how product placement works

Does product placement in films cost big bucks?

Product placement in films cost is one of the most common questions that we receive, and most people really think that product placement can break your bank account!  And even more people think only big brands can afford product placement.  But it’s not true, and in this podcast we discuss how ANY brand can achieve product placement movie and TV fame!

Imagine the scenario  where you are watching a movie theatre, sitting down with your popcorn and soda and waiting for the movie to begin. After the opening credits you see the hero of the movie playing basketball (using a Spalding basketball) with his friends wearing Converse sneakers. Afterwards, he puts his Beats headphones on for the subway ride home, with the subway having signage on the wall for Redbull. “Beats, Spalding, Converse and Redbull probably paid big bucks to get in that movie,” you think. The truth is, not necessarily.

myths about product placement in films

Most people think they know about the world of brand integration and product placement, yet many people don’t understand that many things they hear about the practice are just that – myths.

These Are A Few Common Misconceptions About Product Placement in Films That We Want To Dispel

  • Product Placement Costs Big Bucks
  • You Have To Be A Big Company To Do Brand Integration & Product Placement
  • Your Success Ends After The Placement Has Aired
  • If Your Brand Doesn’t Get A Verbal Mention Or Front And Center Placement, It Doesn’t Count

Alright, want to know why these myths affect brand integration? If you are a brand (of ANY size), you might want to download the full transcript to learn how product placement can help you boost your awareness without spending big $$.

how product placement works

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