EP279: Creating And Selling An Awesome Online Course With Peter Erik Neeyvoll and Maria Rigger | AweSM Sales & Marketing

In today’s episode, Stacy sits down with Peter Erik Neeyvoll and Maria Rigger, who are the co-founders of AweSM Sales & Marketing, a company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs build successful online courses. Here, they discuss why it’s important to find your niche, and create a marketing strategy, before you produce your online course. They also discuss the importance of keeping in mind your big “why” and the reasoning behind their philosophy of “just do it—even if you’re not ready yet.”

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Welcome to Marketing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them. Here’s your host, Stacy Jones.Stacy Jones (00:13):
Welcome to Marketing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them. I’m Stacy Jones, and I’m so happy to be here with you all today. And I want to give a very warm welcome to Petter Erik Nyvoll and Maria Rygge. Petter Erik and Maria are the co-founders of AweSM Sales and Marketing, a company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses to sell online knowledge. Through their workshops and one-on-one coaching, they have helped their clients sell a variety of courses from health and fitness to knitting and even dog training. Their successful track record has shown that an awesome mindset and business strategy together can lead entrepreneurs to securing better clients, more sales, higher conversions, and profitable campaigns.Stacy Jones (00:53):
Through their business, Petter Erik and Maria also do live events where they share their insights and knowledge with the world. Today, we’re going to be chatting about how innovative marketing and mindset strategies can help you create a successful online business that drives more sales. What we all want. We’ll learn what works from their perspective, what should be avoided and how some businesses and people just miss the mark. Petter Erik and Maria, welcome. So happy to have you here today.

Maria Rygge (01:20):
Thank you so much for the amazing introduction.

Petter Erik Nyvoll (01:22):
And I Love your name on the podcast because I just talk so much about, you need to be willing to do mistakes to find out what works. So it’s a perfect name, I love it.

Stacy Jones (01:33):
Thank you. I realized that I love finding out mistakes so that I can actually improve upon them. And I decided that all of our listeners would too. So therefore we are our Marking Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. To start off what I’d love to do is have our listeners get a better understanding for those who are watching or those who are listening, who you are, how you got here today. And what you guys don’t know is this couple is from Norway, but they actually live in Vietnam. And so they have more of a story to tell I am so than just, how you can make all of your online classes more awesome and cool. They also have quite a lifestyle that they’ve embraced as traveling gurus who have taken their mission on the road, but Petter Erik and Maria, please share, how did you get here today?

Maria Rygge (02:22):
Short story is we were doing physical events all around the Nordics with international speakers for several years before we started our online business. And we were traveling with the speakers and we had one of the superstar gurus from US, saying to us that you are selling other people’s knowledge. You are putting us on stage, why aren’t you putting your self on stage? And at that time when he told us that we were like, “Really? But we don’t have anything that people would pay for learning about.” And then long story short, we had to bankrupt the company because we were doing far too many things and we didn’t have enough control. We were just out there to inspire people and we went a bit too fast with that. And when we then had no business anymore, we needed to rethink what we wanted to do.

Maria Rygge (03:09):
And both of us had this urge or this need to go somewhere else and try another lifestyle. So we really wanted to take our business online or start something online so that we can go somewhere warmer. And we were looking all around the crater and then we decided on Vietnam and at the same time we started our online business. So we did one year in Norway where we just built and sold a lot of courses and did a lot of mistakes, but successful enough for us to actually be able to move our business and our life to Vietnam just one year later.

Stacy Jones (03:41):
That’s awesome. [crosstalk 00:03:42] We have to fail. You have to fail in life to get better. So it’s great that you had failure. Petter, yes, I cut you off.

Petter Erik Nyvoll (03:49):
Yeah. And, I mean, it was not planned that we was going to teach others how to build funnels and go online and teach this thing because I have been a sales guy all my life. So we started with, or I started with creating an online course in sales for entrepreneurs and for sales manager, for everyone. Everyone [who’ll 00:04:10] need to be better in sales, that was the start. But a funny part, I think before I launched the first online course, someone from our email list contact me like, “Hey, I need help to create online course. Can you help me that?” And I was like, “I have not succeeded by myself yet. So I can’t do that.” And he was like, “Yeah, I know where you’re from, I’ve been following you. I know you can.” Yeah, but seriously, I not figure it out by myself.

Petter Erik Nyvoll (04:34):
But at the end, we were starting it out and I started to get more and more passionate about online marketing. So step by step, we moved over from sales and [inaudible 00:04:45] and also Maria had a copywriting course, but that was more like general copywriting. It was for marketing director, it was for everything just general, how to write good emails. So, it was a accident that we come in to start with, but we have been really successful. So that’s where we are now.

Stacy Jones (05:06):
Well, the cool thing about having to teach something, even if you’re put on the spot is you really have to learn it. You can’t teach and BS your way through, if you haven’t actually figured out the fundamentals and actually outlined and figured out how to get from step A to that B, so being a teacher can also mean you’re a great doer.

Petter Erik Nyvoll (05:29):

Maria Rygge (05:30):
That’s true.

Petter Erik Nyvoll (05:30):
That’s true. Don’t have any choice.

Stacy Jones (05:30):
There you go. And it helps pay [inaudible 00:05:31] and make an income as well. So right now I was just reading an interesting article this morning that happened to pop up. So online learning academies are blowing up like never before. COVID has been probably one of the biggest blessings for your business or for your entrepreneurs who follow you because people are more likely to want to do an online course and everyone’s hungry to learn and change and get out of crappy jobs. And so how has this role like changed for you in the last six months to a year?

Maria Rygge (06:04):
Before that I just want to say that we started out wanting to be just the two of us because we built the old company to 11 people and then we lost control and we kind of had to just put it down again. So we had this thought that freedom would be just to be the two of us, but we came to a stage quite quickly where we saw that if we want to help more people. And we had a really, really drive to help more people to get their knowledge out in the world. So we needed to build a team. So we started to build a team one year after we started the company and the last one and a half years, we doubled and it’s grown a lot because as you say, the demand is really, really big and-

Stacy Jones (06:44):
[inaudible 00:06:44]

Petter Erik Nyvoll (06:44):
Yeah and I think we’ve gone from… I know this is a marketing podcast, but now my issues in the company now is to get the right people in the right seat who can bring us to the next level. So it’s not like in the start, it was more, we were the doers and we did all the thing, now we are trying to find the doers for doing things for us. So find the right one who can help us to don’t do so many mistakes or I think… And I also want to say, I looked at the last quarter because we had a quarterly meeting this week and I saw the numbers and we had the best quarter ever. And that was in the summer holidays and all this, so it was June, July and August… No, July, August, and September.

Petter Erik Nyvoll (07:33):
And what we saw there was, I feel like this last quarter has been just terribly. We have done so many mistakes. I’m like, oh. But in end, it’s the best quarter. And I think like, wow, when we can make it with so many mistakes, then we have a super big potential. But I also think, the name of the podcast you have, I think you need to be willing to do mistake. Like failure and test it out and try out things to find out what really works.

Stacy Jones (07:59):
Well, if you’re not failing, you’re not pushing any boundaries. You have to have mistakes. You have to find out where your processes are broken. So it’s great to put them to a test, because if you can actually put everything to a test and you have a strong process, you can actually grow more easily. So it’s good to push it and find out.

Maria Rygge (08:16):
That’s true.

Stacy Jones (08:17):
We’ve had the same similar with our agency at Hollywood Branded where everyone spent, COVID, all these advertisers, all the marketers on their couches, watching TV, going how do I get into Netflix? How can I actually be on Amazon or Disney Plus? As all these streaming channels start popping up? And what we do is we work with brands and put them in movies and TV shows, product placements, celebrity endorsements, influencer marketing. So like you, we are having the same thing happen, unbelievable growth, where we’re being approached by companies all over the world. And we always work globally but at such higher scale that I feel your pain about not wanting to be the doer and actually getting people who are in your opinion, my opinion as good doers so that you can put it in place and help more people.

Petter Erik Nyvoll (09:05):
Yeah, that’s true. Yeah.

Stacy Jones (09:08):
And so when you’re working with your courses, you’re working with a new entrepreneur and they have a vision, whether that is the dog or the sewing or whatever it is, that’s their specialty and there’s a niche for everything. What’s the first step that you do. How do you start off that partnership and that education? How do you tell them what to do first? Because it is overwhelming for an entrepreneur to be like, “I’m going to start a class and become a social media guru.”

Maria Rygge (09:40):
That’s true. Can I…

Petter Erik Nyvoll (09:42):
Yeah. Do you want to start?

Maria Rygge (09:45):
Yeah, I can start. So one of the first thing we always start with is to focus on the niche because most of our clients, they have some kind of knowledge and they taught it to everyone. And we talked to a lot of coaches and we talked to a lot of consultants and life coaches and leadership coaches, they’re just too broad, they want to help everyone. And of course with their knowledge they can. But we are always saying that choosing a niche is not about who you can help, but it’s who you choose. It’s a choice. You just have to make choice. Because it’s really, really a big competition because what is happening in the market is everyone is looking online. Everyone is going online. And of course that means that the competition is bigger.

Maria Rygge (10:25):
So you actually needed to narrow down to get in and to become the expert and to get attention and to get traffic and all of these things quickly. So this is one thing we work with and it’s so hard for people because they’re like, “Yeah, but I don’t want to say no to a customer. I want to help everyone and I could help this person and I could help this person.” But we see that and we it’s true and we get it. We see it-

Stacy Jones (10:48):
You get it yourself. I mean, you already said that you had a complete business failure because you were trying to do too much all the over the place.

Maria Rygge (10:57):
Yep. Yeah true. And we did in the beginning, the first year we sold to just a lot of different types of people. And we built an email list with kind of a bit of random people. We had different types of entrepreneurs, we had multilevel marketers, we had big marketing companies,. We had the person that was sending out emails for huge company and it was just so big variety. And it was really, really hard for us to be specific and to help people in a good way. So that’s the first lesson we learned and that’s the first lesson we always teach our clients as well.

Stacy Jones (11:27):
To niche down, make sure that you have a specialty that you’re focusing on that you’re not trying to be everything to everyone.

Maria Rygge (11:34):

Petter Erik Nyvoll (11:35):
Yeah. And I also think… I took a coaching [education 00:11:39] from years ago and that was the one word coming up again and again and again, that was, trust the process. So, so many they just want to do everything in one week or when they start up. And like you said, they get overwhelmed. So we’re also trying to help… Or we are helping them to, please just do one thing now, don’t think about one the next step and a lot are. One of the biggest things that the challenge are when they come to us, is like, oh, I can’t do this tech thing. But the truth is, we don’t say that to them because then they’ll never buy from us to truth is the tech is not the problem. The nicheing down, finding a message, and you also know it, marketing is also a lot of personal development because you need to think differently and work differently with a [inaudible 00:12:25].

Petter Erik Nyvoll (12:25):
So, the biggest process they are going through when we start with them is this rethink how you should do things because it’s pricing problem, it’s niche problem, it’s a product problem. Everyone want to do a big program. We also did that, we looked at every other marketers in the world and like, “Hey, there is so much missing in the courses. We just need to make a full course with all the knowledge that you need to start to sell something online.” But what will happen then? Is like every two weeks when we was going to teach them, they just get over and they didn’t do anything. So really, it’s not about how much content you have, it’s about help people through a process. And then you need to help them to not get overrun.

Petter Erik Nyvoll (13:08):
And it’s the same for us and it’s the same for our clients. Keep it simple and trust the process. I had one yesterday who had just bought a program for [inaudible 00:13:18] and she wrote me five messages on LinkedIn was like, “Oh, I’m just overwhelmed.” So why are you overwhelmed? No, because I start to look at all the models in your course. And I said, please just work with one thing and we finish with that, you don’t need it. Everything will come in place if you just do step by step. Yeah so, I think that’s… And of course everyone is looking on YouTube, they’re following us, they’re following others, they’re buying courses. They’re buying and buying and buying and then you will get overwhelmed. So yeah.

Stacy Jones (13:48):
Yeah, especially if you’re taking classes, I mean, it’s really easy to all of a sudden be a nonstop learner where you’re just trying to get to a class, but you’re not doing the steps and the processes and developing everything that’s being instructed along the way. So that’s not so great either.

Maria Rygge (14:05):
No, that’s true. You need to do things.

Stacy Jones (14:09):
Yeah. Well, my assumption is when you’re working with an entrepreneur, at least this is the way it is with me. When I start dialing a speech or I start dialing into a presentation that I’m going to be doing all of a sudden, a lot of other things start coming up. Where now I’m working on, as you said, I’m like, huh? If I’m teaching this, how does that correlate into my overall story? My overall guide as my company and who I am. And it brings up all sorts of different things that you can start shooting off to, and it’s like this mad dash adventure, and you never silo back again into what you’re supposed to be doing. So how do you get people to stay on track when they’re developing a course idea?

Maria Rygge (14:51):
Actually, when we started selling online courses about how to develop a business online and create online courses, it was just a normal online course. And what we saw was that it was really hard for people to get to the end because it was so many things, so many bits and pieces that had to go together. And so we just decided that we need to do this differently. So we leveled up the price, we level up the help that people get. So right now we have actually a team of coaches that works very closely with our clients and help them stay on track. And it is like you say, it is very much about like, “Hey, go back, look at this video. Do this task and then we talk again.” So just keeping them on track.

Maria Rygge (15:28):
And, of course, also making sure that they feel safe and taken care of when they freak out, because at some stage, most of our clients were like, “Ah, this is too much. I don’t know if I can do this, I’m so scared of this.” And “Oh, now I put my money on Facebook ads and it’s so scary.” So, it’s a mix of just keeping people accountable saying like, this is the next step. Just go ahead, do it. And also just coaching people, helping them to dare to do it.

Petter Erik Nyvoll (15:56):
Yeah. Helping them to keep them on the big why, when they start to struggle. Like why are doing this? Well, what do you want to do? What’s your dream? And so not everyone has the dream to live on a beach like us, but we are kind of helping people to get more freedom in their life. So there is a freedom dream in the future of having the opportunity to work more independent or location free business. So, we need to keep them back to that. Why are you doing it?

Stacy Jones (16:26):
Yeah. So, that’s your center central message. You are actually providing people with education and the capabilities to untether themselves and to have a nomad life, even if that means staying at home, because that’s your dream. And so that’s what you’re teaching other people how to do as well through online courses.

Petter Erik Nyvoll (16:47):
That’s true.

Stacy Jones (16:49):
What are other areas that people can mess up when it comes to try trying to build and approach courses?

Petter Erik Nyvoll (16:56):
We have this thing that we talk about, you don’t create the course before you have sold it and there is coming… We have some people come to us and they’re like they, created 10 courses because they think… And you know this because you’re also working with marketing. I mean, they think like, “Oh, if had just create the perfect course, the perfect product it will sell by himself.” It’s like, I don’t need to do anything. So they are just creating courses after courses, after courses, and waiting for this magic-

Stacy Jones (17:24):

Petter Erik Nyvoll (17:25):
Pill. Yeah like, poof it will sell by itself. So also understanding that you need to communicate with the audience to find what they really want and that’s happened, me also with my first sales course. I took a bootcamp I had over three days and turned it into online course and in week six, I had a plan to do… So I just took these three days and divide up in eight week course. So I had eight topics in sales. In week six, they started to talk about me or something. They said, “Petter Erik, you’re so good on following up. How do you really follow up?” And that was not a part of the course. And I said, “I can do that, but that will be a two hour session.” And they’re like, “Yeah, I need this.”

Petter Erik Nyvoll (18:07):
So in the end we did decide that I should change the content in the course because I didn’t done it before. So I think one of the thing is we… And many are coming, “Oh, I need to have the product before I start to sell it or marketing it.” But that’s just, yeah bullshit, in my opinion. You need to start with finding out what they want and then you can create it. And they’re saving much time and we see the most successful people, they are creating the course on the fly and they are starting with a message, I know I checked Wikipedia on what marketing means, and that means find out what people want. That’s the message of marketing. So I think that’s one big to that I did mistakes on.

Stacy Jones (18:51):
So your strategy is that you should not put yourself in a room record a course or record 10 courses or different components and then publish. Your strategy is, is that you should outline what the potential is of what a class is going to be teaching you and then get people to sign up and start on day one and you’re live and you’re teaching them as you go, and maybe you’re prepping the night before, but then you’re taking questions. And then there’s another week that they come back to you and you’re recording all of this to actually turn that into a course, instead of being siloed in your little bedroom working yourself into…

Maria Rygge (19:29):
And this saves people so much time because they… And it is a very common misunderstanding that they have to prerecord and produce the course before they get started. But it takes so much time. And again, you have the danger of actually not being able to sell what you put so many hours in producing. So it is really important. And we are not against like in courses and, and record videos because we do that ourselves. But not the first time we launch a new course because it’s much more flexible when you deliver it live because you will get the instant feedback if this is what people want. And also because when you have sold it, it much makes much more sense to actually start producing a course than producing the course first and then hoping and crossing for that people will come and buy it.

Stacy Jones (20:15):
And so how do you find these people who are magically going to show up for your day one of your course when you have no content? So Petter Erik, you are the salesman of the two, I bet this is your gig.

Petter Erik Nyvoll (20:31):
No, of course you need to have idea. It’s not like you’re coming up, oh, I have idea that I want to sell an online course, can you tell me what I should sell? So, we are normally helping. So we use something called from now to [goal 00:20:43] process. And that’s, you think about back to the target niche. We think about where is the client now? What is the biggest problem? And we are also… So when we talk about target niche, we are not talking about geographic so much like age and all this thing, we help them to figure out what situation are they struggling in? What time in the week do they feel really like, “Oh, I need to get out of it. This is the problem I have.” And when you find that problem, it’s also mapping up where they want to go.

Petter Erik Nyvoll (21:12):
So from now to goal is what they should. And when we figure out what steps in the timeline do you need to you need to teach them to get them to the goal? So we are mapping it up like, so when you’re selling it, you have like, so this is the steps we want to go through. But in the end, even if that steps change, because they are asking for something else, they will never complain because you have communicated with someone who bought it and they want to solve their problem and they want to feel seen, heard. I think that’s also, when you talk about sales, since you say that, one of the thing that I see in sales, we are building relationship and people are so happy if they get seen and heard and listened to.

Petter Erik Nyvoll (21:56):
And that’s also when you’re creating a product. If the people out there [inaudible 00:22:00] been listened to seen, heard, and like, “Wow, you create a program based on my input. That’s so amazing.” And they get so much more happy client. Of course, it’s also in the marketing process is what we do. How to help people to sell it and how we also do it [sell 00:22:17]. It’s all about to see people, even if it online, see them, listen to them, hear them, feel like they’re connected. So all our marketing is based on doing live. We want to do more [evergreen 00:22:31], but we do things live.

Petter Erik Nyvoll (22:32):
And the reason we build this kind of deep relationships, so they trust us and they want to buy from us and they’re seen and heard again. So it’s the same thing with marketing. So I also mean that creating a course or creating marketing, it’s the same thing. When they get like, aha moment, that [inaudible 00:22:49]. Marketing is something serious, but you need to create content in the marketing that people want to listen to. So many comes and say, “Oh, I’m just a course creator, I’m not a marketer.” Yeah, but if you’re a course creator, you’re also a marketer. If you’re a content creator, you are a marketer because marketing is content.

Stacy Jones (23:07):
Well, I think that a lot of our listener are listening in and saying, “Yeah okay, this whole online course thing. Mm. I don’t think I could do it on a fly. I want to be able to edit and clean things up.” And, “Oh my God, what if I say the wrong word?” Or “What if I sound stupid and I’m recording, and now I’m going to package this thing up and reuse it?” But what you just said, when you’re live and when you are in sales or marketing, you’re creating relationships. So you are actually bonding better with the fact that you might have mistakes along the way. It’s okay in our today’s age, not to be the polished Tony Robbins presentation that has had a 100,000 dollars worth of editing to it.

Maria Rygge (23:54):
Yeah, it’s true. And it is really important because also because of the bigger competition. We see that authenticity is key all the time and the relationship building and how you come through it when you are live, it’s just stronger because you actually have people with you and you can have interaction with them and you can talk to them and as Petter Erik said, they can feel seen and that it is working really well, even in 2021. And yeah, so that’s what we teach. And we do a lot of live sessions ourselves, and we help clients also to do live workshops, webinars, seminars, master classes, the words are changing. The names on it is changing, but the method is still working.

Stacy Jones (24:35):
Well, that’s I think, a really good lead in how can our listeners find you all? Where do they need to go? If they’re like, maybe I’m ready to actually try my hand at creating a class.

Maria Rygge (24:45):
I actually think right now the best place to go is to sign up for our three day event because we have a three day live event coming up in November. And the address is awesmeevent.com. So A W E S M event.com. And if you sign up for that, you’re in our list and then you will get also invitations to other free classes and things you can do and follow us.

Stacy Jones (25:05):
And when you say a live event, is that an online live event versus a in real life person where I’m sitting in Vietnam watching you and interacting?

Maria Rygge (25:14):
Yeah. This is actually an online event. We were doing live events for many years and we loved it. So when we started doing online, we had a live physical event for the first years, but of course, last year we couldn’t do it physical. So we moved it online, not last year, actually this year was the first time we did it online in April, and it was a huge success. So we just decided, this is what we’re going to do again. And of course, nobody needs to travel. So it’s much more effective. And it was actually really, really fun because we had participants from more than 30 countries together at the event. So on the screen, it was amazing.

Petter Erik Nyvoll (25:47):
Yeah. And I also want to go back to what you talked about, because one of our superpowers is that we do things live and they’re listening to my English and my English is not the best one. I’m screwing up some words sometimes, but I’m doing it live. And I also lowering how perfect things need to be. So that’s also because they see it’s possible to do it. And even if I’m not saying the right words, or I’m starting a sentence from scratch again, they are seeing like, wow, can I do it so simple like this? And they are doing it. And it’s so real. And also we are in a mastermind in US with a lot of supermarket marketers. And there is one woman there, I think she run ads for 10 million US dollar per month. And she had numbers on everything. Numbers down to, what is working? And she had, what is working in 2021? And she said, things have changed.

Petter Erik Nyvoll (26:48):
Before, it was more about showing proof of how much money you can make, how much things you can do, all this thing. But now it’s more authentic, real life, the stories that is behind it. So when you’re going to tell success stories about your clients or about your business or about whatever course or whatever you have. It’s the real thing. So, she said the best testimonial she had, they are selling finance programs like online courses in finance. Before it was like, oh, you bought this stock and you made 10 X your money on you’re like, you did this, but now it’s more like, “Hey, because I bought this stock and me and my partner have a better relationship because we don’t argue about money anymore.” So it’s the real thing, this real raw thing is what is working. And I think that’s all our line. So more real and authentic you can be, I think it’s better and better. You get the message out.

Stacy Jones (27:42):
Well, it’s like podcast, right? It’s the same thing we could totally screw up and yes, we could have it all edited out, but we don’t have to either. We can have a dog barking or we can have a glitch, or we can’t remember something. And it’s not like our listeners are going to say, “Oh my goodness. Gosh, they needed to go in and really edit that one better.” And people like the authenticity, but they also like the thought leadership and the learning and the pulling back the curtain and actually sharing what’s real versus things that are just shiny and sparkly and make belief.

Maria Rygge (28:17):
Very true.

Stacy Jones (28:19):
Are there any other mistakes that are very common to be made?

Maria Rygge (28:28):
I feel like we talked about the most important. The most important ones is being too broad or starting to produce the course before you started even thinking about marketing because you can end up with… And also of course we have people that has made online courses for a lot of different types of people. So instead of have one niche or one target group, they have 10 different ones. And that makes everything much, much harder. And that was what we did in the beginning, so we know this. But when we fixed our business so that we have one niche and instead of having different course.

Maria Rygge (28:59):
S to different people, we have actually different levels. So, when we get a client into our first course, we help them build their funnel, get their first sales, and then we help them to build a business around it. And then we help them to scale a freedom business in the last level. So, we now have one niche and we have a customer journey instead. So I think that’s also a mistake that people is doing, if they have an expertise, they want to help these people and these people and these people and these people with the same expertise. And that’s also not advisable.

Petter Erik Nyvoll (29:26):
Yeah. And I will say the same with funnels because we are also teaching how to set up funnels. And this is also something we are still struggling with. So we have been doing webinars or online seminars and things like that back to 2016, before that we did physical things. So we also started with webinars back in 2010. And we are always, even this last quarter, we’re like, “Oh, we want to build a evergreen funnel, something totally new.” But we have been doing webinars so many years, and still we can improve them. So instead of trying to find these shiny object about building a new funnel or building a new marketing strategy, there’s so many things you can improve in. Copywriting, and how to deliver a message, and how to do it better. And what we have started to do now, we have done free webinars for years, but now we have start to touch more and more over to get paid workshops.

Petter Erik Nyvoll (30:19):
And we changed the concept because, for us, we see that we get more committed people and so we do longer marketing process instead of doing a webinar in one and half, two hour, we are doing… Like today, we’re going to do a workshop for seven hours where [inaudible 00:30:35] is a marketing stunt. They pay a little bit for it, but we see it’s more people converting. But again, building this relationship, they have seven hours with us, so we get a bigger… So even if it’s more time, we get more people to buy our products. So, do one thing and be really good at it and continue tuning and tuning and tuning that instead of trying to find this next step, this next way of doing marketing or someone who are succeeding at just be really good at something.

Stacy Jones (31:05):
Well, you guys were a delight to have come on and chat about all things. I think the biggest takeaway that you keep on saying is you have to niche down, no matter what your company is, whether you have an agency like I have, or whether you’re a dog grooming business, you have a niche there, whatever it might be, if you don’t spread yourself too thin and you target and you goal, you’re going to have more success. Right?

Petter Erik Nyvoll (31:32):

Stacy Jones (31:34):
Any last parting words of advice to our listeners before we wrap up?

Maria Rygge (31:40):
I want to say, if you have a dream go for it. What’s the worst thing that can happen? There are so many people coming to us and they say like, “I have this dream of having more freedom and working from my cabin or going more on vacation and take my computer, but I’m not sure if I can do it.” And I’m saying to people, “Oh, so we have fear? Congratulations, you’re human.” We all have it, but it’s not about the fear it’s about, you can do it anyway. And when you start going, then you learn more and then you feel more confident and then you can do even more. And this is a journey and that’s why I love doing this because it is a journey. But the first step is always the most important and sometimes the hardest, because it’s like, ah, I don’t know what’s awaiting me out there. Just do it.

Petter Erik Nyvoll (32:19):
Yeah. I want to share our most successful client who come from scratch. It’s around one year ago now. And when I mean, in scratch, she had a business, but she never made money and she’s teaching a historic art. So she took people down to Italy or Spain and showing historic art places. And she had done this more like a hobby. She had written some books but she lived on her husband, all the life because this was her hobby. And we helped her to create an online course. And she bought our program and we not cheap, it’s expensive to work… Everything is, but there is cheaper option than us. And she had this mindset, I need to use two years to pay back this thing to these guys, but I’m willing to do it. That was her mindset when she started.

Petter Erik Nyvoll (33:13):
But it was so much money for her. So she decided to just follow exactly what we should do. And four weeks into the course, she said, “I’m not finished with making all these emails after and all this thing, but I schedule a webinar in seven days. I want to reschedule it. When should I do it?” And I said, “Do it in seven days, just do it.” And she has sold now online course in historic art for over 1 million US dollar in one year from scratch. But the thing is like, she just did it. Even if she didn’t follow our recipe and had everything ready before she started to marketing it. And I think that’s the message. Just go out and do it like Maria said and do it before you’re ready, because then you will get ready. Test the market, go out there. So, I think that’s the message I hope that people can get out of it. Just do it, don’t overthink. Don’t think about the perfect time to launch something, it’s just like start. And then you figure out when is perfect time.

Stacy Jones (34:10):
Well, there’s no better time to at least get in a practice round. If you’re not worried about failing and you’re just going to keep going, you have nothing to lose. Well, Petter Erik and Maria thank you so much for joining today. I really appreciate the insights that you’ve given and the urgings to our listeners to consider that leadership and course building as a alternative or an add on to their current careers to give themselves a little bit more freedom and money.

Maria Rygge (34:42):
Thank you so much for having us. This was fun.

Petter Erik Nyvoll (34:44):
This was so fun. Thank you so much.

Stacy Jones (34:46):
Of course. And then to all of our listeners, as a reminder here at Hollywood Branded, we are so passionate about all things, branded content. We believe that influencers and celebrities, TV, film, and music can give your brand power and sales. And if you want to have a partner with any type of pop cultural partnership out there, just give my team a call and we will set up some time to walk through how we can help you best accomplish your goals. And I hope everyone has an awesome end of their week and continuation into the next and I look forward to chatting with you later. Thank you all.

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