Does everybody have a statement pair of headphones? It seems anybody who’s anybody is wearing them. Headphones aren’t just something one would wear on the long flights or while working out anymore. They are now a statement – And an essential piece to any wardrobe. Just like with any expensive accessory, a consumer naturally takes quality into consideration, but perhaps not the right kind of quality. Is the product made with luxury materials? Yes. Is the product durable? Yes. Does the product look good in the living room or match the owner’s wardrobe? Yes. Does the music sound the best it possibly can? Um, maybe?

Audio equipment isn’t just audio equipment that has to fit or be hidden in the corner of the room anymore. Having the latest and flashiest audio system and headphones is now an expectation amongst consumers. The audio industry has become heavily influenced by convenience and celebrity trends and Harman chose to address the issue by producing a 22 documentary about how this trend has impacted the quality of the music we listen to each and every day – The Distortion of Sound. The documentary features a number of artists including Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, Snoop Dogg, and Slash of Guns N’ Roses discussing file compression, quality of audio equipment, and the impact it has had on their music.

To help spread the word about the #DistortionOfSound, Harman hosted a star-studded premiere on Thursday, July 10th at the Clive Davis Theater at The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. The Hollywood Branded team was there coordinating appearances of Carmen Electra, Adrian Grenier, Courtney Love, Perry Ferrel, Juliete Lewis, Drea De Matteo, Michelle Trachtenberg, Jesse Metcalfe and Cara Santana.

There were a number of familiar faces in attendance, including actress Juliette Lewis and host Mario Lopez, as well as many others. This was clearly the event to be at!

Once the red carpet had its 15 minutes of fame, champagne was served and the documentary began! It was short and sweet at a mere 22 minutes, but it offered a number of great one-liners. For example, Mario Lopez quoted Snoop Dogg’s reference to Olive Garden as “the Denny’s of Italian Food” and got a good laugh from the audience. Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park then took the stage to speak about the purpose of the documentary, why he is so passionate about the #DistortionOfSound, but also got a bit technical covering topics like file compression and how that impacts the music we hear on YouTube and other outlets.

The after party was on the rooftop of the Grammy Museum, featuring yummy cocktails and Wolfgang Puck catering. There was not an empty tummy in the place! Harman had demo displays and a rockin’ DJ to keep the party alive! Harman VIPs and guests were able to mingle and take pictures with the celebrities. Drea De Matteo and Courtney Love chatted the night away, while Adrian Grenier celebrated his belated birthday by trying on some headphones for size and making room for dessert. Michelle Trachtenberg shared her story about a KISS concert she had attended the day before with her friends who also attended the premiere, Sophie and Nick Simmons (children of KISS legend Gene Simmons). Everyone was having a great time and suddenly the night was over and security was ushering the last of the party-goers out as the music slowly faded.