Are you a Rockstar at Building Pop Culture Partnerships?

Or AWESOME at your marketing game? If you believe in overdelivering and always finding solutions, then you should consider joining our global agency network of pop culture fanatic marketers!


Who We Are.

We are NOT your traditional agency. Hollywood Branded rocks at building branded pop culture-driven partnerships through Product Placement, Celebrity Endorsement, and Influencer Marketing for clients all over the world. We believe content creators and brands tell better stories together, and we want to revolutionize how the world approaches building branded partnerships.

We are fixated on how to do things better, and to constantly improve. Our agency culture is driven by education: by learning, by doing, and by teaching. Our core belief is that by helping grow an individual, we will grow the agency, and increase in turn how impactful we can be for our clients.

We Grow People. And Brands

Our agency strongly believes that agencies powered by people who have passion and drive can make anything happen. Including creating incredible get-noticed-client-happy partnerships. By joining forces with Hollywood Branded, our agencies together can learn about each other’s markets, gain access to new opportunities, and build a true partnership network that allows us all to create brand partnerships anywhere in the world – wherever the client is interested in impacting. Each agency can bring project opportunities or brand clients to one another to build together into partnerships.

Our vision is to connect independent agencies around the world with a global network to plug brands into to receive pop culture partnership building by local experts.

Hollywood Branded will provide your brand clients the opportunity to activate partnerships in Hollywood and the American entertainment market. In turn, you will provide productions that our clients may have interest in being featured in. Together we win, grow our capabilities, and make more money.

We have big plans and bigger goals – and are looking for awesome agencies who rock to partner with our team!

Do You Think We Would
Make a Great Team?

Tell Us Why!

You know the saying must love dogs? Well at our office that is true and you’ll hear them sometimes on calls – but what we are really looking for are agency partners who really love pop culture and partnership marketing. We’re looking for passionate, driven agency partners who love building brands through partnerships with TV, streaming, gaming, film, fashion, music, celebrities, influencers and whatever is the next big thing.

So are YOU the ROCKSTAR agency that we should be working with?

If it’s a “HELL Yeah“… well then, let’s proceed.

Our Team

The Opportunity

Who? Passionate and driven agencies who love the world of pop culture and brand marketing as much as we do!

What? To build (around the world!) cool branded partnerships around episodic series, films, music, influencers, celebrities, video games, books, and events, and whatever the next great thing is by using product placement, celebrity endorsement, influencer marketing, and more!

Where? Hollywood Branded is based in Los Angeles, and through our network we offer brand clients access to global partnerships with one single communication point, systemized processes and reporting, native language communication and platform hub for building global brand partnerships.

Why? Our clients have interest! And so do yours…

When? Now!!!