AG by ANA GUTIERREZ is a Costa Rican line of unique wearable art, including handmade jewelry and handbags. The brand reflects Costa Rican and designer Gutierrez’s passion and shared philosophy for preserving the natural environment.  The jewelry is handmade with genuine semi-precious stones, gold and silver, with high polish materials contrasted with others in their natural rough state.  The handbag collection is made with sustainable leather and contrasts tribal looks with modern life functionality, resulting in a contemporary ethnic style. The style of each line is very bold, often colorful, and juxtaposes the modern artistic feel with influences straight from nature.

AG has been showcased and garnered awards at prestigious fashion events in New York, London, Miami, and Paris. With boutiques located in Costa Rica, the first US location recently opened in Las Vegas. The pieces are designed for the bold trend setting professional woman.  All leather accessories are handmade in partnership with Costa Rica’s penitentiary system, as part of a rehabilitation program called “Prisoners Hope”.  Additionally, a percentage of all sales benefits the ecological preserve of the Coco Islands.

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