Blackberry’s Fashion Finder Game
Productions Branded Partnered Relevant Brands for Branded Content

Created by Worldwide Biggies video game productions, Fashion Finder is the first-ever live action hidden objects game and will feature over 2,000 products in 24 locations across the two volumes. Abigail Anders, market editor by day, enigmatic blogger by night, is taking the fashion world by storm. The Fashion Finder series gives users a glimpse into Abbie’s fashionable world—runway shows, photo shoots, designer boutiques, glamorous models, and more …all set in the backdrop of the world’s most chic cities.

What Hollywood Branded Inc. Did:

The Productions Branded division sourced and secured over 150 brands who participated in creating the game. Each brand received logo and product exposure during the “Scoring Summary” after each completed level. A demo version of the game was provided to the brand to post on its official website. Brands also received exposure in the game’s credits and website. Photos of selected brands were also used for PR and marketing usage to promote the game.

Results: Overall Production Savings

Productions Branded sourced over 150 brands and helped offset production cost by $175,000.