Having your brand in a scene with a celebrity creates true Star Power and drives consumer awareness to purchase your brand. As you increase your brand recognition, sales are positively impacted by consumers who want to purchase what their celebrity heroes use and endorse.

Brands receive greater national and global presence because product placement powerfully impacts numerous markets. Entertainment content lives beyond a single airing. Television productions are repeatedly re-airing episodes in the US market and being syndicated internationally, while feature films are being distributed throughout the world, and music videos are obtaining millions of views online.

Product placement eliminates ad avoidance because the brand becomes part of the content.  No other advertising medium offers such a receptive environment to build brand equity.

Research shows:

– Brand recognition increases up to 29% for product placements during highly enjoyable programs, with 60% of viewers surveyed stated that they felt more positive about brands and 45% indicated that they would be more likely to purchase brands that they recognized through product placement as documented in a January 2012 product placement study.

– The Association of National Advertisers stated that 87% of advertisers believe branded entertainment is the key to TV advertising in 2012.

Some sample industry case studies demonstrating sales impact include:

– Etch-a-Sketch (Toy Story) – 4,000% sales increase
– American Museum of Natural History (Night at the Museum) – 20% increase in attendance in 10 days following the film’s release.
– Aviator Sunglasses (Top Gun) – 40% sales increase in 7 months.
– BMW Minis (The Italian Job) – 22% sales increase.