The Most Affordable Game Changer for Your Brand

Cast of Evil Paramount

FACT: We built a comprehensive 10 year ongoing campaign for BlackBerry reaching over 6.5 billion first-run impressions – not including years of re-airings, for a CPM of $0.18… see case study

FACT: We drove 4.7% annual growth for Canadian Club after 17 years of declining sales by making it Don Draper’s drink of choice in Mad Men, reaching over 300 million series viewers for under $0.60 CPM… watch case study

FACT: We secured 115% more fan Tweets about Bumble on Riverdale during two storyline integration airings that resulted in over 117 million views and a CPM of under $3.00… watch case study

FACT: We negotiated 710 visual and 103 verbal mentions resulting in 3 hours of on-screen storyline inclusion for B2B thermal camera FLIR. The campaign delivered 220 million impressions yearly for a $0.32 average CPM for six years with a value of $42 million for first airing only… see case study

FACT: We secured 197 visual and 29 verbal mentions for regional franchise brand Coffee Beanery over 8 years resulting in over 1.2 billion views and a CPM of $0.37… see case study

Here’s how we can help you achieve this marketing effectiveness and efficiency, too:

  • Effectiveness: We don’t do spray and pray marketing. We are surgical in our approach, and we dig into every possible detail on your brand’s marketing strengths and opportunities to help you maximize your budget and impact through mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Efficiency: We go beyond single ad limitations. We deliver massive impact for a fraction of the cost of other marketing methods (TV, radio, PR, print, out-of-home, digital etc.) by ensuring the branded content we produce keeps on working for you in the years to come.

“This is fantastic… I like that they showed the app to tie in with the explanation. Good to see the script come to life.”


Chidi Steve-Dibia

Partner Marketing Manager, Agora


Our team provides strategy consulting, access, guidance, contracting, and turnkey activation of each approved partnership. We activate selected programs built from your Hollywood Branded Playbook. Your suggested strategy will include ranges for budget requirements for both agency project activation and fees paid to partners. As relevant, we work with your agencies to manage and ensure complete alignment and activation of all elements of the campaign.

Our Proven Process To
Building Successful
Pop Culture Partnerships


1. Develop Your Strategy

We build your Hollywood Branded Playbook to determine the right programs you should activate, including but not limited to:

  • Product placement
  • Celebrity endorsement
  • Influencer marketing
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Co-promotional campaigns
  • Public relations
  • Event activations
  • Branded content creation
  • Fashion + streetwear partnerships and capsule collections
  • Celebrity endorsements
  • Celebrity gifting

We support your agencies with team consulting and alignment


2. Fine Tune The Scope

  • Build your detailed scope of work we need to tackle for each of the HP Playbook recommendations you want to go after
  • Expand on the HP Playbook roadmap and timeline with specific deadlines and goals to ensure we stay on point for launching your programs

3. Launch Program

  • Obtain marketing assets (approved logos and artwork)
  • Determine what products will be included in the program
  • Outline inventory needs for samples and signage
  • Establish inventory order process for additional items or updates
  • Build a customized program management system
  • Receive inventory (product, packaging, signage, POS displays) and incorporate it into the agency tracking database
  • Research initial target list of partners and add to shared Monday (client project software)
  • Develop marketing materials and brand briefs
  • Create a brand overview alert introducing the brand and benefits provided to partner

4. Educate Partners

Ongoing outreach and pitching to partners based on strategy:


  • Hollywood executives, agents, managers
  • Production personnel, set decorators, prop masters, stylists
  • Studios, streamers, networks, digital outlets
  • Production companies
  • Unions and guilds
  • Brands
  • Celebrities: actors, artists, athletes, music artists, personalities
  • Fashion designers
  • Influencers and thought leaders
  • Events
  • Other pop culture partners
secure opportunity

5. Secure Opportunities

  • Source opportunities
  • Deep conversations with contacts to ensure opportunities abide by brand guidelines
  • Negotiate deliverables
  • Finalize list of potential partners
  • Prepare final deliverable needs based on brand response and interest
  • Manage agreements, NDA, and clearance paperwork
  • Negotiate and finalize contracts
  • Obtain insurance certificates for high-value items
  • Coordinate shipments and deliveries
  • Provide brand access to Monday’s live project management board
  • Track: inventory, partnership approvals, shipments, and partnership status
  • Ongoing reporting on Monday project management board on pending and declined activity
  • Inventory maintenance
amplify partnerships

6. Amplify Partnerships

  • Social content developed for the brand’s social platforms
  • Suggested social verbiage for use on social media channels is created for the brand
  • Influencer campaign layover enhancement option
  • Co-branded media and/or retail extensions
measure success

7. Report On Success

  • Partnership reviewed to ensure completion
  • Screen and video clips captured
  • Impressions, Value, and ROI established for each partnership
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly report presented to brand
  • Highlight recap reel on partnership