Hollywood Branded Secures Product Exposure for Music Video

Estelle is an English Grammy Award winning R&B singer-songwriter, rapper and record producer who is signed with V2 and Atlantic Records. Her work has earned her numerous awards and accolades, including one BET award, two MOBO awards, one UMA award, a World Music Award and also one Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for “American Boy” with Kanye West.


What Hollywood Branded Inc. Did:

Rosa Regale receives a logo insert and signage exposure in the music video “Thank You”. Estelle and her beau are served Rosa Regale as they sit down on a date, looking forward to a nice meal together.  After the waiter pours the sparkling red wine for the couple, the Rose Regale bottle is placed on the table and the couple cheers before sipping the wine.  The bottle remains on the table for numerous shots throughout the video.


“Thank You”:

“Thank You” is an ode to love gone wrong, featuring Estelle and her love interest in the throes of a tumultuous relationship.  Before Estelle uncovers her beau is having an affair, the two enjoy Estelle’s favorite sparkling blush wine, Rosa Regale.  The video flashes between the good times and Estelle picking up the pieces after the relationship has fallen apart. By the end of the video, Estelle is ready to move on with her life and thanks her Ex for teaching her how to be a better woman.


Results/Placement ROI:

Overall Placement Value: $121,500.00
Audience Reach: 6,882,000
Overall Audience Retention: 6,193,000
Positive Feeling From Placement: 3,555,241
Influenced To Purchase Product: 2,316,481