Public Relations is a natural extension to entertainment marketing, and allows the brand to more than double impact with targeted consumers. Clients utilize our services to fully oversee their public relations outreach or assist their in-house efforts.  We also work hand in hand with many PR agencies to support or extend the entertainment or celebrity driven campaign crafted by our agency, as our management of the process provides us with more knowledge of what can be done, as well as more overall leverage with the partner.  We offer targeted consumer and business media outlet outreach and work with Broadcast News, Print and Digital outlets – as well as national Talk Shows – developing segments and story lines that carefully incorporate the brand marketing messaging.

Hollywood Branded subscribes and utilizes numerous public relations media tools, has access (and the persistence to reach) all editorial contacts, and offer our clients media monitoring.  We maintain solid media contacts across key industry, trade, consumer, vertical, online, ethnic, national and regional print publications, television productions and digital sites, all of which are paramount in building your successful media campaign.  Our agency provides a boutique setting that allows our agency to be nimble, creative and proactive – and capable of achieving each public relations objectives while far-surpassing goals.


When brands partner with a television show or feature film, launch a promotional or licensing campaign or participate in a gift bag or celebrity lounge with true star presence, Hollywood Branded offers the ability to secure additional media opportunities via pictures and stories within print, broadcast news, social media and trade publications


The mediums of communication vary but typically involve paid and earned media.  The media channels used include broadcast television and radio, online platforms including blogger partnerships, newspapers and magazines as well as digital and interactive properties. Developed story pitches, press releases and PR stunts are just some of the tools used to craft success.


With Talk Shows, Game Shows & Local News/Radio giveaways, the brand, logo and messaging is interwoven into a segment, supported typically by a gift to the show’s audience or a specific number of viewers. In some instances, a single giveaway can be arranged of a larger value item for a segment guest to be awarded.

Client Case Study In Action:  Syneron Candela