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THE Agency!
Our campaigns are fully activated and turnkey for our clients, eliminating the need for customers to invest in additional staff and resources, or take themselves off their own high priority projects.

As a boutique agency, we are extremely nimble and tailor agency resources and Team Talent to client’s needs. Our team is comprised of fresh thinkers, pop culture trackers and innovative marketers who work in a creative and collaborative atmosphere.


Stemming from 20 years of industry experience, strengthened by daily visits to production studios and sets, we have established a vast network of significant relationships with entertainment-industry professionals. This allows us to truly go “behind the scenes” with every production entity in existence.


We are located in Los Angeles, California, the heart of the entertainment industry, where Hollywood decisions and connections are made on a daily basis.


We are not a simple prop warehouse that just drops products off on sets. Every campaign is strategically planned to support the brand’s messaging and reach target demos – and to provide solutions to our client’s advertising challenges


This is our world and we know the business inside & out.  We guide each client through the perils of Hollywood as we answer marketing challenges and deliver and exceed their advertising goals.

Our Talent!

A company of go-getters with fresh ideas. No matter what it is, we can make it happen. Our diverse staff has the ability to adopt the perspective of your target consumer and provide constructive assessments and guidance to craft an effective campaign.


Each campaign activation is accompanied by exclusive content to guarantee the client further differentiation on social media and PR platforms.


We ensure our team is fully educated on not only industry best practices, but also on what opportunities exist to leverage and build upon. Our most powerful asset is insider knowledge – and we keep our ear tuned to the constant thrum of Hollywood to ensure our customers are kept at the forefront of the hottest trends and opportunities.


Honor is a core value of our agency. We manage expectations of all parties to ensure there are no hidden surprises, and guarantee our work contractually. While we may swim in the same waters as the Hollywood sharks, we are of the supportive and reliable species. We’ve got a great track record and client testimonials to prove it.

Metrics Driven!

We are obsessed with tracking campaign delivery ROI, so that we can best measure success and ensure the next campaign is even stronger.


Our agency works with clients on every continent to provide entertainment marketing solutions to advertising challenges.