how product placement works

In this episode, Stacy shares three reasons why brands can win big time on screen and still make affordable product placement magic happen.

Myth About Product Placement

Most brands think that product placement costs a lot of dollars, which is a common misconception many believe. While this holds true for what is known as brand integration, where money is exchanged to guarantee a specific story line centered on the brand, it is not true for over 90% of what ends up on the small and big screen alike.


product placement myths

What then does is take, instead of cash, to forge a strong brand-production bond?

There’s a way brands can squeeze in, in between the lines.  Film studios and TV networks do restrict certain categories of brands, seeking either monetary involvement in the form of a media buy and integration, or a promotional partner that will leverage their media to co-brand the production – bringing new viewership and higher box office sales.

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how product placement works