the Hollywood Branded office, to be sent out again on another set or returned to you, unless the placement is a pre-arranged as a trade-out to the production.The difference between product placement and brand integration:Product placement: typically occurs without paying a fee to the production, by our agency arranging for loan or gifting of product to the production.Brand Integration: typically requires a fee to be paid for the placement of the brand in the production and/or a quantity of the product line to be gifted in a high amount, such as with talk show audiences. In exchange for the fee, brand messaging points and attributes are highlighted. Fees may range from $10,000 to $2M + paid to the production.Over the life of a film, beginning with its theatrical run, premium cable appearances, other televised broadcasts, home video rental and online viewing, cost-per-thousand exposures continues to decrease, eventually declining to mere pennies on the dollar.Every year our agency creates integration opportunities and placements within hundreds of feature films and television episodes, yielding thousands of individual on-screen exposures.Brand integration opportunities include:
    TV Sitcoms
  • TV Dramas
  • TV Reality Series
  • TV Talk Shows
  • TV Game Shows
  • Music, Videos
  • Digital, Mobile and Web Series
  • Feature Films


“We wanted to thank you for all you did over the past couples of months with setting up Club Med's partnership with (U.S. Olympic Triathlete) Hunter Kemper. Hunter was absolutely wonderful to work with, and we know there could not have been a better fit for Club Med!” - THE ZIMMERMAN AGENCY, INC.
“I just saw the premiere last night, and I want to thank you for an awesome job. It was one of those projects that serendipitously came together. Our CEO and his wife also saw the screening with important CEOs and talent in tow during our sponsored dinner post party. He was VERY happy with the placement and it looked wonderful.” - BLACKBERRY
“Hollywood Branded’s capabilities are nothing short of amazing. They are creating an awareness of our brand in the entertainment industry that is reaching across the globe. The entire team is friendly, professional, creative, and results oriented. They continue to amaze and exceed expectations on a daily basis.” - GIGASET COMMUNICATIONS
“In an industry that is at best lax about accountability…ensured that we were constantly updated and worked tenaciously to achieve our objectives. Industry connections and insider knowledge instrumental in ensuring that Gallo brands appeared in a variety of film and television vehicles, the total of which exceeded our expectations. I would certainly hire again.” - E&J GALLO
“Committed and responsive…worked hard to best position Philips with branded placement based on corporate guidelines and target demographics…knowledgeable about the ins and outs and the who’s who inside the studios and production companies…active network in the entertainment world and knew what programs were about to be piloted and had us in mind for new programming with products that would be a good fit…Easy to work with, fun and friendly. Knows the ins and outs of organizing promotions that make an impact for clients. Not only goes the extra mile, but also a pleasure to work with.” - PHILIPS
“Always prompt and responsible. In our business important changes happen within moments notice…always counted on to handle the emergencies in a timely and professional manner.” - DREAMWORKS
“Very professional, courteous and extremely detailed oriented. A pleasure to work with.” - 20TH CENTURY FOX CLIP LICENSING
“…more than great…very dedicated to client service, ‘service’ being the operative word, deep understanding of the entertainment business and leverages that to the client’s benefit. I highly recommend.” - FIJI WATER
“Thank you all so much. This is a fabulous placement! I can’t wait to share it with my organization... I couldn’t be happier with this spot!!” - DEARFOAMS
“This team is nothing short of impressive. They said they could deliver…and they did…and with consummate professionalism. They are at the very top of my list to call for promotional efforts that the studio outsources on future projects.” - SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT
“One of the most professional I have ever worked within the product placement business…complete understanding of Burger King and the market-place in general. Follow through terrific…recommend without hesitation.” - BURGER KING
“Very professional and trusted partner for a number of years…quickly attained great results…creativity is great; knowledge of the entertainment business first rate…outstanding.” - KELLOGG’S
“Very creative, knowledgeable, professional who offered valuable ideas and opportunities to support the VW brand.” - VOLKSWAGEN AG
“I remain impressed by the unbridled professionalism and corporate creativity. We hired to service a major package goods company for product placements and felt she reinvigorated their role in this space.” - STARCOM
“Instrumental in taking us from introduction to a deal….tenacious, professional, and creative…is always a pleasure to work with.” - STARZ NETWORK
“An expert in the field, works diligently to understand and help define clients’ business objectives to achieve measureable results impresses with depth of results…knowledge, professionalism, and smart strategies…powerful business ally.” - VOLKSWAGEN OF AMERICA


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