This form of brand marketing will strengthen and grow in response to new consumption trends and digital technologies.   We are in a technology explosion – pervading every facet of our lives and it is only going to grow more.  Consumers are so driven to being connected via their social media and networking platforms, and so connected to that which they watch and are entertained by, that the chatter associated with product placement campaigns will only be strengthening – with both positive and negative commentary.  This is something that needs to be kept in mind by the brand partner, as consumers are so easily vocal now on their likes and dislikes – and creating organic and seamless campaigns that truly make sense are of optimum priority.   Brands need to ensure the content they are being integrated into fits very well with their brand’s desired consumer.  Keeping tuned in to the chatter created will yield incredible business intelligence that can be further honed to develop interactive opportunities, brands willing to experiment now in this space have the most to gain – resulting in immediate consumer impact and amplified influenced around the world.

More digital content options exist than ever have before, enabling a brand to find a new home within this content – content that is specifically created to be assimilated through social consumption and which offers phenomenal opportunities for digital marketing extensions by the automotive manufacturer.