Blackberry NHL 10 and NHL 11
Video Game Integration

NHL 11 is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the NHL series. It was developed by EA Canada, published by EA Sports, and released on September 7, 2010. The game, like its predecessor NHL 10, includes over 200 gameplay refinements and other new features, including broken sticks and the ability to retain control of a stick-less player, a new physics-based engine, unlike the previous engine, which was animation-based; and a revamped face-off system, which introduces the ability to switch between standard or reversed grips, and to push or block the faceoff opponent.

The NHL 10 began a new era with game play innovations that deliver all-new board play, first-person fighting and over 200 refinements that replicate the skill and finesse of NHL hockey. Among these innovations was the new Be A GM Mode. After selecting the Be A GM mode setting and a team to manage, the player takes on the role of GM (General Manager), coach and player to run their favorite NHL franchise for up to 25 seasons. Players can capture division and conference titles, and most importantly, the Stanley Cup.

What Hollywood Branded Inc. Did:

Hollywood Branded negotiated and oversaw the involvement of Blackberry into the Be A GM Central hub. The player uses a GM BlackBerry Tour menu to access quick links to all the major tasks a GM performs. From the GM BlackBerry Tour, the player can access:

  • GM Tracker – This feature allows the player to view GM performance based on others in the league.
  • Contracts – The player can manage the team’s contracts and salary cap information to help scout players and make trades. When the NHL reaches a trade deadline. The GM receives offers from other teams and works out those last minute deals in real time.
  • Transaction News – This feature allows the player to view the latest updates about the league.
  • Staff Upgrades – The player can make staff upgrades and develop a more valuable team.
NHL 10 Metrics:

Over 1 million units were sold for both NHL 10 PS3 and NHL X360.

NHL 10 Placement ROI:

Overall Placement Value: $3,250,000
Audience Reach: Excess of 1 million players
Overall Audience Retention: 1692,000
Positive Feeling from Placement: 874,087
Influenced to Purchase from Viewing Placement: 569,527