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How To Contact Celebrities For Your Event? Learn The Hacks

We cannot argue, it’s proven that celebrities are one of the best way to drive sales. On the other hand, they can also influence and grab media attention that’s why many brands nowadays still prefer to have a celebrities attend to their trade or event. But inviting them are not easy than you thought else this is a challenging part for brand managers and often the little things get forgotten, which result in colossal messes and poorly spent dollars at the last minute.

Many brand managers accidentally sabotage the process by not being prepared with enough knowledge up front to truly get expectations met at the end of the day. Things can go awry in the planning process, and the fact is most high caliber celebrities don’t attend for free, no matter how awesome the brand is. So brands stand to lose out if a mistake is made.

how to contact celebrities for your event - victoria secret event

A few things to know: Celebrities won’t ‘add-on’ aspects to their event attendance after the offer is made without significantly raising their fee.

  • More people or agencies doing outreach actually costs the brand more money overall.
  • The celebrity needs to be provided an in depth education, not simply expected to show up.
  • Before initial contact is made with a celebrity, a brand manager needs to figure out the overall plan, as without one securing celebrities can become quite costly, take up a lot of wasted time, and ruin the executive team’s expectations.

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How To Contact Celebrities?

Celebrities can be secured through their talent management or publicists. You also can visit the following sites to get their contacts:

  • www.imdbpro.com
  • www.contactanycelebrity.com
  • www.whorepresents.com.

Expect to pay higher price tags if the brand reaches out directly instead of having a seasoned professional assist.[/fusion_text][/one_full]