We crafted a partnership between BlackBerry and George Clooney in Up In The Air to showcase business usage of the mobile device and software platform.



BlackBerry’s Enterprise division was seeking a way to better engage and start conversations with the business to business customer, and wanted to have the platform and mobile devices used realistically on screen.



Hollywood Branded provided the solution by sourcing and securing Paramount’s feature film “Up In The Air”.  The lead actor was George Clooney, a celebrity our agency had worked with frequently in the past on other film projects, and who already personally used the BlackBerry devices we directly gave him.  As Clooney’s role depicted him as a travel-weary businessman, the role was a natural fit for BlackBerry.

The Result

All three leads in the film were provided three different BlackBerry model phones – with George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, and Anna Kendrick each being featured numerous times in the film.  One of the core requirements was to feature the BBM technology on screen, and Clooney and Farmiga’s characters used the feature numerous times as dialogue.

The partnership was such a success that BlackBerry chose to sponsor the Toronto Film Festival screening premiere of the film, hosting a private dinner for the filmmakers and cast.