EP 172: Using Facebook Groups To Build Your Business with Iryna Shevchenko | The Savvy Action Taker Entrepreneur Academy

In this episode, Stacy sits down with the Facebook Group expert and the founder of The Savvy Action Taker Entrepreneur Academy, Iryna Shevchenko. The two discuss how service providers and entrepreneurs can make money with Facebook Groups and run a more successful online business.

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In this episode, Stacy sits down with the Facebook Group expert and the founder of The Savvy Action Taker Entrepreneur Academy, Iryna Shevchenko. The two discuss how service providers and entrepreneurs can make money with Facebook Groups and run a more successful online business.


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Stacy Jones: 00:00
Welcome to Marketing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them). I’m Stacy Jones, the founder of influencer marketing and branded content agency, Hollywood Branded.

Stacy Jones: 00:08
This podcast provides brand marketers a learning platform for topics for us to share their insights and knowledge on topics which make a direct impact on your business today. While it is impossible to be well versed on every topic and strategy that can improve bottom line results, my goal is to help you avoid making costly mistakes of time, energy, or money, whether you are doing a DIY approach or hiring an expert to help. Let’s begin today’s discussion.

Speaker 2: 00:31
Welcome to Marketing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them). Here’s your host, Stacy Jones.

Stacy Jones: 00:36
Welcome to Marketing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them). I’m Stacy Jones. I’m so happy to be here with you all today. I want to give a very warm welcome to Iryna Shevchenko, a Facebook Groups expert and the founder of the Savvy Action Taker Entrepreneur Academy for online coaches.

Stacy Jones: 00:49
Today we’re going to talk about how service providers and entrepreneurs can make money with Facebook Groups, and run a more successful online business. From building an audience to keeping them engaged, we’ll learn what has worked from Iryna’s experience and what could be avoided, and how some people are missing the mark. Iryna, welcome.

Iryna S.: 01:06
Thank you for having me here. I’m very excited to share with you guys all knowledge, everything what I can.

Stacy Jones: 01:13
Well, I’m super happy to have you here because there is an area that I do not have an expertise in, and it’s Facebook Groups. So, I am looking forward to learning today.

Iryna S.: 01:22
Well, hopefully you will walk away, as well as your audience, everyone who is listening will walk away with lots of, lots of information and everyone could implement that. Hopefully, guys, you will actually start making sales.

Stacy Jones: 01:34
Yeah, perfect. So can you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself and what got you to becoming this Facebook guru that you are today?

Iryna S.: 01:44
Oh, that is great question. Never know the right answer for that. But, when I discovered social media for the first time, for the longest time, I had really hard time because I’m from another country, nothing like [inaudible 00:02:05] I was not born here so… I was not born here. So, I came from another country and I have very strong accents, I have lots of, lots of blocks of mindset blocks and I had a really hard time to start selling my series.

Iryna S.: 02:19
And a Facebook group was the perfect opportunity for me just to position myself as the expert and build this confidence. And after I was building the confidence, people come to me and they were buying from me without me even selling anything. So, then I was like, “It is cool thing.” So then I start practicing, testing this specific sales strategy that I’m using right now.

Iryna S.: 02:44
And right now I’m teaching everyone that you don’t really have to be pushy. You don’t really have to be sleazy. While you position yourself as the expert, you attracting your right audience and people will come to you and actually go buy from you.

Stacy Jones: 03:00
And Facebook is that platform that you specialize in?

Iryna S.: 03:04
Yeah. Facebook and Facebook Groups. Somehow, when I created my Facebook group, I’m not sure even why and how I created my Facebook group. But, when I was creating my Facebook group I didn’t plan to become really good for that. I was just want to attract the people who I can share my value, share my knowledge, whatever I had. At that time when I started, I was really good with Pinterest and so I was sharing tips related to the Pinterest.

Iryna S.: 03:31
But because I was sharing in my Facebook group, I was kind of growing my Facebook group. I was attracting people to my Facebook group. And, of course using the Facebook Groups. And in this case I saw people making the same mistake with using Facebook Groups. And just because of that somehow I started teaching them about Facebook Groups and so slowly I came to Facebook Groups, like a expert. I absolutely love it and I kind of shift my business from Pinterest to the Facebook Groups and now I still love it. I absolutely love it. I like, I love it.

Stacy Jones: 04:10
That’s great. So who are good candidates for using Facebook Groups? What type of businesses, what type of service providers who should actually really be considering this?

Iryna S.: 04:22
I truly believe that Facebook group can be for any business out there. You can use it for physical product, but you also can use if you’re selling your service or some kind of knowledge.

Iryna S.: 04:35
So you don’t really have to have physical products. When you sell a physical product, the Facebook group is the perfect place when you teaching people how to use your product. Not everybody, I actually teaching, like if you selling some jewelries, not everybody teaching like [inaudible 00:04:52] it’s goals, like how to boot is how to combine. It’s like all of those, you can use it in the Facebook Groups and I promise the more people will see that, the people like inside of the place will grow. They will see how you teaching them about your product. They will want to buy from you. So that comes to physical product.

Iryna S.: 05:14
When it comes to your service, it’s a little different. And that’s the department I absolutely love because I teach coaches selling the service as well. That’s exactly what I’m doing, I’m selling my service. So in this case strategy is slightly different, because you are positioning yourself as a expert in specific area. So I honestly believe that every business out there can have Facebook group because the Facebook group is that private place when you can… like kind of behind the scenes of your business, you connect to your audience, you connect to your clients, you connect to everyone who is interested in whatever you’re selling. And in this case you build the relationship with them and they come to you and they buy again and again. Plus that’s great place for you and for them to communicate. So they learn from you and they learn from them, and you learn from them about like what’s the pluses? Would they need to improve something? Like all of that.

Stacy Jones: 06:18
So I would assume that the very first step is you have to have a Facebook page.

Iryna S.: 06:24
You don’t have to have your Facebook page.

Stacy Jones: 06:27

Iryna S.: 06:27
That’s what I believe. No, you can actually create Facebook group without your Facebook page, your Facebook business page. But you have to have your Facebook profile, personal profile. Okay. So yeah, you have to have accounts on Facebook in case like, you know, you need to show up out there. So you have your personal Facebook profile and then from personal profile you go to your business page and you go into your Facebook Groups. And in this case you can create Facebook rule without Facebook business page and as well as your Facebook business page without your group. But you do have to have your personal profile because you need to have a personal profile and like not all this block.

Stacy Jones: 07:09
Right. Facebook won’t let you log in otherwise.

Iryna S.: 07:12
Exactly, yes.

Stacy Jones: 07:13
Okay. So you don’t have to have, like if I was sitting here and I’m like, okay, well we have, you know, these many hundreds of Facebook followers on our business page. Oh, and you’d think that only those are the people who might come to your group. It might not be the same audience at all. Right? It might be completely different. Who are from the people who are on your business page versus the people who are on your Facebook group?.

Iryna S.: 07:37
Yes, but that’s what I kind of recommend to do. This is how I do when you have your Facebook business page, I would highly recommend that people who are in your group, follow on your own Facebook business page, invite them to join your Facebook group. And when they will join your Facebook group, I also recommend for you to grow your list using your Facebook group so you have your list, you have your Facebook business page and you have your Facebook group. I always get this question, is like what’s the difference within Facebook business page and Facebook group? Well, Facebook business page, it’s the perfect place for you to split the [inaudible 00:08:16] because you can run Facebook advertising. The more you spread, the more people will know about you. But then Facebook group is the place when you actually build a good relationship with them because not everybody become your clients, right?

Iryna S.: 08:32
They need to get to know you. You need to get to know them. So Facebook Group is like, it’s like your house. You invite people to your house and you get to know them. They get to know you. Those people who don’t like your [inaudible 00:08:46] that you are not the perfect seat for them., they will walk away. And it’s still okay that people join your group, they in the group for a while and they will walk away.

Iryna S.: 08:55
Cause I always say like try to save your energy for those people who actually like same as you, they fall on you, they talk to you because those people, those who communicate with you, they don’t in that buying from you. So yes, those people who are on Facebook business page, I would recommend to move them to your group because they can become your clients. You just need to build a relationship with them. That’s you’re going to do in your group. And of course build ’em grow your list as well. At the same time because you know it’s a reach part. So you reaching them, through the email through the Facebook group and maybe from Facebook business patients that [inaudible 00:09:34] asked when you can reach them, which is possibility, the higher possibility for you to, you know, when you launch in your course or launching your service. So then see actually your launching product.

Stacy Jones: 09:46
Okay. And so what’s the first step when you’re starting to work with someone and you’re working with a coach and you’re telling them what they need to do, how do you get started?

Iryna S.: 09:57
So first of all, I would ask like, what do you want from Your Business? What do you try not to shift in your business? And I have two type of people who say like, well, I want to create my own Facebook group and I want to build my relationship in that group, grow the group. That’s one type. And the second type is like, people are, I don’t want to create my own group because I know it’s lots of lots of work. I don’t have that free time. I would prefer to go to all the Facebook Groups and Kinda sell my service out there. So first of all, I will find out what you want. Do you want to have Facebook group or you don’t want to Facebook group or have Facebook group and then they will go from that point.

Stacy Jones: 10:39
Okay. And then once you’ve decided that you want to move forward and have a Facebook group, what is that next step?

Iryna S.: 10:46
The next step, you create your own Facebook group. So you said it’s the right way. Your Facebook group have to grow your list and they has to position you as an expert. By all the say that your profile image has to, has, has to have you on the image. So people before they even join the Facebook group that they will see that, hey, you are the leader of this group. So usually you position yourself as a leader in the group. Don’t post the pictures like mountains or the ocean and nobody knows what’s the group is about yourself as an expert. Because at the end of the day you are going to sell something. Grow your list, because I truly believe that you have to, you have to have a couple of different spots to communicate with your audience because at the end of the day, if something’s gonna happen with Facebook, Facebook will be gone tomorrow, which is impossible.

Iryna S.: 11:46
But they will will be gone tomorrow. And make sure that people who are in your group, they are also your list as well. So you’re not gonna lose your potential clients. That’s the biggest mistake. People make this so focus on the group and neglect the part like do it at the same time. And you do that when you said a sentence in a group in them, in descriptions, you add the Freebie out there. Say Hey, I have some awesome Freebie for you. This is the link. So you added a link to your Freebie in the descriptions. And also right now when you join the Facebook group, they have, you can ask them trick questions. I prefer to say like, hey, you are interested to receive like one of my super gifts. If yes, let me know, comment below with your email and people leave the email. So then I take that email address for my list and send the gift for them. So I set the group the right way. I position myself as an expert in the core image and I grow my list with the descriptions and those three questions

Stacy Jones: 12:55
And then how do you actually get people to know about your group?

Iryna S.: 12:59
Okay. That is great questions. Huge strategy about that. Well, first of all, you need to, whatever you have your business, you have your website, you have your Facebook business page. If you use in all the social media platforms, we need to let people know that, hey, you are exists. Your group is, they exist as well as your list. So whatever any followers that you have in your business, you have to tell them in couple of times. You have to tell them, hey, I have a Facebook group.

Iryna S.: 13:28
And other thing. Make sure that you tell them why they want to join your Facebook Group. Because you come to me and say, Hey, join my Facebook group because I want you in my group, I’m not going to join, its million Facebook Groups out there. I don’t want to like you know, on my phone, I don’t. But if you’re telling me like, Hey, join my Facebook group, will you receive some really awesome epic gift from you? Second one I’m going to teach you about this specific practice, which is helps that type. It will help you with whatever life, life, or business, whatever benefit you somehow. Then I will be like, oh, that’s interesting. If I want to learn about that topic, I definitely want to do that too because that is like freestyle, so why not? We need to grow your Facebook group. Make sure you let your audience know about that, but you also give this specific like heavy reasons why they want to join your group

Stacy Jones: 14:27
And how is the best way to advertise about the group? I mean you can put it on your website, like you mentioned, you can include it in your email footers, you can do that, you know, new business pitching. Is there another way that people on Facebook can just naturally even learn about your group or [inaudible]?

Iryna S.: 14:43
Yes. First of all, the Facebook will support you. So when people join your Facebook group, if you boost the activity in the groups, Facebook will support you by posting like your group on the sites. So lots of time if you go to Facebook group, you see those like who the groups out there. So that is positive scene.

Iryna S.: 15:01
You also can grow in use Facebook advertising to promote your group. I highly recommend not to do that because at the end of the day your role is not growing your group, your role is actually, you know, [inaudible 00:15:15] on this. So don’t go directly to your group. Make sure that they will sign two for your Freebie and then from your Freebie, your group they will join your Facebook group.

Iryna S.: 15:26
So I did the mistake when in my past I was focusing on growing my group and I was [inaudible] just to people [inaudible] yeah, people were join my group but there are was, they were not my ideal clients. They were, did not participate where it a lot in the group. So I had a really hard time to start engaging with them. Moved down to actually like, hey you doing my group. Make sure you absolutely don’t be a ghost out there. So don’t use Facebook ads. You record to your group at least like signed for them to send for [inaudible 00:16:05] for your Freebie. Go through your email and from email you direct them to your group

Stacy Jones: 16:11
And then when you have a group and it’s running and you have five people in it, hey, that’s a number. Why not 5,10,100, 500, 5,000 whatever it might be. What type of content is the best received and how often should you be leading group discussions and sharing, versus trying to get the group to interact and ask questions themselves.

Iryna S.: 16:36
Okay, when you create your group, I want that every admin has, the group will remember. It’s your responsibility to make your group engaged. It’s not your audience responsibility yet to join your group and engage them. It’s your responsibility. So in this case you have to create the content that would help them engage.

Iryna S.: 16:58
So when you, like in my Facebook group, it had different type of the content. So we have those. Then the content, like just like I said this like those teams, I said this every day we have something. Like Monday we set the goals. Friday we both throw accountability and check it out. Like did you accomplish your goals? What’s going on Wednesday? I have the time when I actually giving my coaching away for free, or I do some trainings in my group start of day. This the time when it’s like I give my audience [inaudible 00:17:34], it’s from what they or service you know business because it’s not the all involved me. So I have those type of content. But on top of that I would find it a command to create the content that will help your audience engage.

Iryna S.: 17:47
First of all, if you say some this like join my Facebook group, I am a copywriter. Also join my Facebook group because I will teach you how to create the [inaudible 00:17:56]. Well, your [inaudible 00:17:59] then have to be related to this one. And if you create the [inaudible 00:18:04] like Oh guys, are you within the strangles you have related to copywriting, comment below. Or if you are interested in share your last, then another [inaudible] cell page. And I will give you feedback on that. So ask audience, like create the content related to the interest. This is the type of the content that I would highly recommend. And second one, you need to, because here’s Facebook group, it’s the place when you get to know them. So you need to create the content that would be telling you more about them. So for example, if my people in my Facebook group, they’re moms and they have 9-5 job.

Iryna S.: 18:51
And so in this case, if I don’t know that I will share my content during the daytime and they will never see it because they are busy at work. But if I create a course and I say some things like, hey guys, how many kids do you have? And they response, which is boost your engagement in your Facebook group. And also I will know like, hey you have, this is how many kids you have at this time. You show up on social media. So I know what time I’m going to share my, the content that I want the [inaudible 00:19:23], see that sell content that position me as the expert and actually sell my product. So if my, my, my audience are moms and they are job having job. So at the end of the day would be smart for me to post my content at the beginning of the day, like early morning, and at the end of the day.

Iryna S.: 19:42
Then it’s high possibility they will see my content. But I will not know that if I will not get to know them. So make sure you actually create the content that get to know them on a personal level. What they do like, like I say somethings like do like tea or coffee or simple questions, right? But if I would be as traditional coach and my sellers would be helping you to get more energy or something like this, that post will be your, the your clients literally telling you what they need. So if they do [inaudible], that’s means they run in the day and they consistently have to have energy to run from the day because lots of us drinking coffee because we need energy, right? So in this case, your coffee love, oh of course, when I’m going to position my content, I’m gonna sell my service. I will be included in some of this.

Iryna S.: 20:40
Like, well, you’re consistently drinking coffee, but it’s not bringing you energy. It’s actually affecting your health. Well, in this case, that my product that will help you to first of all, save money on your sandbox and second one actually giving you that energy that you are looking for. So create the content, they get to know your audience on a personal level.

Iryna S.: 21:04
This is the second type of the content and the tarp type of the contents, start engagement and kind of conversations. You need to first of all, start the conversation and continue to have it. So this is what I see my clients actually with making mistakes and I was like, okay, don’t do that. Let’s go over again, again. And don’t do that. They start the conversation, they create the pause and they like, hey guys, tell me more about this happened conversation. People are responding so that somebody come back and with the clients, well that’s not the ad.

Iryna S.: 21:40
The next step as a [inaudible 00:21:42], you need to continue to have conversation. So you, they leave their comments and you’re going to that comment and you continue to talk. So you’re not just bumped the post and expecting people wouldn’t response. You talk to them. And I think that’s, that most people are missing just because we know that like, Hey, create the post and they will do itself. Like write on itself. It’s not you talk to them through the conversation in the comments. Plus it’s boosting engagement in your, you know, in your Facebook group, more people will see more people will actually leave the comments and they will get to know you. Because let’s be honest, if somebody, if you create a post or someone, create the post and you comment in somebody’s response in your comment, you will know who that person because you won’t come back and you will get response back.

Iryna S.: 22:33
And that’s how conversations start. If I want to build my visibility, even if I Facebook group position myself as an expert so people actually know who I am in my own Facebook group, then I have to talk to them. Even those like through those comments I have to continue to talk to them so they will get to know me, I get to know them. So that’s a lot.

Stacy Jones: 22:57
That’s all great stuff. Do you suggest as part of this content to do some of it where it’s also video so it’s not just written word.

Iryna S.: 23:05
Oh my God, I love videos. I wish show with able to like share the screens and stuff like this, but if you, if like one of you able to like if your audience able to do the videos, please, please, please do the videos.

Iryna S.: 23:21
You’re, this is how I do on my Facebook business page. I do professional videos when I’m perfectly cool, makeup, my hair and they deliver awesome content out there. Do our digging out there so we’ll be looking for and then I spread the word on my Facebook a group. It’s totally the opposite. You will see me next to the full chill and no makeup. My hair is mess because at the end of the day I want, they will get to know me because if I will have one on one clients, I will work with my client, one of my, when I don’t have my makeup on, I don’t really care about the big [inaudible 00:23:58]. I bet a kind of out if you’re going to get results or not, so when you do the videos in your Facebook group, first of all, position yourself as an expert just through the videos. Most people love watching videos and second one, don’t like, don’t stop yourself like, well, I don’t know what to talk about or I’m not looking very good.

Iryna S.: 24:21
What if, trust me, people are on you. Yes, they sign for you. They start following you. I begin for your content, but they actually going to say yes to your offer from your personal, for your personality. When they get to know you. If I’m, if my personality like I liked, I like to have, I love to have results. I like, I don’t take no for answer. I’m like no BS talk stuff like this. So my personalized personality, very pop and when people join my Facebook group and you are ready, soft person, you’re spiritual person, you don’t live this fresh or you don’t like this, it will push you away. You probably will look at me through those videos. That’s how you sense it. You look at me through the video and you will filter and they’re like, Whoa, I can work with this person too much for me.

Iryna S.: 25:15
Or opposite you will be like, oh that’s person who I want to work because that kind of energy that somebody kicked me in the back do the work. So videos actually, they give that opportunity to people sense who you are, your personality way faster than it’s post.

Stacy Jones: 25:34
That makes perfect sense. What else do our listeners need to know?

Iryna S.: 25:39
All this, repurpose your content. Like we were just talking about the course and we’re talking about the videos. And I highly recommend, and this is what I see, that people are creating, creating, creating content and they get overwhelmed creating the content. And I’ll say like, don’t work too hard. Work Smart. So you create one piece of content and then you repurpose. So for example, if I create a post in my Facebook group and I ask like, hey guys, what kinds, do you have your own Facebook group?

Iryna S.: 26:11
How big is your Facebook group? And people start talking about the Facebook Groups, about strategy, They using the inside of the Facebook group. [inaudible 00:26:20] , those and having those conversation, first of all, bump engagement in my Facebook group. Second, and give me some ideas for creating content that my out in audience gap because lots of times I get like, well how can I boost engagement in my group? I love that through the conversation you will know that. So next day I can show up and I can write the posts, like three top strategies, how to boost engagement in your group. And then the next day and the day after, I can actually do the video about the same topic. Like top, not the same like free strategy. So like top strategists to boost engagement in your Facebook group. So I take one topic and a purpose in the writing and in video way.

Iryna S.: 27:06
And I always say that for example, Oh, so you get to know your audience. But for example, if I’m looking right now and I’m busy, I would prefer to turn the video on and listen while I’m doing something else that would benefit me. I cannot do that. Like I cannot watch your video. If I’m going to sleep and my husband next to me is sleeping, then I can turn this on, because to make noise and I cannot, right?

Iryna S.: 27:33
So in this case I would prefer to meet the course because I cannot listen. So why would not make it smart? Well, I would not take one piece of content and actually create this purpose in and on different days. So one day you create this content and the next day you create this content. Very, very simple. And I will say that every single you post, like two months ago, people forgot, they forgot what you do it, they forgot what, two months ago. So all of this come back and repurpose your content. All of this. Do research in your own group with a specific keywords. See what kind of content you post. Like two months ago. Take that post, repost is again at the different pictures to that and I guarantee it will go into [inaudible 00:28:21]. It save your time, engagement is gone. You everything’s fine.

Stacy Jones: 28:27
And you make a good point there with about re-purposing. So we’re all about repurposing at Hollywood branded. I mean we repurpose our blogs and to, how to podcasts into videos, into Instagram, into classes, into like anything you can think of. It all continues on into a book and to have whatever it might be. But what I’ve found is, is when you create this content, you need to make sure you’re organized and you need to actually save it somewhere, because in three months, or four months, or six months, or nine months, or a year, you need to have it at your fingertips in a sortable way and that, you can get ahead of the game instead of waiting to actually organize it the last minute. You’re going to be so happy.

Iryna S.: 29:07
I love that. I love that you mentioned that. Here is how I do. I have my [inaudible 00:29:13] and inside of the [inaudible 00:29:14] I create different boards. So one board, I have inspirational content. So share my story in those people who kinda new to me. They are like, Whoa, this girl have strong accent. I’m not sure if I want to phone that girl because it’s too, you know, harder to understand her. So I share my story. So I came to United States, no friends, no family, no any kind of support, no money. And I had to learn my language and had to survive. And now I’m like, like I was working 16 hours a day and now I’m running my business from home, from my computer. I’m having [inaudible 00:29:48] at my house. So I have this perfect life. I travel in different places, you know, outside of the country.

Iryna S.: 29:54
When they share my story, it’s inspired them. They like, Whoa, if she can do it without English, able to [inaudible 00:30:03] up everything. So why cannot do it? Like I have my, I was born in the United States and I have language. I have no problems with language. I can do that though. So in my [inaudible 00:30:16] I have inspirational board and I, all the contents, like all the rules that they feed, I always say them. And also, I have the board when I have promo content. You always have to have promo because you engage with your audience, you get to know them. Most important, you get to understand what kind of problems struggles they have and then you position your product like, Hey, you have this [inaudible 00:30:40] will get my product. They already know you. They’re gonna say yes to your offer just because it’s like I trust you, I know where to find you.

Iryna S.: 30:49
Yeah, we’ll say yes to your product. So I have a board when I have just the [inaudible 00:30:54], more content to my, for example, and whatever offers I have them. And other board I have when I actually wrote my list, just that yes you have to happen descriptions to grow your list when people join your Facebook group. But maybe if you create another freebie based of the needs. And then I want to still continue to grow this, you know, people who are not in my group or they are my group but they are not in my list. So in this case like make sure I want to remind them, hey, I have this thing, the freedom. So I have all the content that total adjust on the focusing on promoting my freedom. So when I share, so set my goals and I talk a lot.

Stacy Jones: 31:36
No, you’re great.

Stacy Jones: 31:38

Iryna S.: 31:39
So when I set the goals for home months ahead for my Facebook group and everybody, if you have your own Facebook group, you do have to have visibility content. That content that you’re going to share is building visibility. You need to have something to offer, you’re going to sell this month.

Iryna S.: 31:56
So like for example, this month I will sell this offer. So all my content will be around that offer. I usually take it like one month because it’s just four weeks. And even if I do like two videos a week, it’s not too many videos. And if I have the purpose of my content, it does look a lot, but actually it’s not because I create it one time I saved it in a [inaudible 00:32:20]. This offer, this content related to the, you know, to this offer and this stays there. And so in this case you always, always, always have that content creation strategy for your Facebook group. You always ask yourself what in this month, what I’m going to do, what I’m going to sell? Is the sell my one-on-one surveys. Maybe I have something to offer. So all this continued to sell some this while you’re sharing all their contents, inspire your audience, communicate with your audience, like all those content as well. And Yeah.

Stacy Jones: 33:01
Are there any other thoughts that you want to share with our audience on Facebook Groups?

Stacy Jones: 33:09
Shared a lot.

Iryna S.: 33:10
I know and I feel great. I’m like, I think I have time to answer that specific question because it’s not specific. It’s specific enough. If you tell them like, Hey Iryna and we’ll, what would you think about this one? And I would share, but I think that this one, you already know what kind of content you share inside of your group. It’s different type of the content. You already know how to set your groups. They will position you as the expert or your, you know in your niche. You know how to grow your Facebook group even if you start from scratch. So pretty much I go over ever since and literally everybody have any other question? You guys welcome to ask me.

Stacy Jones: 33:53
Well and that is a great lead into sharing how people can actually get in touch with you. Although all of this will be on our podcast page, but if you can actually enlighten us and then also you have some fantastic offers for our listeners today.

Iryna S.: 34:07
I do. So we, I have a Freebie that would help you if you’re stuck in your business from strategy if you don’t have followers. Lots of time people come to me and like I moved me in my group. I do want to promote this but I don’t have audience. Totally understandable. So I recommend go to all the Facebook groups and position yourself in front of those people and then how those people see you as an expert beginning that fall on you. They’re gonna end up signing for your stuff and because they end up in your Facebook group, so you can do this for free. And if you’re the person who needs help, how to join other Facebook Groups, position yourself the right way and defines your clients or building your audience out there, then both grabbed my attention and she has to get [inaudible 00:34:55] Facebook Groups.

Iryna S.: 34:56
That is exactly the strategy that I have used when I started from, from totally from scratch was there was no language, no followers, nothing. So that’s the, for those people who really want to start from scratch. If you have your own Facebook group already and you like, okay, I want to turn my members into my paying clients, I am not, I don’t care about growing my group anymore. I don’t care about anything. I just actually want to get paid.

Iryna S.: 35:24
Only for you, only for this people who watch it could listen in us. So offering you guys, you have my mini-course that not true, not true in your audience, only for those people who have their own Facebook group. And I help you inside of your Facebook group to turn your members into your paying clients. So I tend to lead you from step-by-step what to do, how to do it.

Iryna S.: 35:50
So I really want to share this with you. I usually, like I said before, I usually have it for my paying clients, but only guys, for everyone who is listening to you listen to podcasts right now, get this for free. Use this opportunity.

Stacy Jones: 36:04
That is so awesome. Thank you for doing that for everyone. That is great. I know I am actually going to check it out because I have a plan that our agency is going to use our online classes and actually sell through Facebook Groups. So I’m hoping to figure that part out at one point.

Iryna S.: 36:20
Oh I love that. And how about like this, you going to use your Facebook group to sell your services and your products and have like rushes on your way to take in achieving your goal. How about you’re going to pay you this question. So still have discussions and we’ll, maybe we’ll do some things like, and that’s the podcast answering those specific questions. Because I believe that you get so much information right now, but when you start implementing, it’s called always shock. Some kind of questions, that kind of problem. So in this case, why would not give the opportunity for others also learn from us, hey, this is going the problem they have. So this is going, the solutions need to be taken.

Stacy Jones: 37:02
I will take that challenge and opportunity and get back to you on that one.

Iryna S.: 37:06
Okay, cool.

Stacy Jones: 37:08
So before we wrap up, are there any last words of advice or are there any areas where people typically make mistakes that you think they should avoid?

Iryna S.: 37:19
Yes, it definitely comes to my mind for the last second, was people focused on when they grow Facebook group, they focus in on a number, not an in members. So please focus on the members. Don’t care about how many people inside of your group. Don’t focus on the numbers because you can have thousands of people in your group. But if they’re not, your clients or are not your potential clients. Oh, your rule over your work and then be for nothing. Or you can have 10 people or 100 people, but those clients continue, will continue to buy from you again and again too. They will recommend you your group will grow. So focus on their people. Don’t focus on the number and that’s very hard.

Iryna S.: 38:03
I have been there and make that mistake. But everyone who creates the Facebook group always say this like, oh I hope my group will grow. But at the end of the day, the number not going gonna pay your bills. People will pay your bills.

Stacy Jones: 38:17
Yeah, it’s way better to have 10 followers, where four of them are purchasing from you, versus a hundred followers were only one or two is purchasing from you.

Iryna S.: 38:27
Yes, definitely. Yeah.

Stacy Jones: 38:29
Well this was really valuable advice and your gifts that for our listeners are fantastic. So I mean I thank you again for sharing your time and your knowledge and I’m looking forward to learning more.

Iryna S.: 38:41
Thank you for having me here.

Iryna S.: 38:41
Of course. And to our listeners, thank you so much for tuning in to marketing mistakes and how to avoid them. I look forward to chatting with you next week.


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