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Hollywood Branded is a Los Angeles boutique independent agency that brings the power of pop culture to your brand. After creating more than 10,000 brand partnerships with Hollywood over the last 14 years, we firmly believe that bringing brands, content, celebrities and influencers together makes storytelling more meaningful, impactful and authentic. And we have the experience to make that happen.

We rock at creating these complex partnerships where both the brand and pop culture partner win. Because that’s what we do. We create wins that benefit everyone. Including the consumer.



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We are fixated on how to do things better, and to constantly improve. Our agency culture is driven by education: by learning, by doing, and by teaching. Our core belief is that by helping grow an individual, we will grow the agency, and increase in turn how impactful we can be for our clients.

We pride ourselves in playing well in the sandbox with other agencies, so brand campaigns can pack a more powerful punch, leveraging agency teams already in place to build extensions to partnerships we build. It’s why we have so many agencies that work with us – again and again. We are trusted with their clients, and work together to support each other in partnership, where again, everyone wins.

We offer the ability to measure consumer feedback, deliver reports that showcase detailed metrics, and we provide your team with unparalleled knowledge of the best industry practices.

Canadian Club obtained 4.3% annual sales growth after the debut on Mad Men. While Beam does not attribute all the sales growth to the TV exposure, the company believes it has reinvigorated popular perceptions of the product. The AMC hit lends Canadian Club a bit of pop culture cachet.

The exposure has been crucial for new demographics Canadian Club is trying to reach: younger drinkers and women. For years, whisky was seen as a tired product more suited to older men, but the popularity of the TV show means the very age of the drink is what makes it hip.

whisky sales report canadian club


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Partnership Management

Turnkey Activation

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Not only do our campaigns win international awards, but our agency is also one of the most quoted pop culture agencies by media outlets all over the world. They feature our agency CEO, Stacy Jones for her expertise and thought leadership.

Check out our press page to see what the media is saying about Hollywood Branded.


Media Outlets We Have Been Quoted In, Include:
50 MN Inside TV – ANA Magazine – BBC – Bloomberg Business Insider – Business of Fashion – Canal LeTube – CBS News – CNBC – CNN – CGTN TV – Daily Finance Entrepreneur Magazine – Fast Company – Financial Review – Forbes – Fox News – Grocer – Hollywood Reporter – InStyle – London Evening Standard – Los Angeles Times – Luxury Daily – Marketing Dive – Money New York Times – The Independent – The Sun – USA Today – VOX – WWD – Yahoo Celebuzz  + More!



Two years in a row we have won the prestigious PROPKO International Product Placement Award For
Best Film (Bumble + Book Club)
Best Scripted (FLIR + Ozark)

How We Leverage Pop Culture Partnerships – For Our Agency

We have experienced the power of what pop culture content marketing has done for our own agency’s growth. It has been an absolute game changer.

Take a look at what we have achieved since we launched in 2007:


We have created more than 10,000 brand partnerships over the last 14 years in Hollywood.


Our agency has become the most quoted by media and interviewed for TV within our industry by top media outlets. In 2019 we went viral around the world.


Each month more than 30,000 marketers read our agency’s daily blogs and listen to our agency’s weekly podcast Marketing Mistakes (& How To Avoid Them).


This led our team to create the Marketer’s Content Playbook Virtual Summit, to establish a massive platform to bring thought leadership learning opportunities to even more people. Our first summit had over 100 top thought leaders present sessions.


We offer online courses, ebooks, webinars and certifications to help  others learn how to optimize their own marketing campaigns around one  of our favorite topics – how to do content marketing better at  Learn.HollywoodBranded.com !

Marketing Mistakes
(+ How To Avoid Them) Podcast

Hollywood Branded Blog With 5x A Week – Articles Tips & Case Studies

How To Do Content Marketing… Better Virtual Summit +  Classes

How To Do Pop Culture Partnerships Better Classes + Certifications


  • Increase Brand & Product Awareness 100% 100%
  • Heighten Brand Affinity & Desire 100% 100%
  • Expand Target Market 100% 100%
  • Drive Sales Revenue 100% 100%
  • Open Doors To Future Relationships 100% 100%
  • Get Press & Media Attention 100% 100%
  • Lower Customer Acquisition Cost 100% 100%
  • Increase Website Traffic 100% 100%
  • Introduce New Products 100% 100%
  • Differentiate From Competitors 100% 100%
  • Justify Price Points 100% 100%
  • Heighten Market Share Perception 100% 100%


Celebrity Gifting

Hollywood Branded’s Celebrity & Influencer Gift Bag Program hand delivers your brand to celebrities. Your social media handles and hashtags are included to encourage celebs to share their love of your product.

Influencer + Content PartnershipsS

Not quite ready to sign on to one of our Influencer Programs? We offer several class series for you and your team to learn the best practices in Celebrity, Influencer Marketing and Product Placement partnerships.

Celebrity/Influencer Partnerships

We offer custom programs targeting celebrities & major influencers with larger fan bases. Pricing is determined by follower reach, individual person, fame and type of branded content to be created.

Event Activation

Hollywood Branded will make your brand red-carpet ready with partnerships with celebrity driven opportunities ranging from award shows, film festivals, premiere parties and private A-Lister insider events.

Product Placement

Ready to get your products and signage into movies, TV shows, podcasts or music videos? Then check out our turnkey Product Placement options!

Branded Content Creation

Our branded content team of editors, videographers and photographers are at the ready to create your brand-owned content for your social and digital platforms.


immerse your brand in the storyline



We work with content producers and writers, prop masters, set decorators, stylists, transportation and location teams to build brands directly into the storyline with primary characters. We do this by creating verbal mentions, scripted messaging, key insert product shots, or deeply embedded brand story elements along with prop, set, wardrobe and signage placement.

For guaranteed exposure productions make an extra effort to ensure they provide an advertising platform for your brand, which requires fees paid to production.

Productions and brands have different agendas – and typically don’t quite understand one another. Hollywood Branded’s expertise brings each together for you to create an organic partnership that truly benefits each party through our experience and understanding of both brand and production needs and goals.

Each partnership build is a creative process that is fully customized for your brand to best fit organically within the production content.



“How do you begin to thank an organization that is as passionate as you are about your work and purpose? Not only does Hollywood Branded know what they are doing, they are smart marketers, kind and a joy to work with. If you have a brand that needs to be seen by the people who matter, call Hollywood Branded today.

You’ll be glad you did.””


Greg Stromberg
Water 4 Kids Founder + CEO

“Thanks so much! The room looks FABULOUS!!!!! Wow! Far exceeded expectations for all!…This made our week, month, year! “

Lori Lasky,
Nautilus, Inc (Bowflex)
Director of Integrated Media

“Hollywood Branded is apolitical, connected, and knowledgeable within the brand partnership field for film and TV and can do everything from placing your product in a show to negotiating a full-blown promotional campaign with the brand and content partner.

Stacy’s staff is delightful, motivated, and professional. Stacy is also fiscally responsible and doesn’t overcharge for her services.

If you’re looking for a product placement agency, I highly recommend Stacy Jones and her staff at Hollywood Branded. “


Kerri Cockrill, BlackBerry, Director of Brand Entertainment

“Hollywood Branded has secured many high-profile placements for our brand. Their proactive approach to brand integration and extensive industry knowledge has gotten our brand in front of new audiences. It’s truly a pleasure to work with a team so passionate about what they do.”

Rajiv Doshi, Mezzetta, Director, Digital Marketing

“Hollywood Branded has secured many high-profile placements for our brand. Their proactive approach to brand integration and extensive industry knowlege has gotten our brand in front of new audiences. It’s truly a pleasure to work with a team so passionate about what they do.”

Vatche Arabian, FLIR, Director, Content Marketing

“Stacy and the team at Hollywood Branded are phenomenal! They were truly authentic agency partners. I felt like they were an extension of our team throughout the entire brand integration campaign.

They are aggressive negotiators when they need to be and creative problem solvers. They helped deliver one of the most talked about case studies (White Cloud with Live With Kelly & Ryan) at my company and I would highly recommend them for anyone interested in pursuing meaningful brand integrations / product placements.”.

Meghann Craig, Empower Media Marketing, Vice President of Marketing

“I sooooo appreciate the quality of what you are sending over and so glad I hunted you down from Google!!…”

Jennifer Stith, Bumble, Chief Brand Officer

“This is fantastic… I like that they showed the app to tie in with (the) explanation. Good to see the script come to life.”

JChidi Steve-Dibia, Agora.io, Partner Marketing Manager