Promotional Partnerships

Co-Brand Your Advertising With A Content Partner


Leverage a product placement exposure in a film or partner with a storyline that speaks to your core consumer demographic. Borrow some of that star power for your brand! Co-brand planned media buys to heighten consumer awareness and engagement, design retail point of sale signage, provide music downloads with purchase, sponsor premiere parties or create sweepstakes extensions.



  • Bring to life your partnership off the screen – through the brand’s media or at retail channels.
  • Create sweepstakes extensions which lead to higher consumer engagement.
  • Custom content developed for digital, social & PR usage that provides true competitor differentiation.


With an entertainment property partnership, there is typically no fee paid to the production by the brand, as the benefit to the production is the opportunity to reach new consumers through the brand’s marketing efforts and current advertising budget planned at the time of the production’s release.  Media buy requirements are based upon the campaign’s reach, and how the brand will incorporate the production into planned media and retail advertising. Additional licensing fees may apply for co-promotion of content at retail or within planned media if outside traditional promotional windows or territories. Retail or social media activation components are campaign specific.



A partnership with a brand that shares a similar consumer target allows the brand to leverage the fan base, and co-market on a reduced budget.  Strategic brand partnerships range from retail with grand prizing to co-branded media – often with trade out of goods versus cash dollars. Additionally, partnerships may allow our team to open new sales distribution channels. Hollywood Branded develops brand partnership strategies that are both consumer and internal employee interfacing.



  • Soft, and welcome, introduction to receptive fan base of partner.
  • Interesting – and engaging – content to leverage your advertising with.  A “cool factor” added to the brand’s marketing campaign.
  • Heightened opportunities for Product Placement for relevant properties who will provide additional exposure in the property in exchange for the promotional partnership.
  • Content easily adapted for social media conversation.
  • Low or no cost, with the exception of licensing requirements.  The cost is in loaning a portion of the brand’s media space to co-brand the activation.