Hollywood Branded Secures Brand Exposure on Venga La Alegria

Venga La Alegria, a magazine style morning TV show airing on TV Azteca. The show is designed for housewives and covers relevant topics including: cooking, beauty, sex, entertainment, horoscopes and worldwide news. The show’s hosts are Fernando del Solar, Raquel Bigorra, Ana María Alvarado, Sergio Sepúlveda, Maritere Alessandri, Mauricio Mancera, Raúl Osorio, Tábata Jalil, Tania Rincón, Yolo, Danilo and the Alegría Ballet.


What Hollywood Branded Inc. Did:

Hollywood Branded secured a licensing agreement between Gigaset and Venga La Alegria to be featured on a few segments.


Gigaset Placement Overview – 12.2011:

Host Tania Rincón introduces her Gigaset device to Mauricio Mancera, “It’s my Gigaset. The production team let me bring it so I can be closer to my family and friends.”  Mauricio reacts, “That’s incredible!”  She continues, “Yes, Gigaset is very different from conventional telephones, it has a feature that lets you intercommunicate between Gigaset sets without having to be hooked on a telephone line, you can also personalize your contacts with different ringtones and screen colors. The reception reaches up to 50 meters inside the house and 300 meters on outdoors. It would make the perfect Christmas present, because it’s time to talk to those we love the most.”

Gigaset Placement Overview – 01.2012

Host Sergio Sepúlveda speaks to co-host Raquel Bigorra about the new year.  “We’re already in 2012 and lots of us have been witnesses of the advances in technology all around us,” says Sergio.  Raquel follows, “For example, the evolution of telephones.  Remember the ones that you had to spin the disc to dial? They were analog and worked through electronic pulsations.   Nowadays, with Gigaset you can have the latest in digital technology for house phones. They have a 1.8 inch screen, Dect 6.0 technology free of interferences, intercom between extensions without having to be hooked up on a land line and it also has the ECO DECT technology that allows up to a 60% of savings in electrical consumption.”  Sergio  closes the segment by adding, “This 2012, thanks to Gigaset we can call and feel closer to those we love the most.”

Gigaset Placement Overview – 02.2012:

Host Tania Rincón tells her co-host Mauricio Mancera that he won’t a difficult time finding his Valentines.  He adds, “The secret is to never loose communication, that’s why I bought my Gigaset A510A because it lets me personalize my ringtones and the colors of the screen so I can know which of my contacts is calling me.”  Tania talks about the features, “And it even has Dect 6.0 technology that produces an amazing sound quality.”   Mauricio continues, “You can also share your love stories.  Visit the Gigaset webpage on Facebook and write on the wall how a telephone call changed your lives.  The best story can win a Gigaset A510A.”  Tania signs off by saying, “Call your loved ones this Valentine’s Day and tell them how much you love them with your Gigaset.


Results/Placement ROI:

Overall Placement Value: $609,622.00
Audience Reach: 4,111,560
Overall Audience Retention: 3,290,940
Positive Feeling From Placement: 1,889,000
Influenced To Purchase Product: 706,486