Coffee Beanery – Shameless


We built a Coffee Beanery retail store location on the set of Shameless, with a primary cast member as an employee.


The Challenge

Coffee Beanery is a franchise-based coffee retail store with primary concentration on the east coast.  The brand wanted to expand national presence to drive new consumers to the stores as well as open up new opportunities with potential franchisees.


  • Coffee Beanery to obtain national recognition and educate potential to franchise owners.

The Solution

As part of a a number of campaigns for the brand, Hollywood Branded sourced and negotiated the opportunity to partner with Showtime’s hit television series, Shameless, to build a true-to-life (almost!) Coffee Beanery retail store on the set of Warner Bros. studio lot where the show filmed. The location was scripted into the series to have one of the principal characters land a much needed job and work at the location through several episodes.

Partnered Coffee Beanery with Showtime’s Shameless, where Jimmy was to be an employee at the local Coffee Beanery with a full set build out.

The Result

After 17 consecutive years of declining sales, Canadian Club has obtained 4.3% annual sales growth since the debut on Mad Men. While Beam does not attribute all the sales growth to the TV exposure, the company believes it has reinvigorated popular perceptions of the product. The AMC hit lends Canadian Club a bit of pop culture cachet. The exposure has been crucial for new demographics Canadian Club is trying to reach: younger drinkers, and women. For years, whisky was seen as a tired product more suited to older men, but the popularity of the TV show means the very age of the drink is what makes it hip.

During Season Four alone, Canadian Club appeared on screen over a dozen times with ad exec Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and became a core element to Draper’s character. The brand became part of the storyline and appears through the final season of the series. The partnership was such a success for the client that they chose to then raise the bar, and create a national advertising campaign co-promoting the television series through co-branded digital media efforts and drink pouring at Mad Men events.