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Welcome to Marketing Mistakes & How To Avoid Them. I’m Stacy Jones, the founder of influencer marketing and product placement agency Hollywood Branded. We help bring the power of pop culture to brands, and believe that bringing brands, content, celebrities and influencers together makes storytelling more meaningful and impactful. My original podcast series focused on influencer and content marketing strategies, and I now also interview other top experts to share their insights and knowledge on topics which make a direct impact on your business today. I truly understand as an agency owner and brand marketer that it is impossible to be well-versed on every topic and strategy that can improve bottom line results. My goal is to help you avoid making costly mistakes of time, energy or money along the pathway to bettering your brand whether you are doing a DIY approach or hiring an expert to help.

EP144: Drop Everything and Dropship: Mastering eCommerce With Anton Karly | Drop Ship Lifestyle & eCommerce Lifestyle

In this episode, Stacy sits down with eCommerce coach Anton Karly. The two discuss Anton’s best practices for digital marketing to drive eCommerce businesses, why Facebook ads shouldn’t be your main source of traffic, and how to add 30% to your monthly revenue with email marketing campaigns.


EP143: Using Artificial Intelligence For Product Placement and Storytelling With Roy Taylor | Ryff

In this episode, Stacy sits down to chat with virtual reality advocate and Ryff CEO, Roy Taylor. The two discuss Roy’s passion for artificial intelligence, and their discussion provides further insight into how artificial intelligence is already being used to maximize product placement opportunities.


EP142: Better, More Optimized Facebook Ads With Sally Hendrick | Social Media Traffic School

In this episode, Stacy sits down with international keynote speaker and digital marketer, Sally Hendrick. The two discuss Sally’s extensive experience working in target market research, and Sally shares her best tips for making Facebook ads work for your brand.


EP141: The 5 Most Asked Questions About The Game Of Thrones Starbucks Coffee Cup Placement

In this episode, Stacy Jones, Hollywood Branded's CEO shares 5 of the most asked questions regarding the PR stemming from Starbuck's perceived product placement appearance in Game of Thrones, and the resulting worldwide PR phenomena..


EP140: Get Published: The Next Chapter Of Business Development With Eric Anderson

In this episode, Stacy sits down with book developer and writing coach, Eric Anderson. The two draw upon Eric’s experience to discuss the steps to becoming a published author, whether to be self-published or have a literary agent, and how to use authorship to gain a unique sales edge.


EP139: Make The Campaign Work For Your Brand With Susana Yee | Digital Everything

In this episode, Stacy sits down with digital marketing consultant, Susana Yee. The two discuss Susana’s experience working with brands like Guess and Kate Spade, and reveal the best ways to engineer effective strategy driven influencer marketing campaigns that work!


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