EP 200: Automate and Innovate Your Online Advertisements with Orlando Rios | DropKick Ads

In this episode, Stacy sits down with Orlando Rios, the host of Ultimate Marketer podcast and the founder of DropKick Ads, which is a marketing company that focuses on how businesses and online entrepreneurs can create better-performing Facebook and Google ads. The two discuss just why business owners should use this time to find ways to facilitate their online advertising processes, and how important it is for brands to remain confident and fearless during this time in order to find financial success.

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Transcript For This Episode:

Stacy Jones (00:01):
Welcome to Marketing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them). I’m Stacy Jones, the founder of influencer marketing and branded content agency, Hollywood Branded. This podcast provides brand marketers a learning platform for topics for us to share their insights and knowledge on topics which make a direct impact on your business today. While it is impossible to be well versed on every topic and strategy that can improve bottom line results, my goal is to help you avoid making costly mistakes of time, energy, or money, whether you are doing a DIY approach or hiring an expert to help. Let’s begin today’s discussion.

Speaker 2 (00:31):
Welcome to Marketing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them). Here’s your host, Stacy Jones.

Stacy Jones (00:37):
Welcome to Marketing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them). I’m Stacy Jones. I’m so happy to be here with you all today and I want to give a very warm welcome to Orlando Rios. After serving five years as the Digital Marketing Manager for a health lifestyle brand Onnit, Orlando launched Dropkick Ads, a marketing company with a focus on helping businesses and online entrepreneurs create better performing Facebook and Google ads. He’s also the host of the Ultimate Marketer Podcast, author of The Podcast Book, as well as the creator of an annual listing guide to the top podcast by category. And here’s a little something off the beaten path of most marketer and entrepreneurs norms. Orlando took his passion for music and he’s also the founder of Rockabilly Magazine, and creator of The Revival Music Festival in Austin. Today we’re going to talk about the biggest mistakes people make in paid online advertising. We’ll learn what’s worked from Orlando’s perspective, what should be avoided and how some brand marketers miss the mark. Orlando, welcome, so happy to have you here today.

Orlando Rios (01:34):
Awesome. Thanks so much for having me and pleasure to be here, and thanks for bringing up all the stuff that I’ve done over my career.

Stacy Jones (01:42):
Of course, you have had a very storied career. You definitely have not taken the path more traveled and it’s awesome where you’ve gotten here today. Can you share with us kind of what that looked like for you and why you ended up creating Dropkick Ads and diving into online advertising?

Orlando Rios (02:03):
Absolutely. So the whole story is really crazy and it kind of goes back to just being like an 18 year old. So I’m 36 now, but when I was an 18 year old kid, I wasn’t thinking about how can I get good grades in college? How can I find myself a nice job to keep myself nice and steady? That was the last thing in my mind. The things that I always had in my mind were business. How can I create my own things so I don’t have to have a boss? Even at 18 years old. And that first started with, I was really in love with Rockabilly music at the time, the 50s nostalgia and there was no magazine at the time. So I was working at a newspaper then and decided to create my own magazine.

Orlando Rios (02:47):
And that’s kind of where I started to learn a little bit about online marketing and all that because I had a website, I was taking subscription orders online. Here I am, this 18, 19 year old and I’ve already started my business, and in college, technically, but not really in college, just doing enough to go by. And then of course, the experiences I had with that and creating a music festival out of that as well kind of just bled into where this is today, which is Dropkick Ads is a digital marketing company. And obviously, over the course of 10 years, I learned a little bit about how to promote and market online, do the websites, get sales, find new customers. And that’s what I’m doing with this marketing agency today.

Stacy Jones (03:34):
That’s awesome. And we were talking a moment before we started kicking off the podcast and you said you are very lucky to be one of those marketers who is actually seeing an uptick right now with COVID-19, versus a fear of what’s the next step that many agency owners and businesses are experiencing right now. What type of brand partnerships, brand clients do you have that are really excelling in this market right now?

Orlando Rios (04:03):
Absolutely. Just like everybody else, depends when this podcast comes out. But a couple of weeks ago is when things started to change, and I think every single business owner, everybody that does, especially if you do business in person, you’ve been affected by far, and maybe it’s more tough for you. But if you’re an online business, you probably were a little bit nervous as well. And depending on what your product or service is, you’re seeing something here. You’re seeing either the same, less sales and less customers, or you’re seeing more and there’s a lot of them that are seeing more right now depending on whatever that product or service is. One thing that I will say with that as well, the ones that are seeing more are the brands and the businesses that didn’t quit, that didn’t get scared, that didn’t pull all their advertising money away and say, “Oh, I’m going to hold onto what I have now because everything’s too uncertain.” The ones that have kept going or that have put more in are the ones that are now seeing the best return they may have seen all year. And I have clients that range from all types of things, from nutritional supplements to even services like ours, right? So the key feature here is if you quit, if you got scared and you let that affect your judgment, that’s the difference so far that I’m seeing.

Stacy Jones (05:33):
Yeah. And it is such a different marketplace and we’re seeing it with our own clients and conversations that we’re having with other agency owners and brands that we’ve been in deep conversation with. There are a lot of people who are petrified right now and they’re just like, “You know, this is it. We should just stop, halt, let’s see what’s happening.” But you’re right, marketing opportunities still and you have such a glued to the screen, and there are many screens, people at home who are bored out of their minds and they still want to shop and they still like buying and they still like owning things or the needs to have, so they are going online. It’s their only alibi now.

Orlando Rios (06:16):
Yeah. And so what people are missing is that maybe what you have the way it is, is not going to work. If you’ve been doing the same type of marketing that you’ve been doing always, maybe it’s not going to work in this same environment. So the key is to tailor and innovate. This is a time where you can change your message to fit the current conditions, right? And also on the innovation side of things, this is a time where maybe if business is holding back a little bit, you go and you fix the things that you should have been fixing for the past year that you haven’t had time to do. Innovate, improve your business, the processes you have, the way you fulfill those processes, this is the time to do all that.

Stacy Jones (07:04):
Yeah, it’s almost a gift if we can look at it in a positive way, where you do have time to go in and see what little things you were leaving that could actually turn out to be money makers if you could just finish and get them ready and using staff you have.

Orlando Rios (07:21):
Yeah, yeah.

Stacy Jones (07:21):

Orlando Rios (07:22):
Every business owner and marketer and any employee of any business has this little dark corner in the back of the room where all the little things and tasks that they should be doing, they don’t touch them. There’s resistance like, “Oh, I’ll do this later, I’ll do this later,” and before you know it, six months, a year goes by and they’re still not touched. Things like expanding your email flows. You can have email flows, automated email flows, that you can be setting up for potential customers or your current customers, months on end. Blog posts, “I don’t have time to write a blog post today because I’m too busy.” Well, if you’re not busy now, start writing blog posts for the rest of the year. So it’s about utilizing the time. Nothing can be lost during this time if you utilize your time correctly and improve what you’re doing.

Stacy Jones (08:13):
Yeah, especially if you can find things that are those time wastes that you always do every month in and out. If you could go ahead and do them now and clear up the time for you later on in the year, then you can keep me your business moving ahead.

Orlando Rios (08:28):
Yeah, absolutely. I mean, think about automation, right? So now you can think about these things, and I hate saying this because yes, there is people that are going to lose their jobs.

Stacy Jones (08:43):
And companies.

Orlando Rios (08:44):
And companies too. But if you can’t afford to pay somebody to do a task anymore, you need to find a way to do it to where it doesn’t impact your time. Find a way to automate that task somehow. There’s great tools like Zapier that can integrate with tons of different apps. Think of all the little tasks that you’ve had other people do or that you still do, find a way to automate them. It can free up so much time for you.

Stacy Jones (09:10):
So off of the subject of COVID-19, how can brands leverage and utilize digital marketing better? What are some of the ways that people are missing out, that you found are really, really good solutions, including obviously automation with Zapier?

Orlando Rios (09:32):
For sure. So first with Facebook ads, there’s a lot of companies and brands that have pulled off their Facebook ad spends completely because they think that this is not an environment where people want to sign up for anything or buy anything. There’s a couple of cool strategies that we use that, other brands have been using, to think about. Number one, since brands and companies are pulling back their ad spend, guess what happens? Facebook is an impression bid based platform. So that means that advertising is cheaper than ever. Facebook has been going up in ad costs. Now we’re seeing the best cost per purchase, best cost per lead, that we’ve seen in the last two years because so many brands are pulled back. So the market is more open, you don’t have to compete as much.

Orlando Rios (10:26):
Second, people are online more now than ever. They’re talking about, we don’t know if the internet providers have enough bandwidth now to accommodate for how much people are using their phones and their computers and streaming services. So what that means is now you can be in front of more people now more than ever. And some great ideas that I’ve seen other people do is using things like Instagram Live. People are doing podcasts like we’re doing right now on Instagram live, where you can invite in somebody else and showcase that way. And the other part is messaging, understanding what people might be going through and find a way to connect with them through comedy. Make it something funny. Obviously, everybody’s looking for toilet paper. Make an ad regarding that. We did that and that’s one of our best performing ads right now for Dropkick. Providing hope, providing ideas, people want education right now. They want to better themselves. If they’ve lost their job, people want to find a way to better themselves so that they can reenter the job market or maybe create their own career. So if you can tackle those things, you’re going to be in a better position. Just no doubt about it.

Stacy Jones (11:45):
Awesome. So what is a typical digital platform that you utilize to help your clients price?

Orlando Rios (11:58):
For sure. So in regards to Facebook, organically of your brand and a page, it’s kind of dead, it’s kind of useless. Not a big secret there since they changed it a couple of years ago, you have to boost posts now to get things seen. But for Facebook ads, it works well. The newsfeed is still the most profitable ad placement there is in all of digital marketing. One thing that’s still good at Facebook, organically, would be Facebook Live, doing live videos off of Facebook. That’s great too because then again, that shows up in people’s newsfeeds. So ads and organic stuff regarding Facebook newsfeeds is still alive and well. Other than that, Instagram, that newsfeed organically does still do very well. So if you can post regular videos, nice looking images, Instagram stories, go live on Instagram. That’s one of the best organic platforms. No secret, also, LinkedIn. LinkedIn is growing phenomenally. I’m starting to see LinkedIn like as a newsfeed, it’s turning into kind of what Facebook used to be, but for business adults. So there’s great platforms out there that are still worth being on and still worth being active on. So you just got to use them and use them effectively.

Stacy Jones (13:22):
What I keep reading is Facebook has less than a 6% share of your post to your own user base, unless you’re actually boosting. And a lot of advertisers are spending less time creating daily content and more time creating advertising and pushing out and promoting through ads versus worrying about making sure that they have multiple posts for the day. So are you seeing that with advertisers, that they’re spending less time on creating social content and more time, more so honing their advertising and pushing out and promoting?

Orlando Rios (14:01):
In regards to Facebook, yes, advertisers and businesses are spending less time on organic content for Facebook because it just doesn’t work anymore. The way it’s laid out, like I said, in the newsfeed ads, in the Facebook newsfeeds, is the most profitable placement in all of digital advertising. But for some reason or another, the organic content is dead. Facebook kind of ruined it with the way they deal with Facebook page content. However, in regards to organic content, Instagram, you should be trying to post there as much as you can, pretty pictures, cool memes work really well being live on Facebook, Instagram stories. Instagram is definitely where it’s at. And again, LinkedIn. LinkedIn, I’m seeing awesome stuff with their feed. You can post articles and stuff there now, videos as well. So it depends on your business obviously and the kind of following you have or relationships you have. But there is still room for organic content, just maybe not on Facebook.

Stacy Jones (15:04):
What about YouTube? What are you seeing there?

Orlando Rios (15:08):
YouTube views are up gigantic right now. So in terms of a marketer, if you have a YouTube channel, great time to create new content. If maybe you’re not somebody who’s comfortable creating a bunch of new content, you can utilize that as an ad placement. In Google ads, you can not only target specific keywords and subject matter and topics, but you can also find, just like Facebook, people that that show an affinity and an ability to be an in-market purchaser. So you can get in front of those people, whether or not you want to create organic content on YouTube, you can get in front of people that are just watching videos constantly on YouTube, either on their TV or on their device. You can create those small in-stream commercials to hopefully get people to your website or learn about your product or service.

Stacy Jones (16:04):
Awesome. What else should a marketer know right now about the digital marketing landscape, and how to maneuver through it?

Orlando Rios (16:11):
Absolutely. So no secret, people, digital marketers and business owners, they should understand that the consumer is smart and they know what’s an ad now, right, that there’s no tricking them. So the key with that is to try to build a relationship with the potential customer through either humor and comedy or tapping into an emotion. If you can provide those things, you’re going to see better results on your branding, on your advertising and everything throughout. So I think that’s the number one thing is just, people know you’re an ad. You don’t have to double down on that.

Stacy Jones (16:57):
I think that’s very fair. People do know when an ad is an ad usually. So is there anything that markers really should be avoiding doing right now?

Orlando Rios (17:14):
Yeah. So it right now in the current climate, you definitely want to avoid, China hit things too hard. You don’t want to be too aggressive with your pitches, with your sales, all that kind of stuff. You want to come from a place of wanting to serve and help. You can’t be doing any type of hard selling right now, it’s just not the right climate for that. You need to come in from a place of wanting to serve, number one. And if you can do that, if you can actually provide some kind of education or some kind of help, and it doesn’t have to be where you talk to somebody on the phone or something like that. It can be as little as a blog post that helps people with something they may be facing, that you have knowledge on. So if you can come from a place of service, especially in this climate, you’re going to see better results.

Stacy Jones (18:14):
And talk about blog posts. There’s a lot of brands and a lot of agencies and a lot of companies who don’t blog right now. How often do you think they should be blogging?

Orlando Rios (18:25):
Blogging should be done as much as possible. Not only to have content to feed to your potential customers or current customers via email blast because you should be emailing as much as you possibly can. Like the old days of like, “Oh, don’t email that customer more, and more than once a week.” That’s dead. You can email every single day, twice a day if you want to, they’ll open it if they want to.

Stacy Jones (18:50):
with emails, really? With Emails.

Orlando Rios (18:52):
With emails, Absolutely. People do not do enough emails. They’re scared. They’re scared that they’re going to lose somebody. And that’s not the case anymore. It’s too easy to swipe an email right. So you got to just keep reminding them and you’re not bothering them, trust me. The other thing is with the blogs is SEO, right? The more SEO you have to your site, the more free, organic traffic you’re going to have. More free of anything is always good. So if you can get more free traffic based on really high quality SEO infused blog articles for almost anything that’s regarding, that has anything to do at all with what you have to sell, is great. And you and I just talked about something before we started this podcast, is getting multiple uses out of your efforts. So like you said, we’re going to take this podcast. Not only is it going to be audio podcast release, but it’s going to be turned into a transcript, that can be turned into a blog, that can be turned into your X, that can be turned into Y, Z, social content. Finding multiple uses for those things is always good.

Stacy Jones (20:08):
Yeah. And our agency, we blog four to five times a week and then we send out everything as a newsletter. A lot of our blog topics become podcasts. A lot of our podcasts and blogs turn into e-materials because of our online course. We then even slice it up further, we make eBooks with it, we create videos with it. Even this podcast alone, while it goes out on the audio version, it will go over onto YouTube as a video version. Then as you were mentioning, all of the social content. It’s amazing how one little piece of content can quickly become dozens of pieces of content, very, very quickly.

Orlando Rios (20:51):
Absolutely. And doing things like podcasts take time because you not only are you doing the podcast, you got to prepare, you got to do the post-production, all that stuff. You might as well get the full use out of it and make it go further and farther beyond than just releasing it on Apple or something.

Stacy Jones (21:08):
But it’s also important to think about that podcasting isn’t for everyone, blogging is not for everyone. I mean, as an example, I know people who just don’t like writing, they’re slow, ponderous, it’s task. But you can put them on a camera or you can just put them in front of their computer and on the Microsoft [inaudible 00:21:29] that will actually record your voice, and just talk out something. And all of a sudden, you’re able to create content in ways that you didn’t even think about super, super easily. There’s no one way to do it all, for a brand.

Orlando Rios (21:43):
For sure. And if the only reason you’re not doing something is because you don’t like to do it or you don’t think you’re good at it, is not an excuse to not have it. So not having a blog that’s continuously updated because you don’t feel like you’re a good writer is not a good excuse. The way things are available now are so easy. You can, like you said, speak out what you want your blog to be about. You can take that, upload it to Rev.com, they’ll make a transcript for you, and then go to somewhere like Upwork and find somebody to craft that into an SEO infused blog article. So if you can’t do it or you don’t think you’re good at it, find somebody to do it for you. You have to, you can’t let those little resistance things get in the way of productivity or else you’ll never get ahead.

Stacy Jones (22:36):
Yeah. So how can people find out more about you?

Orlando Rios (22:40):
Absolutely. So number one, DropkickAds.com, that’s our digital marketing agency. We’re very, very unique in the digital marketing agency scene because we’re the only ones that offer this very unique a la carte service for marketing services. So if you don’t want to do a full contract on marketing services for Facebook or Google or whatever that is, we offer the parts where you can purchase like in a regular web shop. Maybe you just need help with some ad copy, maybe you need a pro set up in your Facebook ad account. We have that ability to do that with our system, it’s very streamlined there. And that’s DropkickAds.com. But I’m also the host of my own marketing podcasts.

Stacy Jones (23:20):

Orlando Rios (23:20):
Ultimate Marketer, it’s called Ultimate Marketer. I’m a huge wrestling fan, so there’s a little bit of wrestling nostalgia in there, but we have great guests and we talk about very important issues and stuff in regards to marketing. But not only just marketing in general, but how to be a good marketer and business person. All the things that you need to be, whether it be mentally, physically, whatever it is, to do the best job you can. So you can find the Ultimate Marketer on Apple and on Spotify and lots of other places as well.

Stacy Jones (23:53):
Awesome. And we’ll include all of that in the show notes on the podcast as well. And then are there any last parting words of advice that you have Orlando, for our listeners to get digital marketing thing in this current landscape?

Orlando Rios (24:06):
Absolutely. The thing I can say is use this time to learn and innovate. If you don’t know how to do something, like writing a blog post or doing a podcast, this is the time to educate yourself and do those things. Additionally, innovate your procedures, whatever the way you do things now, find a way to make that process better for you, as a business owner or a marketer, or for your customers. Make their process of receiving your service or product better. So if you can innovate, educate, all those types of things right now, you’re going to come out better at the end of this than when we went in, and that’s all you can ask for.

Stacy Jones (24:50):
Well, Orlando, I wholeheartedly agree, and I thank you so much for showing up and being here and providing such awesome advice to our listeners today.

Orlando Rios (24:59):
Absolutely. Thank you for having me.

Stacy Jones (25:01):
Of course. And so to all of our listeners, thank you for tuning into another episode of Marketing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them). I look forward to chatting with you on our next podcast. Until then, be safe.

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