Curtis & Co. Watches Featured on MTV Reality Show
Verbal and On Screen Mentions

Hosted by TJ Lavin, The Challenge: Fresh Meat II features alumni from the MTV Shows, The Real World and Road Rules. In its 19th season, teams are made of the 13 newcomers (referred to as the new “Fresh Meat”) who participated in a series of challenges to test their mental and physical skills. Each of the alumni is selected by one of the rookies of the opposite sex to be their partner for the entire season, using the stats from the pre-season challenges.

What Hollywood Branded Did:

Hollywood Branded secured two verbal mentions and on screen exposure for Curtis & Company when host TJ Lavin unveils the grand prize the winners of the challenge will receive. TJ Lavin announces, “The team with the fastest time will win today’s challenge, and you’ll each receive this Curtis & Co. Big Time World Watch.” In a later segment, TJ Lavin informs the winners of their prize, “In first place, we have Kenny and Laurel. Congratulations! You both win the Curtis & Co. Watches.”


Placement Value: $52,500.00
Audience Reach: 4,737,600
Audience Retention: 3,316,320
Positive Brand Feeling: 1,903,568
Influenced To Purchase: 1,240,304