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In this episode, Stacy talks about 5 simple steps to help you find out if an influencer has fake Instagram followers, so you can get the most bang for your buck!

Stay Away From Deceivers, Make Sure Your Influencer Has Instagram Real Followers

The power of Instagram influencer partnerships has been proven to impact brand sales.  A simple post featuring a product and a few carefully chosen words and hashtags can lead to thousands of sales overnight.   But choosing your Instagram influencer partner isn’t as easy as just seeing who has the biggest fan base, as even on this platform fake followers can be bought!

How To Detect If They Bought Fake Instagram Followers

It’s significant to keep tabs on potential influencers to ensure that your influencer is reaching actual people and not just spam-bots and fake accounts. What good are their numbers if they’re not reaching a good percentage of real users?
There are a few simple steps a brand manager can do.

  1.  Look if their followers have an updated status. Fake accounts usually have minimal activity.
  2. Compare the engagement ratio of likes based on the number of their followers. If numbers of likes are too small over their followers, chances are they have “dead accounts” following them.
  3. Check if most of the interaction are spammy comments. Does it make senses or unrelated to the topic?
  4. See if Any “Buying” Services Follow The Account.
  5. Use a tool like InstaCheck to check if your influencer has a lot of fake followers.

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celebrity infographic