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How to Increase Instagram Followers Naturally? See the proven tricks below.

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Millennials Love it!

The social media site still most favored by millennials and (should be) brand marketers?  Instagram.  “A picture is worth a thousand words, a video 1.8 million” with this social platform, it is especially true.

For brand managers interested in optimizing social media strategy, there are small, subliminal factors that make a big difference in the success and engagement of posts. Did you know:

How to increase instagram followers

  1. A post with just one dominant hue receives more likes that those with multiple.
    Brighter images perform 24% better than darker images.
  2. Pictures with a higher amount of background space receive 29% more engagement than those without.
  3. Blue posts receive 24% more engagement than the color red.
  4. An image with texture produces 79% more likes.

Besides these subliminal concepts, there are very practical steps brand managers can take to create successful social media marketing on Instagram. Brand managers should look at these 10 Ways to Successfully Use Instagram to up your engagement.

Then What?

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