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Licensing rights are required when a brand wants to develop a new product line in partnership with an entertainment property or celebrity, or use entertainment content within a planned advertising campaign.  Hollywood Branded assists brands in sourcing, strategizing, negotiating and executing these licensing relationships. Regional, National or International licensing rights are secured with celebrities, film, television, sports programming, gaming and music properties.  These partnerships allow the brand to have the connection and allure of Hollywood and celebrity endorsement while enhancing the brand’s credibility.


Licensing of a brand or property’s marks or characters allows the brand to create a new line of product that directly appeals to an established consumer fan base.  Payment requires a guaranteed royalty rate based on the partnership window and estimated sales.


Hollywood Branded will secure brand rights and contractual permissions for content for use within brand media campaigns, corporate presentations or tradeshow events.  Licensing entertainment content for advertising purposes outside of an entertainment property’s theatrical or home entertainment release schedule requires fees to be paid to the rights holder, versus being considered as a co-promotion.  Hollywood Branded strategizes partnership options and negotiates each of these types of licensing partnerships.  Should a celebrity be included in the licensing concept, and additional celebrity endorsement fee will be required.


    • Soft, and welcome, introduction to receptive fan base of partner.

      • Interesting and engaging content to leverage brand advertising with.  A “cool factor” added to the brand’s marketing campaign.

        • Content easily adapted for social media conversation.