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12 how much product placement cost
EP 12: How Much Does Product Placement Cost

In this epsiode, Stacy discusses just how much product placement costs, ranging from a single one-off to a comprehensive program.


Creating Celebrity Endorsement Safeguards
Ep 9: Creating Celebrity Endorsement Safeguards

In this episode, Stacy shares tips on how to create your own celebrity partnership safety net in order to create successful celebrity endorsement partnerships.


Does Your Social Media Influencer Have Instagram Real Followers
EP 8: Does Your Social Media Influencer Have Instagram Real Followers?

In this episode, Stacy shares five simple steps to help you find out if an influencer has fake Instagram followers, so that you can get the most bang for your buck!


3 Steps Not To Miss For Product Placement
EP 7: 3 Important Product Placement Strategies That You Should Know

In this episode, Stacy discusses three important steps in planning product placement strategy for your brand.


EP 6: Hacks To Encourage Celebrity To Come To Your Event

In this episode,Stacy discusses the 8 steps a brand manager needs to take to invite a celebrity to an event, and not sabotage a celebrity endorsement partnership, while ensuring that the brand gets everything it needs from the experience.


5 More Secrets to Successful Celebrity Events
Ep 4: More Secrets to Successful Celebrity Events

In this episode, Stacy share the rest of her tips for successful celebrity branded events.


4 Common Myths About Product Placement
EP 5: Top Misconception About Product Placement In Films

In this episode, Stacy debunks the myths of product placement.


EP 3: The Secrets To Successful Celebrity Event | Hollywood Branded

In this episode, Stacy shares the first five steps to celebrity event sponsorships that brand managers should take before activating their events partnership


How to make a product placement magic happen
EP 2: How To Make Product Placement Magic Happen

In this episode, Stacy shares three reasons why brands can win big time on screen and still make affordable product placement magic happen.


ways how influencers make money
Ep 1: How Social Influencers Make Money

In this episode, you’ll find out more about how content producers and influencers make money, and why as a brand you should start budgeting for digital content and PR.


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