Every day 1.9 million adults are online spending a total of 18 hours a week searching for what they need. But with the average consumer being bombarded with over 30,000 advertising messages a day, it is important to ensure that brand manager efforts are not to just reach, but to engage a large audience.

To generate awareness, engagement, and ultimately sales, an integrated online campaign yields the strongest results. The importance of social media, email marketing and website content to create a brand presence are understood by most brand managers. However, with social media, impressions – “Likes,” favorite posts, comments – don’t necessarily mean converted sales.

It is proven that consumers must trust the content as well as the creator of the content. Partnering with a strategic source – such as a blogger or online ‘celebrity’ influencer – that is trusted by the target demo is extremely valuable, especially

To engage this large, loyal, and enthusiastic audience, here are some tips to take into consideration:

1. Understand your audience.

Before embarking on blogger partnerships, first fully identify the brand message and who the target is. Doing so will make it easier to establish measurable goals and align with a blogger who can help deliver on those objectives.

2. Align your brand with a blogger who appeals to the ideal target.

Once the brand message is determined, the next step is to decide which bloggers will best serve the brand as an endorser. A great brand endorser will not only represent the type of image that is desired to have consumers associate the brand with, but also provide a matching audience already loyal to the blogger. There are millions of bloggers that exist in the online space now, and within very niche markets. From categories as broad as beauty and fashion, to those as specific as BMX riding or gardening, a blog exists for virtually any topic thought of.

3. Bring something to the table.

When joining a campaign with a blogger, be able to offer the blogger something of value, though it does not always have to be a dollar amount. Many bloggers will accept a trade out of product in exchange for featuring the brand in a blog post, contest, or social media posts. Ensure the brand is getting proper call outs and that the correct social media handles are being tagged.

A great way to make the blogger happy and willing to promote the brand is by making his/her readers happy. Social media contests are a great way to benefit all: The brand will get call outs by the contest posting as well as via follower reposting, the blogger will have great content to share with his/her followers and potentially increase that fan base, and readers will have the opportunity to win great products.

4. Build blogger relationships.

When a truly great relationship with bloggers is built, their endorsement is much more organic and genuine, and that rings true to readers. After all, online users have been proven to trust user generated content above all else.

In fact, the stubborn Millennial generation trusts user generated content 50% more than any other source. Of mothers, a staggering 91% make regular use of social media, half of which trust the opinions of other moms above all else, and who happen to use social networks specifically for making purchase decisions.

Give the blogger something to love, and in turn gain an enthusiastic endorser who truly loves the brand and product, and who will be excited to share the goods with his/her loyal followers.

5. Figure out what type of content will best suit the brand.

There are various ways that a blogger can endorse a brand. Ask for a product review or sponsored post, where the blogger will sample the product and write about his/her experience. Giveaway contests are a great way to promote a brand. This can be hosted on numerous different platforms, whether it be from the blogger’s site in a post, the brand’s website, or on another social media site such as Facebook or Twitter. Ask a blogger to create a pin board on Pinterest if mass sharing and the gaining of new followers is the primary objective.

An optimal plan would be the combination of more than one tactic, perhaps all funneling back to the brand’s website. When partnering for a giveaway, it would be smart to also provide a limited time discount (in an amount high enough to create true interest) for participants for those who do not win, and also to funnel more consumers back to the purchase point on the brand’s website.

6. Provide content that is trackable.

To be able to measure what kind of impact the brand is getting from being featured on a bloggers site, provide trackable links. If offering a promotion, craft a unique promo code. If the blogger will be posting on social media, create a unique hash tag. The ability to track all links will allow measurable – and valuable – ROI.

It is incredibly important to understand who to enlist as an endorser for the brand, how to reach them, and what the overall goals and execution will be before locking down the partnership. For more tips on how to successfully incorporate blogger outreach into your integrated online marketing campaign, contact an expert who not only has access to the right resources and connections, but can help strategize a successful partnership.