EP286: Creating A Content Marketing Strategy With Melanie Herschorn | VIP Digital Content

In today’s episode, Stacy sits down with Melanie Herschorn, who is the Founder of VIP Digital Content. She is a content marketing strategist for coaches, authors, entrepreneurs, and speakers around the world.

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Announcer (00:00):
Welcome to Marketing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them). Here’s your host, Stacy Jones.

Stacy Jones (00:13):
Welcome to Marketing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them). I’m Stacy Jones and I’m so happy to be here with you all today. And I want to give a very warm welcome to Melanie Herschorn. Melanie is the founder of VIP Digital Content. And as a content marketing strategist for women coaches and speakers worldwide, she’s on a mission to support and empower her clients to create clear messaging and content that shines a light on their individual experience, skillset and books. With her unique combination of entrepreneurship, award-winning journalism and PR experience, Melanie guides her clients to attract and nurture leads and position themselves as industry experts. She also provides content marketing tips on her podcast, VIP Access, and Facebook group, Sparkles & Strategy. Today, Melanie and I are going to be chatting about how to create strong messaging through digital content. We’ll learn what works from Melanie’s perspective, what should be avoided, and how some businesses and people just miss the mark. Melanie, welcome. So happy to have you here today.

Melanie Herschorn (01:08):
Thank you so much, Stacy. I’m thrilled to be here.

Stacy Jones (01:11):
Well, I am delighted always to talk to someone who is a content marketing specialist because I love content marketing. And we do it a lot with our agency for everything that we’ve done to build a business. And what I’d love to do to start off is find out what got you to here today. What made you decide content marketing was going to be your specialty, and that you wanted to really put that shine and sparkle that you have on female entrepreneurs and book writers so that they can also get more awareness?

Melanie Herschorn (01:43):
Well, it was a bit of a circuitous route. I wish I could say it was a super straight trajectory and when I was 10-years-old, I was like, “Oh, I want to be a content marketing strategist,” but I don’t even think that that job existed when I was 10-years-old. So, what happened was when I was 20 or 22, I guess, I graduated from college and I ran away from Canada to LA because I wanted to work in Hollywood. Kind of like Hollywood Branded, which is what you do. And I did. I worked in PR with celebrities. And then I was like, “Actually, I think I want to be a journalist.”

Melanie Herschorn (02:21):
So, I got a Master’s in journalism and I worked as a news anchor and reporter in Pennsylvania on the radio. And that was my life. I lived it. I breathed it. And when I was five months pregnant, I got laid off. And I thought, “Oh no, what do I do with my life? I don’t want to wrap my identity up in being a mom. That’s not who I am. I’m a journalist.” But since then, I have evolved and I decided that, “Well, what’s the next thing I can do? I know. I’m going to design and manufacture breastfeeding clothing.” And I did it.

Stacy Jones (02:59):
There’s a high demand for that. Yes.

Melanie Herschorn (03:03):
Well, there was at the time. So, I learned how to do it and I Googled and I made relationships and I started selling my clothing on nordstrom.com, and I did that for several years. And then I had a somewhat negative experience. I hired a social media manager to help me with my content and she was pretty verbally abusive ,so I-

Stacy Jones (03:32):
To you or to-

Melanie Herschorn (03:33):

Stacy Jones (03:33):
To you, she was.

Melanie Herschorn (03:34):
To me.

Stacy Jones (03:34):
So, it was not in your content strategy, but to you she was-

Melanie Herschorn (03:37):
To me, yes. And-

Stacy Jones (03:38):
Okay. That’s fun as a boss and an owner of a business.

Melanie Herschorn (03:40):
Right? And my husband kept saying, “But you’re paying her.” And I kept saying, “I know, but I’m afraid. I’m afraid-”

Stacy Jones (03:46):
I’m a sadist.

Melanie Herschorn (03:50):
Not quite. But I’m afraid to speak up for myself because I don’t know what would happen if I try to say, “Hey, stop talking to me that way.” Anyway. So, what happened was I got, using all sorts of tactics, I got 5,000 Instagram followers that were never going to buy my stuff. But I also learned a lot in terms of content creation and content marketing and what to do. And then I closed the business. So, I realized it was time to close the business. The writing was on the wall. Millennial moms were not buying my clothes and I was out of money from paying this social media marketer.

Stacy Jones (04:37):
Who wasn’t nice.

Melanie Herschorn (04:38):
Who was just not nice. And so I closed the business and I thought, “Okay. Well, what can I do now? What can I do with all this information that I have?” Because the truth is, and you know this, that no matter what job you’ve ever had, everything you learn, this is a quote for my grandma, “Everything you learn goes into the pot.” And you can take it out at any moment that you need. And I thought, “Well, what can I do? I’ve got all this experience.” Content marketing was the natural progression for me, but with a twist that I’m going to support women.

Melanie Herschorn (05:11):
And I’m not going to let anyone ever feel the way that I feel right now about myself. I mean, I was told, “You’re boring. What you write is boring.” And I kept thinking, “But I have a Master’s degree in journalism. How can I be that boring?” So, now what I do when I work with clients is, I am the cheerleader. I am the support system. And I cheer people on. Because everybody has the power to create wonderful content. You just need the strategy and then know how, because we’re not born knowing.

Stacy Jones (05:44):
Yeah. And I 100% agree with that. And you come from the background of being a reporter. That’s a natural born. You have learned not only how to create content, but you have learned to look for the story in things. And that is what the thing is that’s so special, where everyone has a story to tell, but it’s not necessarily the one that has the bells and the whistles that’s going to catch attention. And it is sometimes very boring. People are like, “This is what I do,” and you don’t look underneath that layer. But with the reporter’s honed skills, you’re helping people actually look under the layer and come out with the true essence of their being that they can then share.

Melanie Herschorn (06:25):
Absolutely. And it’s really hard to do your own marketing. I mean, I have a marketing coach because it’s really hard for me to look at myself and pull out what other people want to hear. But I can do that for others very easily.

Stacy Jones (06:43):
Right. So, what are the first steps? So, when you’re doing for others, how do you approach that? What is the first step? You get a client on board and she’s a fantastic book author. She started a business. She has a thousand balls in the air. How do you get her to sit down and figure out what this content marketing strategy actually should be?

Melanie Herschorn (07:04):
I love that question. So, the first thing that we do is we work on messaging. Because if your message is not reaching your ideal audience, then no matter what you say, you’re going to confuse them. And a confused mind doesn’t buy. So, we sit there and we go deep. I mean, I sit there for two and a half hours just asking questions and taking notes. So, I do a two and a half hour onboarding call so that I can ask all the questions. And yes, being a journalist definitely helps. It’s so important to figure out what a person’s why is. Simon Sinek says it best. “What’s your why?” Why do you do what you do? What is your mission? And I love to remind my clients what their real mission is. Why did you write this book in the first place? Why do you have a business? What is it that makes you special? And what do you want to do in this world?

Melanie Herschorn (08:03):
And I find that that is where we have to start. So, sometimes I have to go back and we have to peel the onion a little bit in order to get to the answer. Because a lot of times people will fill out a form ahead of time and I’ll say, “So, why do you do what you do?” or, “Why did you write this book?” And they’ll give me this top level answer. “Well, I wrote it because my clients were asking,” or, “I wrote it because I want to do something.” But there’s always something underneath. Maybe it’s a story that something that happened when they were a kid. Or like me, something that happened in a former business that really kickstarted their desire to do something different. So, I find that once you remember what your mission is and you get re-enrolled in your own mission, that’s going to make it so much easier to get out of bed every day and create content around it.

Stacy Jones (09:03):
And finding that why, it’s an interesting journey to go on and trying to determine what it is. Because you’re like, “Oh my why is, and it’s rooted into the exact thing I do.” Well, a lot of times our whys have nothing to do with what we do, but they’re baked into the processes of how we approach doing it.

Melanie Herschorn (09:21):
Absolutely. For me, it’s always about the golden rule, treating others as I would want to be treated. And that is how I live my life. I believe that every everybody deserves respect, and then I also hope that I’ll get that respect in return.

Stacy Jones (09:43):
Yeah. Our agency’s why, for Hollywood Branded, is similar. We say that we want to revolutionize how partnerships are created for pop culture branded entities. So, whether it’s a production or whether it’s a brand and how they come together and that one has to scratch the others back to get their back scratched. And it’s a exchange of energy and goods, but it really does come down to the golden rule that you just specified. It’s how do you approach life where you’re enabling others and they better enable you in return? And that’s a good why to have,

Melanie Herschorn (10:16):
And I can even take it a step further because what really gets me out of bed in the morning is that I believe that I can help make this world a better place by empowering women who’ve written books to get their message out into the world. Because what they’re doing is trying to make this world a better place and I’m helping them do it because I use-

Stacy Jones (10:36):
Your amplifying the message.

Melanie Herschorn (10:38):
Right. And I believe that women should rule the world, and so I’m doing my small part to help.

Stacy Jones (10:45):
I love it. Women should rule the world. Yes. Come on, women. So, okay. You’ve worked probably more than just an hour on figuring out what this woman’s why is, because it’s a process. And she’s spent many, many hours as well on the back end of writing notes down, crying, trying to figure it out, tearing out her hair. And she’s finally like, “Aha, I have my why.” Before she changes it because we all do that a little bit here and there, and fine tune it. What’s the step after that? What do you do then?

Melanie Herschorn (11:16):
I then take them through a system to create a rinse and repeat content marketing strategy. So, when they’ve worked with me, they know how to write and what to write that is going to resonate with their ideal audience. A lot of people come to me and they say, “Well, I’ve been posting on Instagram.” “Oh, that’s good. What are you posting?” “Well, I don’t know. I’m just doing the proverbial throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks kind of thing. And well, I’m filling the gap of posting on Instagram. I’m doing it.” But it’s like going on a road trip with no destination.

Melanie Herschorn (12:04):
You don’t know where you’re going to end up. There’s no plan. So, why would you? And it’s a waste of time and a waste of money. Sometimes my clients have social media managers and I say, “That’s fantastic. Let me talk with them. Let me give them a strategy.” “Oh, well, I don’t want to step on their toes.” “Well, do you know what they’re doing?” “Not really.” So, it’s so important to know what is going on in your business, even if it’s your content and you don’t want to deal with it. So, that’s the gap that I fill. It’s like, “Let’s get your content strategy working for you. Let’s get a system of 60+ content topics that you can pull from at any time. And so that you know that your content is always generating those leads and getting eyes on your book and your brand as a whole.”

Stacy Jones (13:00):
Yeah. And I’ll take it even one step further. I mean, yes, you should be contacting and getting in touch with their social media specialist that’s on their team, but everything needs to be memorialized in something that’s written down that can be referenced and seen. Because that process even, or working with a team member to come up with that process, that’s going to actually allow you to do that better rinse and repeat and make sure that the entire organization is supporting you. Because I will tell you from a team who has content marketers on our agency and who help support my own social media strategy and our agency’s social media strategy, we are not always aligned. I mean, and it can go down to even colors. As far as that. Someone else’s favorite colors might not be your favorite colors. And if you’re the face and the voice of that business, everything really needs to reflect on you and who you are and what you have in your mind’s eye. And if you don’t like a specific color, it will shine through. It will show.

Melanie Herschorn (14:00):
I totally agree. And that’s really about being authentic to yourself. We have this persona that we think we need to put on for social media, but the truth is what’s going to attract your ideal client is you, not somebody you’re trying to be. So, if you hate mustard yellow, don’t be using mustard yellow in your graphics because that’s not going to [crosstalk 00:14:27].

Stacy Jones (14:26):
And for anyone watching, I’m wearing mustard yellow. So, I think this is why she’s saying that.

Melanie Herschorn (14:30):
That’s precisely why. And I do like mustard. I can’t wear it, but I like it. Yeah. It doesn’t look good on my coloring, but I love that color. But yes, it was a good example. And if you love mustard yellow, then it should be part of your branding if… Now, of course there are color theory and all that kind of stuff. But again, it’s what feels authentic to you and what’s going to make you shine, right? Because if it doesn’t feel aligned, it’s going to be harder to do.

Stacy Jones (14:58):
Yeah. Okay. So, we just managed to touch on colors. We’ve touched on why, and we’ve touched on the fact that you need to be authentic and have that go throughout all of your messaging. What’s another step that you need to make sure that you’re including in here?

Melanie Herschorn (15:11):
Okay. Not long ago, there was a day that people opened up their phones and Facebook was down and Instagram was down. And then it was like, “Oh my God, what do I do?” So, the next step is having a robust email marketing plan in place. And I am a big fan of email marketing. A lot of people say, “I hate getting emails.” Fine. Fine, you hate getting emails. But there are some really great things about emails that stand the test of time, truly. Something like 99% of people open their emails every day. That’s a pretty good statistic. You don’t have to deal with algorithms. You never have to worry, “Is somebody going to see my flash sale?”

Melanie Herschorn (16:03):
Well, maybe in a week from now they will, but probably not at all. And when Instagram and Facebook go down or if your account gets shut down for some reason, you have no way of reaching your followers. But you own your email list. I’m sorry. You own your email list. You own your subscriber list. And if somebody unsubscribes? Meh. Sayonara. They’re not your ideal client anyway. But those who stay on, they want that value from you. And when they’re ready to buy, they’re going to buy from you.

Stacy Jones (16:39):
And with social media and with Facebook and with Instagram, I think a lot of marketers at a lot of large companies realized and had a shock value a few years ago when they realized that hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent building their social media accounts. And now less than 6% of those who actually follow their accounts are able to see that content unless they continue to pay for them to be able to see it. So, that’s where the value of email marketing comes in. Because 6% of a list that you worked blood, sweat, and tears to build is not a very big list at all, unfortunately.

Melanie Herschorn (17:16):
It’s true. And it’s sad. And I’m going to just speak to what you do as somebody that creates these collaborations between celebrities and influencers and brands. That’s another great way to get your message out there. But again, there isn’t as much control as with an email list. Because I mean, when I was working with some influencers for my former business, there were some that it was amazing and they posted, and then there were some micro influencers that I sent product and I never heard from them again, because I was doing it without somebody like you as the go-between. So, I wouldn’t recommend doing it on your own. I would recommend hiring a company that knows what they’re doing for influencer marketing. But that said, that’s another way to get your message out there, leveraging other people’s audiences. And that’s a great strategy as well, collaboration.

Stacy Jones (18:17):
So, okay. Email lists, social media influencers, collaborations with either other entities, influencers, businesses, other women that you can network with, who you can share your email list, cross breed throughout there. All of those are awesome content marketing strategies. Is there anything that is the cherry on top that you would continue after email?

Melanie Herschorn (18:43):
Oh, 100%. So, one thing we didn’t touch on that does have to do with email is creating a lead magnet. And the lead magnet is basically a really great free thing that you’re offering in exchange for an email address. And when you offer something of value, that’s going to create a reciprocal relationship. So, people are going to start getting more interested in you, and then you can nurture that relationship using your emails and using your social media. So, I would say having a lead magnet in place is vital. And then finally the cherry on top of the sprinkles. The sprinkles were the lead magnet. The cherry is podcast guesting. Being a guest on podcasts is such a phenomenal way, again, to leverage other people’s audiences. And perhaps you even have your own podcast. And no matter what, it’s such an intimate thing. Right now, you. You listening. I’m talking to you. I’m in your ear right now, right? That’s a very intimate thing that you don’t get when you’re scrolling. Scrolling Facebook, scrolling. And how many people start a video, “Hey, guys!” Chances are people aren’t watching in groups.

Stacy Jones (20:08):
And yeah, the podcast is wonderful and having your own podcast is great. You have one as well. I have one. And we provide excellent opportunities for individuals to get to our audience by, again, cross-pollinating, getting into other people’s podcasts. Now you’re being in front of so many other eyes and different potentials. And there’s probably some affinity between the two of you as well, because why they’re bringing you on is that they think that you’re relevant to their audience base. So, it’s like a natural, just lovely, soft introduction. Because the podcast host wants their listeners to find value.

Stacy Jones (20:49):
They’re asking people to come on their podcast who they truly think would be interesting to their guests. So, you’re getting this extra prequalification and you’re getting exposed to potentially a niche audience. And it doesn’t mean that your podcast that you need to be on have 10,000, 30,000 guests, and they’re crazy. Not guests, but listeners. And it’s crazy big. If you are getting a couple of clients from it, that’s paying for your time. That’s paying for things that you’re never going to be able to go out there and actually, advertising, get that same type of instantaneous, warm result.

Melanie Herschorn (21:28):
Absolutely. And I want to touch on what you talked about, value. Because that’s what all of us are here to provide. It’s not about sell, sell, sell, buy this, buy that. It’s really about value. That is how you nurture your audience and get them to know you. We don’t have a brick and mortar store. I don’t. I can’t speak for you. But I don’t have a brick and mortar store for people to walk into and touch things and feel things and ask questions. All I have is my content for them to get to know me. And so in that sense, because we don’t have a relationship yet, content helps you create that relationship with your potential client or customer, and that value. Yes, you’re providing value and it’s free, but that’s warming people up to you. And without it, they’re not going to buy, no matter what. They don’t know you.

Stacy Jones (22:26):
I think one area of content marketing that you haven’t really dove too far in is blogging and making sure that you have something that is online. We’ve touched podcasts. We talked about social media posts and content. And obviously anything that you create can be made into social media content. Your landing pages can have social media content that drives back to that. But I love blogging when you’re trying to build a brand because you’re creating that expertise, and you’re also making Google understand what you do so that Google can help serve you up organically to those people who are hunting and pecking and putting in the right long tail keywords to find you.

Melanie Herschorn (23:07):
Absolutely. I am a big proponent of blogging. And these days I take my podcast and I transcribe it into my blog. Because again, repurposing is another way to save some time. But yeah, blogging is such a great way. Because you can then take that blog that you’ve written and break it up into smaller captions for social media. You can also use it as an email. But remember, in an email and in a blog too, you always want to lead people to the next thing. So, if you’ve posted a link to your blog somewhere and you just have the blog post sitting there and there’s nothing that they can click on so that you can get their email address, you’re losing a lead. So, always have a hyperlink in a blog post to allow people to join your email list.

Stacy Jones (23:59):
Yeah. You’re not forcing them. You’re giving them the availability. Because no one’s going to read a blog and then be like, “Let me hunt around this website and try to find out how I could sign up to read more from this person.” Versus having something that’s blinking and saying, “Sign up here. Get more of my information and insights here.” And then at least the person’s saying, “Oh, that’s easy. I have followed the breadcrumb trail to Hansel and Gretel’s house. And yes, I am there. I’m blog worthy and signed up.” And it makes it a lot easier for your readers.

Melanie Herschorn (24:29):

Stacy Jones (24:30):
And potential clients.

Melanie Herschorn (24:31):
Absolutely. And I love how you brought up blogging too. Because a couple years ago I was all about blogging and I was talking about it nonstop, and I would get a lot of push back. “Well, I don’t want to write. I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to do that.” So, I said, “Well, all right. Let’s try just repurposing. Why don’t you take some of your social media captions and put them together in a blog?” Because it’s exactly what you said. SEO. Search engine optimization. A lot of people get scared by that acronym and they don’t know what it means, so they just ignore it. And you can’t ignore it because it’s still there. And it just allows people to find your site online.

Stacy Jones (25:14):
I started blogging for Hollywood Branded back in 2012. There was no way in hell that I was going to get any of my team members at that time to blog. Now, today, everyone blogs. But how I approached it, because I had also had someone dauntingly tell me that I should be blogging, and I’m like, “What the heck? No. I have so much. I’m running a business. I don’t have time for this.” And instead, what I found that worked for me was I would have a conversation with a prospective client or an actual client. They would tell me what they need and it would be completely wrong. That’s not what they needed. They had the wrong insights. They did not know what they were talking about. And instead of me just talking until I was blue in my face, I would go home that evening and I would write them a letter and it was in an email format, right?

Stacy Jones (25:56):
And then I would write that email. I would take out any mention of their brand and who they are, and I would launch it as a blog. And then about a week later, I would reach out to them and say, “Your conversation with me really had me thinking. And because of it, I decided to write a blog for our agency, diving in a little deeper. And here’s my thoughts on it, if you’d like to read more.” And then I would send it to them. And then that thing would be out there online forever more. And it would turn out, I’d have another conversation with someone and they’d have the same thoughts and the same disillusions. And I’d be like, “We have a blog on that. Let me send it over.”

Stacy Jones (26:35):
And then when I wanted to start the podcast, I’m like, “Hm, let me go back to those topics. And I bet I could naturally talk about these,” and I would turn them into podcasts. So, repurposing really is magic. And you just have to find out what is your trigger that will get you to start writing. And you don’t have to write crazy amounts. You just need to write and share your viewpoint.

Melanie Herschorn (26:55):
Absolutely. 500 words is a great place to be. If you can put 500 words out, that’s awesome. And there are little things you can do to improve that. Hyperlinking to other posts in your site. I love how you repurpose that, though. I love that. You don’t have to start from scratch every time you go to create a new piece of content. You don’t. But you definitely need a strategy, and you have one. But people who don’t really know what they’re doing and why, and they’re just going through the motions, it’s not serving you. I have a client. We recently wrapped up working together. But when we started, she told me that she was paying somebody to post on LinkedIn for her. And I said, “Okay, great. What are they posting?” “I don’t know. I don’t know. They’re just posting for me so that I have something there.” Okay. So, we went into LinkedIn and we went through it together. And by the end, I said, “This is really generic. It’s doesn’t really set you-

Stacy Jones (28:03):
It’s not you.

Melanie Herschorn (28:05):
It’s not. Yeah. “It doesn’t sound like you, and it’s not actually talking to anybody, and this is a stock photo that I’ve used before.” So, she was like, Oh, you know what? You’re right.” So, we then created actual content based on what she really does so that she could then appeal to her ideal client, and they wouldn’t feel like it was just filler. It’s filler. It’s like pillow stuffing. It’s there, but what does it do for you? It’s a nice place to lie your head.

Stacy Jones (28:39):
Well, Melanie, this is a great time for all of our listeners who want to learn more about you. How can they get in contact with you if they’re like, “Yes, I need some content strategy and some help and handholding”? How can they find Melanie Herschorn?

Melanie Herschorn (28:52):
Well, to start your content planning journey, I would love to give you a gift of a free content calendar. And you can grab your own at VIPdigital.live/contentcalendar. And so that’s a great way to reach me. I’m on all the socials, and my company’s VIP Digital Content. And I’m literally everywhere. Yeah.

Stacy Jones (29:18):
That’s easy. That’s easy to find. I would hope as a content marketer, you would be.

Melanie Herschorn (29:22):
And because I never changed my last name when I got married, I am the only Melanie Herschorn that you will find if you Google me.

Stacy Jones (29:30):
Well, you have an advantage over me because I am not the only Stacy Jones that you will find when you Google.

Melanie Herschorn (29:36):
Well, you’re the best.

Stacy Jones (29:37):
I should have changed my last name when I got married.

Melanie Herschorn (29:39):
Well, you know what, Stacy? You’re the best Stacy Jones that we’ll find.

Stacy Jones (29:43):
Exactly. I am. The other one’s a guy in a band, but that’s okay. So, any last words, parting advice to our listeners on content marketing strategy and the next steps that they should be taking?

Melanie Herschorn (29:57):
Absolutely. Thank you for asking. Because I think that what happens is it sounds so scary that people just don’t do it.

Stacy Jones (30:05):
[crosstalk 00:30:05].

Melanie Herschorn (30:05):
Yeah. Yeah. Content marketing. When we put three words together and we don’t necessarily know what they mean, we say, “Well, you know what? I don’t do this, so I don’t know what it is.” But the truth is that you can do it. And it’s just sometimes you need somebody to help you break it down. And everybody needs somebody to help them break it down. But I just want to let you, the listener, know that you do have something important to say, and that all the experience that you have and your unique skillset make you uniquely qualified to speak to your ideal audience. And sometimes it’s just a question of figuring out how to say it. But once you do, you’re going to be awesome.

Stacy Jones (30:50):
And as a last word, just to all of you guys, because proof is in the pudding, our agency at Hollywood Branded, because of our content marketing strategy, we have grossed well over $20 million through our content marketing strategy, right? So, we have gotten business. When I say gross, that’s not at the end of the day. For all those people who don’t know gross, AGI, net, all of that, business that has come into our agency because of our content marketing strategy, because people have found us through word of mouth, through our content, through our podcast, through our social, through all of that. It adds up. You can build a massive, massive business by leveraging content marketing, and you are missing out if you don’t do it.

Melanie Herschorn (31:37):
I couldn’t agree more. And I love how you said that. Because often people are like, “Well, I’m going to just hire a salesperson.” Okay. That’s great. But who are they going to sell to?

Stacy Jones (31:48):
Yeah. And what are they going to say?

Melanie Herschorn (31:50):
Right. Right.

Stacy Jones (31:51):
And how are they going to keep it in your voice of what you’re planning on doing, if you haven’t constructed that? Now it’s going to be them selling in their voice, and they’re not you, and they’re not your why.

Melanie Herschorn (32:02):
Yes, yes and yes. Preaching to the choir over here.

Stacy Jones (32:06):
Well, Melanie, thank you so much for joining today. I really enjoyed our chat. I always like talking about content marketing.

Melanie Herschorn (32:11):
Oh, it’s been my pleasure, Stacy. Thank you.

Stacy Jones (32:13):
Of course. And to our listeners, thank you for tuning in today. I really appreciate your time and your attention to our podcast, Marketing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them). As always, if you’re ever interested in leveraging pop culture, check out our agency. Dive in. Give me a call. Chat with our team. And we will connect you with those influencers and pop culture icons who can help get your brand into their content in just a different angle. Until then, have a great week.

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