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How Influencers Make Money?

In this episode, you’ll find out more about how content producers and influencers make money, and why as a brand you should start budgeting for digital content and PR.

When we work with brands for social influencer campaigns, the hot topic is of course… money. What does it cost?  And that question is not just about the agency fee we charge to research, cultivate and activate that partnerships to ensure success, but rather, the fee that may be paid to the content producer.

Even PR has changed in recent years, with more paid campaigns partnered with content producers to create native and organic coverage of a brand. Why is this?  Well… the bygone era of traditional advertising is just that. Gone.  And people want – and need – to be paid for their time.

So How Do Online Sites and Content Producer Make Money?

Unless it’s just a part-time hobby, most content platforms and producers are there to make money.  And there are a few ways they can be successful at it.  Some of which work better than others. There are hard costs to producing content.  Time being just a scratch on the surface of those hard costs.  Blogs and publishing sites have to pay money for software, hosting fees, plug-ins to make their sites better, clear imagery unless they create their own, cameras, editing software, and the list just goes on.

And in the old days, this was very simple.  You  charge the reader.  And we all know that doesn’t go over so well. When was the last time you felt it was worth more than perhaps your email address to be able to sign up and read something?  Most of you reading this probably don’t even want to give away your email address unless the content is really going to be that good. (And that’s why you have a fake address to some yahoo account, right?)

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Other Ways How Influencers Make Money

Affiliate Marketing – Basically, there are sites where brands are willing to pay for every revenue an influencers/content producers can convert, they can usually be paid by clicks or commission. Most of the affiliate sites allow content producers to embed links that tie them to whatever product they are promoting. When a reader clicks on the link and subsequently makes a purchase, the content producer gets a little kickback too. There are not hundreds or thousands of affiliate marketing links tied to brands out there – but hundreds of thousands, and most major (and many smaller) retailers offer them.

Being Paid By Brands – Most influencers that have a big fan based usually sponsored by brands to write original content for them either a reviews, tutorials or an article. Fee ranges depending on how big their network is and how good they are. Another way around is “product placement”, in which the influencers featured a brand in their video

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