Partnering with brands and featuring them in projects can yield cost-saving production benefits, amongst others. But before looking into these types of opportunities, productions should evaluate their project and determine whether or not they offer something that the brands feel is worth riding along for.

Here are some questions to ask of your film or TV show:

1. Does it have a relatable message?

A storyline that brands can embrace is important.  The brand is hoping for the consumer to buy into their product as they are buying into the ethos of the entertainment of which it is being exposed through.  Does the story’s message match that of the brand’s marketing tactics? Does it have a positive message that the brand wishes for that very consumer to see in their own product? Even projects with themes of horror, blood and gore, though they may not appear to be enticing to most brands, may be welcomed by a few.

2. Does it target an audience that brands would be interested in capturing?

Different types of projects appeal to specific crowds.  Family-targeted brands will have interest in films that bring the family to the theaters, while brands that target teens will perhaps look to horror films or dark TV shows, which tend to draw viewers ages 18-25.

 3. Does it have known and recognizable talent?

A brand marketer isn’t going to sign on to a feature film if they don’t recognize the cast.  In order to get maximum exposure, a project carrying a big name is going to be much more alluring to brands.

Think of what else you can offer the brand that provides the brand with content in your film or show and beyond.

Even a project that lacks one of the three elements can still be a successful project when creative ideas and resources are utilized.  Think of social media call outs during production, exclusive behind the scenes footage available for brands to stream on their YouTube channel, meet and greets with their executives and your cast, premiere party sponsorships that would lend opportunities for PR.  The possibilities are endless.  Keep your mind open, be willing to strategize, and you will be much more likely to entice brand partnerships.