EP 266: Finding Your Brand Archetype: Tips To Becoming A Better Entrepreneur With Ann Bennett | Ann Bennett Marketing

In this episode, Stacy sits down with Ann Bennett, who is the CEO and Founder of Ann Bennett Marketing. Ann shares why it's important for entrepreneurs to avoid overextending themselves and to discover their brand archetype. Whether you're a geek, nurturer, disruptor, or innovator, Ann believes that its best for entrepreneurs to always remain authentic. The two also discuss the importance of discovering your values, and making sure that you hire individuals who hold these same beliefs.

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Stacey Jones (00:01):
Welcome to Marketing Mistakes (& How To Avoid Them). I’m Stacy Jones, the founder of influencer, marketing and branded content agency, Hollywood Branded. This podcast provides brand marketers a learning platform for topics first to share their insights and knowledge on topics which make a direct impact on your business today. While it is impossible to be well-versed on every topic and strategy that can improve bottom line results, my goal is to help you avoid making costly mistakes of time, energy, or money, whether you are doing a DIY approach or hiring an expert to help. Let’s begin today’s discussion.Speaker 2 (00:31):
Welcome to Marketing Mistakes (& How To Avoid Them). Here’s your host, Stacey Jones.Stacey Jones (00:36):
Welcome to Marketing Mistakes (& How To Avoid Them). I’m Stacey Jones, and I’m so happy to be here with you all today. And I want to give a very warm welcome to Ann Bennett. Ann is the founder and CEO of Ann Bennett Marketing, where she helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs build their standout brands and boost their profits. Ann is a bestselling author, coach, and brand profit builder, who has spoken across the country and around the world. Ann’s personal slogan and the cornerstone of all of her programs is, “It’s smart to fit in, but it’s brilliant to stand out.” Today, Ann and I will be chatting about how renegade branding can increase your profits. You’ll learn what works from Ann’s perspective, what should be avoided and how some businesses just miss the mark. Ann, welcome. So happy to have you here today.Ann Bennett (01:22):
Thank you so much, Stacey. It’s just an honor and a privilege to be here with you.Stacey Jones (01:27):
Of course. Well, I’m very excited to dive in and discover all things of, what does renegade planning mean? But before we get there, can you share with our listeners how you got here today in your career, where this is what you’re doing?

Ann Bennett (01:45):
Wow. That’s such an all-encompassing question, right? How did I get here? I’m one of these people, I don’t plan stuff out, really. I just live my life. So, I had 25 years of magazine art direction and design in New York City. So, I went out to New York in the ’80s to pursue an art career, a painting career. And everyone in New York who’s creative ends up working on a side gig, right? While they’re trying to sell their work and do all that. But it was a great time. It was a great life and it was fabulous to be there. I was there for 25 years, so I really became a New Yorker.
I’m originally from California. So, I call myself a 50/50 bar of East and West Coast conglomerate, if you will. And I always was one of these kids when I was a kid, I always thought you could do what ever you want. You could have whatever you want, be whoever you want, do whatever you want, as long as you enroll other people in this idea. And I think that’s generally how I’ve lived my life. When I was in New York, I was top of the world. I was the It Girl at Vogue. And I worked there when the woman wrote The Devil Wears Prada and all that kind of stuff.

Stacey Jones (01:45):
Oh, yeah. Anna Wintour.

Ann Bennett (03:28):
Yeah. I just happened to be there, right?

Stacey Jones (03:28):

Ann Bennett (03:29):
At the right time. And so I’m coming out of my gym in the morning. I liked to always work out. Off camera we’re rolling the exercise ball out of view. So, I’m coming out and it’s one of these super clear days. We used to call them the California days because New York is never sunny really. And I see these people standing on the corner and they’re all gathered and they’re looking up and usually I don’t pay any attention because it’s usually tourists and things like that. But for some reason I just turned and looked up to see the first plane crash into the World Trade Center. And it was in that moment, those kinds of moments, like we just came through COVID and that’s really transformed and changed people’s lives, and when you’re in any type of situation like that, it speeds up change, right?
So, all of a sudden it felt like my DNA had rearranged and I didn’t really care about the glitz and the glamor of the fashion world and being involved in all that. And I wanted to do something with myself, but I was like, “Well, self what are you going to do?” So, I started studying Tony Robbins, Jerry and Esther Hicks, all this inner work and Unleashing the Giant Within and all that kind of stuff, right?

Stacey Jones (04:53):
Laws of Attraction, all things and building your own future.

Ann Bennett (04:55):
Yeah. All things. Marianne Williamson. I’m still studying today because I believe that you can only grow your business as big as you grow yourself in an internal self introspective kind of way. So, it was then that I turned directions and I was like, “Well, what are my talents, skills and abilities? I’m really creative. I’m uber tenacious and I like to look for gray areas and make things work,” and all that kind of stuff. So, I decided to help entrepreneurs build their businesses. And yeah, the rest is history.

Stacey Jones (05:39):
And here you are today, back in your home roots, back in California. You left the high life of New York behind-

Ann Bennett (05:47):
I did.

Stacey Jones (05:48):
… and now you’re settled in Orange County.

Ann Bennett (05:51):
Yep. I never thought I’d be living here, but here I am. I love the ocean. I love the beach. I’m actually a fourth generation native Californian.

Stacey Jones (06:03):
That’s pretty rare.

Ann Bennett (06:04):
Yeah. People don’t even think of me from California. My father was from Texas and my mom was from California. So, he left Texas and that was that.

Stacey Jones (06:13):
I’m from Texas. So-

Ann Bennett (06:14):

Stacey Jones (06:14):
… Texan people are good.

Ann Bennett (06:17):
Awesome. What part of the Texas are you from?

Stacey Jones (06:18):

Ann Bennett (06:19):
That’s great. My dad was from, very similar, Fort Worth. Little tiny town outside of Fort Worth. One of these… My grandfather was a cowboy.

Stacey Jones (06:29):
Yeah. That would be the Fort worth area. Although everything in Dallas and DFW, it’s all merging together. So, every time I go back home to visit my mom, it’s just like it’s not even recognizable. It’s a whole nother country now.

Ann Bennett (06:42):
It is. It’s getting huge. Like every place. Same with New York. I miss the scratchy, underground…

Stacey Jones (06:53):
It’s gritty.

Ann Bennett (06:54):
Yeah. I kind of miss that. Although it’s really beautiful and the way they’re developing the city is gorgeous, but I just fell in love with that alternative, edgy, crazy stuff that was so exciting.

Stacey Jones (07:11):
That’s real. Well, now they have High Line Drive and all sorts of different things in New York, which is a very different feel when you’re there, too.

Ann Bennett (07:18):
Yeah. Totally.

Stacey Jones (07:19):
So, renegade marketing. What is that? What do you mean by that?

Ann Bennett (07:26):
Well, people are so funny because they’re like, “Oh, I’m not a renegade,” or, “I’m not a rebel,” or la la la. I’m like, “You know what? If you are out of a traditional job and you are actually making your own way, building a business, you’re a rebel. You’re a renegade.” And renegade marketing is really about understanding your personality style. I have four renegade archetype styles that I help people identify. And then we build their brand, their message, and how they’re actually going to be, which is more of a amplification of who they already are, into their marketing. So, everything aligns and it just feels like it’s a lot more fun and real because you can just go be yourself, essentially. So, the archetypes are the nurturer, the disruptor, the innovator and the geek. So, they all have different characteristics. A disruptor would speak and market and do things in a different way than, say, a nurturer would, and would show up on the stage differently and how their voices and their marketing would be completely different. So, it’s allowing people to sometimes uncover-

Stacey Jones (08:52):

Ann Bennett (08:53):
Yeah. Uncover what they’ve covered up. As children… Do you have kids?

Stacey Jones (08:59):
I don’t have kids. Dogs. Kids, we haven’t [crosstalk 00:09:02].

Ann Bennett (09:02):
Dogs, you get. So, dogs, you know they have different personality styles. I was just writing something around dogs. If your brand were a dog, would you be a loving yellow lab, a smart and designed poodle, a mutt that’s really eclectic and you do everything or you’d be a cat because you are a disruptor so you’d go in a different direction?

Stacey Jones (09:35):
Okay. I’m a mutt.

Ann Bennett (09:37):
There you go. You’re a mutt, right? So, you have a lot of-

Stacey Jones (09:40):
I’m a mutt.

Ann Bennett (09:41):
… multi-talented, a lot of interests, a lot of things that you bring to your business. Business owners are always asking me, “Well, do I have to choose?” I’m like, “Yes, you have to choose.” Because you know how the brain works. It wants to simplify and put labels on things. So, people are doing it anyway, so you might as well capitalize on it.

Stacey Jones (10:06):
Well, there’s also something that’s going to be genuine to you. When you’re saying that you have these different archetypes, it’s not like I could say, “Oh, I want to be a disruptor today. But my natural course is I’m a nurturer.” So, you’re not going to be very authentic and it’s going to be a stretch for you, I’m assuming, if you’re trying to put your feet in shoes that are just the wrong fit.

Ann Bennett (10:28):
Yeah. It’s kind of like that. People have this really interesting way of thinking that other people don’t see them when they actually see them. They don’t see their own eyebrows so they don’t really know, but other people are seeing you and making judgements about you. And a lot of times they’re pretty spot on. And you also, with branding, you want to control the conversation. You don’t want the conversation controlling you. So, that’s why having a really strong brand is so important so that you can go, “Well…” So for me, I’m a disruptor.

Stacey Jones (11:10):
I could’ve told you that. Yeah.

Ann Bennett (11:12):
Right? Right?

Stacey Jones (11:12):

Ann Bennett (11:12):

Stacey Jones (11:13):
And for anyone who’s listening and not watching, she has the most awesome… It’s metal studded white leather jacket or pleather or anything along those lines or crystal and spiky red hair, and she’s hip.

Ann Bennett (11:30):
So, that’s the thing, it’s like my brand is so strong right now that when I show up without my leather jacket, people are like, “Where’s your leather jacket?” They demand me to show up. Which is kind of cool because then I have to show up a certain way. But I think when people are starting, they feel like, “Oh, I’ll brand later. I’ll brand after I do my marketing and I do my videos and all the other different strategies and tactics.” But the problem with that is that there’s no core message. There’s no core center of what you stand for and what matters to you so that people can connect with you. And they want to be like, “Oh, they like mutts. They like those kind of dogs. Well, I like those kind of dogs. Oh, they like edgy stuff. I kind of like edgy stuff. They like that.”
We want to be with people that are like us. And all the time people are always saying, “Oh, it’s all about your clients. It’s all about your clients.” And yes, it’s about solving a problem for them. But it’s actually about you. You are the cornerstone of what it is you’re doing. It’s like if you took Steve Jobs out of Apple early on, it would not be Apple that we know today. It is that way today because he built that over years and years of creating this whole idea of simplicity, design, beauty. He wasn’t really selling computers.

Stacey Jones (13:16):
Yeah. Well, I think the assumption here is that as a business leader and entrepreneur, that head of a company, that a lot of people probably separate themselves out in their heads thinking, “Oh, my business is one thing and I’m something else.” But the truly successful businesses, they’re built around someone, like a Steve Jobs that you mentioned.

Ann Bennett (13:38):
Yeah. They’re built around a personality style like-

Stacey Jones (13:40):
Yeah. That brand of the individual. It just extends.

Ann Bennett (13:41):
Yeah. A classic renegade or disruptor rebel type would be Richard Branson. He just came down from outer space.

Stacey Jones (13:55):
Successfully! He had two successful missions.

Ann Bennett (13:57):
Isn’t that amazing?

Stacey Jones (13:58):

Ann Bennett (13:59):
Just off the charts, crazy adventurer. He really is. And then Madonna, I use a lot as the female disruptor. And so you were talking about, “Well, I’m really a geek, but I want to be a disruptor,” and how it doesn’t quite-

Stacey Jones (14:19):

Ann Bennett (14:19):
… work out. And when I do presentations, I have a picture. I use Ruth Bader Ginsburg as your classic geek because we so love her and she’s all about research and-

Stacey Jones (14:31):

Ann Bennett (14:32):
… the law and all this stuff, right? There’s rules. And so I have a picture of Madonna blowing this huge bubble, like a Bazooka big round bubble, and I put it on Ruth Bader Ginsburg so people can see how silly that looks. Yeah. You just never would see Ruth blowing a big bubble like that. So, oftentimes entrepreneurs get tripped up around that. They’re like, “Oh, well, it’s not about me. It’s about my product,” or, “It’s about my service.” And the truth is, people come to you because of who you are and what you stand for.
So, you want your brand to be totally aligned all across social media, videos, the way you write, how you communicate. If it’s not, that’s where our brain immediately, we might not know exactly what isn’t right, but it just doesn’t feel right. So, we’re going to go into our gut and go, “Yeah, something’s off. I’m going to go. I like this other person better,” or whatever. And it’s mostly around the brand and the communication and the marketing, the message. Everything needs to be tweaked a little bit. It’s not always terrible, but a lot of times it can be. It can be really boring.

Stacey Jones (16:14):
Well, especially if someone’s not, again, being authentic and they’re trying to jump into that other archetype that’s not their natural self.

Ann Bennett (16:22):
Exactly. So, then it feels really pushed or pushy sometimes.

Stacey Jones (16:27):
I know that I’ve been at a crux as a business owner. I’ve been in my industry for 25 years and I built my agency. We’re a very successful agency and I’m always at a crossroads sometimes because I am the agency, right?

Ann Bennett (16:27):
Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Stacey Jones (16:43):
So, it’s really hard to separate because I look around and the morals I teach my team to have, the standards, they’re me. I expect my bar set very, very hard. And where I’ve found is when the company is not running right, it’s because I have someone or a situation that’s not fitting my ethos, my belief systems that I have set up for the company. But then I’m like, “Well, I want to grow the company and I don’t want to have to necessarily be the one in the company.” So, it’s a very hard divide, pulling and pushing and trying to figure that out.

Ann Bennett (17:21):
Yeah. I think that’s really the biggest challenge for people is when they’re growing their business and then how do they build an environment that supports the values and that everybody is aligned with those values. And I was reading. I do a lot of reading. I guess because my father was a high school principal. So, the whole idea is, for me, is everything’s an educational opportunity, right?

Stacey Jones (17:21):
See? That’s my husband. He was a principal.

Ann Bennett (17:56):
Yeah. There you go. So, I’m always reading and always doing stuff. So, I was reading The Buddha and the Badass, where Vishen Lakhiani, the guy that created Mindvalley, was talking about that. He was talking about making your ad, when you’re even asking people to come and join you, making the ad so directly a reflection of your values and who you are that it’ll only going to attract those people. Not like you’re going to do it perfectly, of course. Entrepreneurship is constant putting out fires. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at. It’s like you get through the day and you’ve maybe solved five problems. That’s not so bad. There was 20 problems. But there’s always something, right? As you’re growing. So, I think it’s a challenge to keep those things… You want to keep your values really clear and simple so that people are like, “Yeah, I can totally do that.” Or if they don’t do that, then they realign. Or we like to say, “We’re going to relocate them. They’re going to relocate someplace else that’s better for them.”

Stacey Jones (19:17):
So, what’s the best way for this entrepreneur who is trying to figure out their archetype and now everything else, but their values, how do they come up with what are their values, what are their company’s values?

Ann Bennett (19:32):
Yeah. I really think they overlap and a lot of times they can be the same. There isn’t a real separation. Business in the past was very separate. “Oh, that’s business and that’s how we do business and that’s how businesses run. This is my life and this is what I believe in and I’m a different person than the boss.” It’s not like that anymore. It’s very immersed and very overlapped. So, to me, it’s like a simple way… We all went into business to solve a problem for people. Mine is, how do you stand out in an overcrowded marketplace? You’ve got to use that 1% of your personality. Basically the easiest way to get there is to ask yourself what pisses you off and what breaks your heart. Because all of a sudden you can make a list of things, because there’s an emotional attachment to those things.
You take an event and an emotion and you put them together and that’s memory. So, we want to create a brand and marketing and the way we are in the world as memorable. It’s got to have a level of emotion attached to it because that’s how the brain works, essentially. But I think for people just making a list of their top values, even, simply their top values, and looking at them and moving them around or deciding which ones are… Usually people can make a list of, I don’t know, 10 or 20, and then pick out the top five.

Stacey Jones (21:20):
Do you find that people have a hard time selling in their values to the rest of the team, or if they have actually hired spot-on to their values, it’s a lot easier?

Ann Bennett (21:30):
Well, when you hire people that align with your values, you’ve got an awesome team. When you hire people that don’t believe what you believe in and aren’t inspired or it doesn’t move them, they’re not going to align behind that. They’re just going to be there doing a job. And nobody really wants anybody to do a job anymore. I go and I do my job. I leave. Nobody even wants to live their life that way anymore. So, it’s kind of great, right? Because we’ve all changed the way that we want to do business too, it’s like, you want to align with companies you believe in. You want to align with people and companies that reflect your own values.
So, I think as we start to bring that all into focus, that’s really what a brand does. It brings it all into a consistent congruence with… A brand is actually an emotion that gets exuded by all these other things in the back, like what do I believe in? What do I care about? What am I wanting to do in the world? What matters? All these kinds of things, it’s like the deeper level of what the brand is doing on the surface.

Stacey Jones (22:59):
Right. What are-

Ann Bennett (23:02):
But I didn’t really answer your question about hiring.

Stacey Jones (23:05):
You did, though, and I love this. We’re going in different tangents, but it’s really great. It’s really good.

Ann Bennett (23:05):

Stacey Jones (23:10):
What are other mistakes that entrepreneurs often make when you’re working with them for renegade marketing?

Ann Bennett (23:17):
I think a lot of it is they do too much. I mean, we’re so excited about everything and we want to create everything and whatever the newest thing is, we want to do it.

Stacey Jones (23:28):
Especially entrepreneurs, right?

Ann Bennett (23:30):

Stacey Jones (23:31):
[crosstalk 00:23:31].

Ann Bennett (23:30):
Particularly, right? Because we’re excited and we’re like, “Oh, there’s something new to learn,” or, “I want to go try this new thing,” or, “Everyone’s talking about…” Whatever the attention goes, right?

Stacey Jones (23:30):

Ann Bennett (23:42):
We all want to go there. And not that that’s specifically bad, but what happens with most of my clients is I’m like this, “Do one thing and go vertical instead of horizontal so we can get to the first phase of the result that you want. Then let’s do two things.” It’s like that. The simplicity of it, I think, is what boggles people sometimes. This stuff, marketing and branding and all this stuff, once you understand your brand and what you’re really about and what the visual is going to look like and how are you going to speak it, then you can go, “Well, I’m really an introvert, so I don’t want to go networking. And I don’t want people to see me, so I don’t want to be on video.”

Stacey Jones (24:39):
You could write blogs. Perfect.

Ann Bennett (24:41):
You could write blogs or you could go over to clubhouse and be more anonymous. So, I think people are trying to put themselves into stuff instead of really standing and owning who they are. And they’re like, “Oh, I love to be on video. So, shooting video is fun for me.” Or, “I love to write. I’m a really good writer. So, I’d prefer to do blogs and blah, blah, blah.” So, people, they just go out and they’re machine gunning all of the different ways that you could get in front of people or get connected to people and start relationships. And they’re like, “Oh, do…” A lot of my clients come to me and they’re like, “I’m in a podcast and I’m going to do a YouTube channel.” All great stuff. And I’m like, “Great. So, do you know how to introduce yourself at a networking event so people don’t go to sleep?” And they’re like, “Uh.”

Stacey Jones (25:45):
What is your elevator pitch? Come on! 30 seconds. Go!

Ann Bennett (25:48):
Yup. So, to me, it’s like I teach people how to do head whipping hooks, how to do irresistible introductions so that you’re saying something and you have a variety of ways to say it. So, if someone’s standing next to you doing the same thing you do says what you’re going to say, you’ve got something else to say that’s just different. So, a lot of what I was raised with, and a lot of people, I think, are raised with, is you have to be the best. You got to be the best. You got to be the top of the top. And the truth is, you got to be different. That’s actually more important than being the best. Of course, you want to bring value and you want to keep upping your skills and what you bring for your clients and be the best in that way. But that’s not what’s going to them to buy from you.

Stacey Jones (26:44):
You have to be memorable to a degree, too.

Ann Bennett (26:46):
Mm-hmm (affirmative). Got to be memorable. And we love novelty, as it’s memorable when you’re doing something or seeing something that you haven’t experienced before. So, if you’re trying to fit into some kind of cookie cutter mold, that’s pretty much the kiss of death at this point.

Stacey Jones (27:10):
Yeah. I think it’s hard-

Ann Bennett (27:11):
And then you just disappear.

Stacey Jones (27:12):
Yeah. I think it’s hard for a lot of entrepreneurs because they’re like, “The world is my potential customer. I must appeal to them all.”

Ann Bennett (27:22):
Yeah. Humanity. So, you know what’s so great? Is when you get really focused in your brand and your brand’s going to attract and it’s going to repel. So, there’s going to be people that aren’t going to like you, or they’re going to think you’re a nut job or whatever, right? Because they don’t get you and that’s okay. You don’t really want to be working with them, especially in a service-based business. You want to work with people that think you’re great, that love you, that you love them, so that when you’re working together, there’s a synergy that occurs of creativity. Otherwise, you’ve got somebody always going, “Well. Yeah, no, yeah, no. I don’t like that. I don’t like that. I don’t like that.”
It’s easy to be… Because they are not really… I’ll just say it for myself, people who don’t want to stand out and do some outrageous stuff, they don’t work with me. And that’s great. There’s other people for them to work with, right? For me, it’s like, we’re going to do something really creative. We’re going to change the whole conversation about what it is you do, and we’re going to say it in a way that catches attention so that people want to lean in instead of back up.

Stacey Jones (28:49):
Yeah. I think that a lot of people must operate, I’m sure, from a point of fear, because they’re worried about that loss, about repelling people, about not getting the business, about not making the money. And so that pain point is a bigger point of fear than what all of the laws of attraction say, that if you’re just focusing on what you really want and attracting those clients, you’re going to actually reap bigger rewards.

Ann Bennett (29:18):
Yeah. And I guess that’s the part of being a human being. It’s so interesting, right? Because when we were kids, we just keep going. When you’re a little baby and you’re trying to walk, I don’t know how many times you fall down. Millions of times. Millions. And do you just finally just throw your hands up in the air and, “No, I’m not going to do this anymore.” It’s just not part of being a human being. And it’s like we’ve gotten trained so much not to go against the grain or be different or rub somebody the wrong way and all those kinds of things. Not like you’re nasty or anything, but it’s more like having an opinion and allowing other people to have their opinion, and that’s okay. It’s like, we’ve gotten to the point where everybody wants everybody to be the same. Think like I do, walk like I do, talk like I do.
And to me, that’s a dull world and it’s really not branding something. Branding something is having something stand out and be unique in a way. Not unique like so different that nobody knows what it is,, but just unique in a way that it’s taking something and turning it so people can see it in a little bit different way than they normally see things. And that’s that novelty. That’s the idea of, “Wow. That’s an interesting idea. I hadn’t thought about it that way.” Or, “Wow. I just think that’s such a cool idea. Let’s see where that goes.” So, it’s true people have a lot of doubt and a lot of fear.
I was just listening to a podcast. I love podcasts. And the guy that was being interviewed, he was a very, very successful entrepreneur and he was talking about all of his fears and how he uses them to actually move himself forward. And I tell my clients this all the time. If you’re really afraid of something, that’s where you want to go. You want to go towards that and master that and know yourself to be bigger than who you think you actually are. And I really believe people go into being entrepreneurs not so much for the freedom. I know how everyone says, “Oh, I get to plan my whole life and all free. I can go wherever I-”

Stacey Jones (32:09):
I don’t think I have a lot of freedom as an agency owner. I’m pretty much working all the time anywhere I am in the world.

Ann Bennett (32:15):
Yeah. You’re working. Because you’re part of it. It’s like breathing.

Stacey Jones (32:20):
But it’s my life. Right.

Ann Bennett (32:20):

Stacey Jones (32:21):
And it’s natural to my essence, and I wouldn’t know what to do without that.

Ann Bennett (32:25):
If you didn’t have it. I thought about that the other day. I get these fleeting negative thoughts about, “Oh, I could go sell pencils on the beach in Mexico,” every once in a while.

Stacey Jones (32:40):
Yeah. What if I did this?

Ann Bennett (32:41):
Yeah. What if I just stopped doing what I was doing? But I think entrepreneurs are driven by doing things that stretch them, doing things that allow them to expand and move-

Stacey Jones (32:54):
To grow.

Ann Bennett (32:55):
… into their potential. That’s really why they’re entrepreneurs.

Stacey Jones (32:59):
Yeah. Well, Ann, I could continue talking to you for another hour. So, you’re fantastic to talk with. For our listeners who are like, “Ann is the best disruptor ever and I want to learn more from her,” how can they contact you?

Ann Bennett (33:15):
Well, definitely we’re going to be giving something in the show notes, right?

Stacey Jones (33:19):
We absolutely will be-

Ann Bennett (33:19):
So, we’re going to be-

Stacey Jones (33:21):
… leaving people in the show notes and the blog.

Ann Bennett (33:22):
Yeah, we’re going to-

Stacey Jones (33:22):
They can read all of them.

Ann Bennett (33:24):
Yeah. I mean, we’re going to give them how to create a client-getting brand, which will help them to really look at what are my quirks? What are my values? What makes me interesting? How do I use that? I would love people to reach out on Facebook and join Ann Bennett Marketing. That’s the new spot where I do a lot of teaching and, of course, philosophizing about what makes us human and-

Stacey Jones (33:51):
You have to if you’re into Tony Robbins and-

Ann Bennett (33:51):
Right, right.

Stacey Jones (33:51):
… Laws of Attraction.

Ann Bennett (33:53):
That’s really my favorite thing to do. I just got certified in NLP and I’m just finding that is so fabulous because it’s so fast and so quick to change your limiting beliefs and all of that. So, I bring all of my life together on the Facebook and talk about stuff. So, it’d be great to meet people. You could reach out. DM me. I always like to meet people and talk to people and see what they’re trying to create.

Stacey Jones (34:24):
Fantastic. Any last words to our audience of what they should be doing to take themselves to this next step? How can they challenge themselves better?

Ann Bennett (34:35):
I think the biggest thing is to really write down those things that scare you. Does it scare you to actually be yourself? Does it scare you? I mean, people are always like, “No. No, it doesn’t. I can be on stage. It’s not a problem.” I’m like, “Really? Well, then you got to play bigger.” Because if you’re not scared in a sense of excited and like, “Oh my God, I don’t know how I’m going to do this,” then you’re not playing big enough. You got to go bigger. So, if you’re that kind of person, then I challenge you to just do something that’s, to you, it would be a miracle if it happened. Do that. If you’re somebody who’s like, “I don’t know what to say when I go networking. I’m an introvert,” then great. Introverts are the best networkers because they ask questions.

Stacey Jones (35:31):
They listen.

Ann Bennett (35:32):
And they listen, right? Nobody wants a-

Stacey Jones (35:33):
And other people actually care because you’re listening and so-

Ann Bennett (35:33):

Stacey Jones (35:38):
… all of a sudden you create a relationship.

Ann Bennett (35:40):
So, I just want to say to everybody, be who you really are. Because each one of those archetypes, the nurturer, the disruptor, the innovator, and the geek, all have benefits and attributes that people are looking for to be reflected, and all of them are great.

Stacey Jones (36:03):
Well, Ann, thank you so much for spending time with me and our listeners today. Really enjoyable experience.

Ann Bennett (36:10):
My pleasure, Stacey. Thank you.

Stacey Jones (36:12):
Of course. And to all of our listeners, thank you so much for tuning into another episode of Marketing Mistakes (& How To Avoid Them). I look forward to chatting with you in the near future.
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