EP 121: Using Social Media To Boost Authority And Influence With Josh Elledge | UpMyInfluence

In this episode, Stacy sits down with consumer expert Josh Elledge to discuss the importance of using social media to increase authority and influence.

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Stacy Jones: 00:00        

  • Welcome to Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. I’m Stacy Jones, the Founder of influencer marketing and branded content agency, Hollywood Branded. This podcast provides brand marketers a learning platform for top experts to share their insights and knowledge on topics which make a direct impact on your business today. While it is impossible to be well-versed on every topic and strategy that can improve bottom line results, my goal is to help you avoid making costly mistakes of time, energy, or money, whether you are doing a DIY approach or hiring an expert to help. Let’s begin today’s discussion.

Speaker 3: 00:31        

  • Welcome to Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. Here’s your host, Stacy Jones.

Stacy Jones: 00:36  

  • I’m so happy to be here with you all today and want to give you a very warm welcome to Josh Elledge, who is joining us to discuss his extensive experience working in digital marketing. Josh is a US Navy veteran who became a serial entrepreneur in an effort to solve problems he himself felt he needed help with. Josh, his first startup, SavingsAngel.com, due to having more than 50 employees and grossed more than 6 million in sales with less than $500 in advertising spent. In 2014, he launched the extension, Up My Influence, to help entrepreneurs attract their perfect audiences and grow their brands without needing help from an agency. Since then, Up My Influence has evolved into an easily accessible platform which helps entrepreneurs share their expertise and wisdom while growing revenue.

Stacy Jones: 01:12           

  • Josh is a frequent speaker at business and startup conferences including Social Media Marketing World and Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery. He’s a weekly consumer expert on Fox 35 Orlando and News 13, writes his syndicated column for nine newspapers with total readership above 1.1 million readers, and regularly appears on more than 75 TV stations across the country. All told, Josh has appeared in the media more than 2000 times. Today we’re going to talk with Josh about understanding the importance of using social media to increase authority and influence. We’ll be covering what the difference is between advertising and authority building and why you should create content to engage followers. We’ll learn what’s worked from Josh’s experience, what maybe could be avoided if you’re doing this yourself, and where others are missing the mark. Josh, welcome.

Josh Elledge: 01:54     

  • All right. Thank you so much for having me, Stacy.

Stacy Jones: 01:56   

  • Of course, so happy to have you here today. Can you tell us a little bit about what you do, where you’ve been, how you got to where you are today, and we can go from there?

Josh Elledge:  02:04    

  • I failed in business a number of times. I think six pretty significant failures in fact, after I left corporate America, but I just felt like I had work to do. I was a terrible employee. I was all right when I was in the Navy because I felt the special purpose to what I was doing, but then just in corporate America, I just … it was really hard for me to be in that environment. I needed to be a part of something that I was involved in the creative process, I could really put my finger on, but again, like a lot of people, we try something, it doesn’t work, and that’s okay. I mean, that’s the normal path for business owners. You know, cashflow issues, having to abruptly move from a home or lose a home to foreclosure, bankruptcy, that was all part of my experience and it was really painful to go through that.

Josh Elledge: 03:02           

  • When my other company, Savings Angel, succeeded and we started having seven figure years and six figure months, I had really come to the decision that I was going to spend a lot of time serving pro bono in my local startup community helping other entrepreneurs in whatever way I could. Again, all pro bono because I just believe that that’s what we should do. When you finally hit it, reach down and help as many people learn from your experience, so that they don’t have to go through as much of that pain.

Josh Elledge: 03:38        

  • Savings Angel we grew, by the way, and people want to know how did you get to six figures a month? That sounds really exciting. It is. It’s really fun to get to that level because when I launched it at the beginning, I had zero money. We were completely bootstrapping. I didn’t have any exposure at the beginning and I knew that exposure was everything. You can have the best business idea in the world, Stacy, but if you don’t have any visibility, nobody’s going to know about it, and you’re not going to become successful.

Josh Elledge: 04:08     

  • Another problem with that is that you don’t have enough data, because nobody is a fortune teller, we don’t know what’s going to work in business, so the only way to figure that out is you have to have the market tell you. If you don’t get enough numbers, you don’t get meaningful data and you’re trying to base the success or the failure of your business on the opinion of 10 of your closest friends, sorry, but that’s not good data. You need people that come to your website, bounce off your website, you need to try to extract that information and that will let you know which direction to take your business in.

Josh Elledge: 04:43                  

  • It was the first couple months of launching Savings Angel, which was a … for a long time, it was a membership-based website that would help consumers cut their grocery bill in half, so what I did is social media was really early in its infancy at the time. This was 12 years ago. I reached out to local radio stations, ad magazines, blogs, like anyone I could that I knew had an audience. I said, “Look, I would love to bring value, this is what I can do. I can help consumers cut their grocery bill in half. I’ll teach people,” you know, exactly like da, da, da, da, da. I had a local radio station show pity on me. They invited me on. This was in the middle of winter and I had a heating bill that was due. I didn’t have the money for it and this was a Tuesday morning, my bill was due I believe like a Friday or something like that. I was like, this is my last shot. If this doesn’t succeed, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t want to lose another home. I don’t want to have to go and live with my in laws or my parents again because that’s embarrassing.

Josh Elledge: 05:45           

  • I went on air for a three-minute radio segment. At the time, I didn’t even know what happened. I was at the radio station, my phone wouldn’t … you know, I couldn’t connect and see credit card transactions, not like today, you know, when we have Stripe and all of that. I went home and I had actually made several hundred dollars for that three minute segment and that paid my heating bill. Then, we made a little bit more money the next day and people were signing up. I got my heating bill paid and in the years that followed, that turned into a very, very successful business. We were able to help a lot of good people.

Josh Elledge: 06:24           

  • All told today, Stacy, I’ve been in the media over 2,000 times, I do a syndicated newspaper column, syndicated TV, and locally here in Orlando, Florida I’ve been on air over 700 times alone on TV, so as kind of like the local consumer guy. It’s just been such an honor to do that.

Stacy Jones: 06:45       

  • You have quite the bootstrapping story there.

Josh Elledge: 06:47        

  • Yeah. Yeah, it’s … Listen, bootstrapping is, I think everybody needs to go through it and I think most everybody does. It’s great to get funding because we’ve also gotten funding, like SBA funding and that sort of thing, where it’s appropriate, but I think that that’s really not something that … That’s fine if that’s a long-term plan or maybe year two, three, four, something like that, you plan for that, but I really, really love that solid first year of just grinding it out because when you do that, you learn so much about yourself. Those moments where it’s only upon your shoulders. I’m kind of getting into some Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged stuff here, but you allow the business to succeed or fail based on your own efforts alone. Even if you’re just putting out an MVP, a minimum viable product, you’re just testing the concept, you’re doing market research, you need to do it in a way where you just … man, you put it all on the line. When you show that you put in that blood, sweat, and tears into that, investors, banks, whoever it is when you go for funding later, they’re going to see that and that’s really going to play in your favor.

Stacy Jones: 08:09     

  • I absolutely agree. I started Hollywood Branded 12 years ago and in the last couple of weeks, my team has looked at me on several occasions, said, “How do you know how to do that?” I mean, random, random things. All entrepreneurs, if you’re going to have a business and you’re going to be successful, you’re going to figure out how to do all of that, whatever that is to make it happen.

Josh Elledge: 08:31       

  • Yeah. Yeah.

Stacy Jones: 08:32               

  • Yeah.

Josh Elledge: 08:32               

  • Well, congratulations on that, Stacy.

Stacy Jones: 08:33

  • Yeah.

Josh Elledge: 08:33        

  • 12 years, man that is … Look, anyone who’s been in business for 12 years, I can tell why your listeners listen to this show. Someone who has been at the helm of a single company for more than 12 years in this age, those are … I think Facebook, as of when we’re recording this, is 15 years old.

Stacy Jones: 08:55      

  • Right. Exactly.

Josh Elledge: 08:57               

  • This is some longevity, so congratulations-

Stacy Jones: 09:00             

  • I know. Thank you.

Josh Elledge: 09:00               

  • … on that.

Stacy Jones: 09:00  

  • Thank you. You just talked about how you were able to harness the power of radio, basically. Earlier when we were chatting, you wanted to talk about the difference between advertising and authority building.

Josh Elledge: 09:18      

  • Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yeah.

Stacy Jones: 09:20     

  • How would you position that, of what you did differently, was it advertising, what is authority building, is it a combination of the two and can you share a little bit more about that whole topic?

Josh Elledge: 09:32

  • Yeah. I’m going to share a quote that I think is going to make some people very uncomfortable, but it’s the … I forget his name, but he or she is the founder of Geek Squad and they said this. They said, “Advertising is the tax you pay for being unremarkable.” Look, you can buy your way into some sales, but that’s hard and in many ways, advertising, look, I’m not saying don’t advertise. Everyone needs to advertise. You need to constantly be advertising, but advertising, for the most part, is kind of like being on the hamster wheel. When you stop advertising, that’s pretty much it.

Josh Elledge: 10:12               

  • We are big advocates for what Mark Schaefer and his brand-new book, Marketing Rebellion, which is a fantastic book, and also, he talked about in his book, Known, is the value of your authority, the value of your brand, the value of a tribe that goes with you and recognizes that you’re something special. Where does authority come from? It comes from three places today. It comes from one, did you create anything successful? I think you and I will talk about this, but I don’t think it’s enough just to say, “Well, I’m an expert at being an expert.” I think consumers are … we’re past that. This is the same reason why I think that traditional sales funnels, that’s a very risky position to be in when all you are is just a sales funnel. That kind of sales funnel is dying. You need to have something behind it.

Josh Elledge: 11:17    

  • Consumers are sold to more than ever and we’re more skeptical than ever. We only choose to connect with those people whom we know, like, and trust. That benchmark is getting higher and higher and harder because we live in a day of podcasts and YouTube. Number one, did you do something? Number two, this is where authority comes from, number two is your social proof. Can I go to your social media and see, oh wow, this person, she actually has a pretty big social media audience, I don’t want to get left behind, these people must know something I don’t, I need to pay attention, so I follow, I engage, but most importantly, my opinion of that thought leader just went up because I see, oh, they’ve got a hundred thousand followers on Instagram or Twitter, I need to pay attention to them.

Josh Elledge: 12:05 

  • Then, finally, number three would be your associations. We do a lot of work with this at Up My Influence and your associations would be, for example, me getting the invite to speak by the Tony Robbins’ Organization and speak to his Business Mastery audience. If you look at my speaking experience or bio or whatever, you’re going to see that and if you have a win like that, obviously, you’re going to let people know. I’m speaking to Social Media Marketing World, getting to appear on Stacy, on your show. These are all associations, so people respect your authority, Stacy, because you’ve been in this industry for a long time, you’ve got an audience. Hopefully now, as I share this episode with my people, they will transfer a little bit of the know, like, and trust they have with you, onto me, and hopefully that raises my level just a little bit.

Josh Elledge: 13:02  

  • The beautiful thing about this, Stacy, is as business owners, I think we’re in this environment that as we serve one another, as we look to help and say, look, I want to help Stacy’s business, I want to promote her as much as I can, and similarly, if like there’s some residual for me, that’s the environment where we all win. Competition is dead. Competition is for losers in many respects when it comes to our business success. I think domination is probably the better way to go and domination comes from being authentic, genuine, serving, and truly focusing on the three things that I mentioned in terms of achieving some success, serving an audience, building a big social following, and then just try to serve on other stages. This is the formula moving forward.

Josh Elledge: 13:57      

  • Like I said, in the olden days, you could do different stuff. You could just do infomercials and sales pitches and that sort of thing. Not today. Consumers have never been more cynical toward marketing and marketers, so it’s time to evolve.

Stacy Jones: 14:14      

  • I think everything you just said is the whole reason why not just affluence marketing, but influencer marketing works. It’s the whole reason why brands are working with influencers in order to gain traction on their own social platforms. It’s the same transfer of authority, transfer of credibility and true genuineness.

Josh Elledge: 14:37        

Sure. Sure. It’s been pretty exciting to watch the evolution of influencer marketing over the past five years. In the beginning, I think it was everybody … Today, you’ve got your different levels of influencers, right? You’ve got your celebrities, you’ve got your macros, you’ve got your professionals, then you’ve got your micros, and there might be another category or two. Those are the four that I use.

Josh Elledge: 14:58

  • In the early days, I think everybody was treated like a celebrity. If there was a brand that like, “Oh my gosh, I could pay somebody and they could promote me to their 5,000 Twitter followers and we’re going to make mega sales. Oh, they’re charging me $2,000. Okay.” We didn’t really get it yet, so today, I think that we’re settling into brands are getting a lot savvier and influencers. Influencers, by the way, at any level, whether the celebrity level or micro-influencer, are learning their value, they’re learning their worth, but they’re also learning how to create amazing win/wins.

Josh Elledge: 15:44      

  • I love working with a brand, not when they pay me a lot of money, that’s nice, but I would much rather co-create an amazing campaign together where they say, “We love Josh. We love what he created with us.” My audience loves the content we create, so very native, very authentic, very organic and listen, very transparent as well. Everybody knows what influencer marketing is, so when I talk about a brand, I need to be very honest and transparent with my audience about here’s what the deal is, here’s the story behind this, here’s why I fell in love with these guys.

Josh Elledge: 16:30     

  • Yeah, it’s exciting and look, in five years from now, Stacy, you’re in an amazing position because imagine what is going to happen in terms of influencer marketing versus traditional marketing over the next five years. Right now, two thirds of all marketing is outside the control of your marketing budget and your marketing efforts, so what’s happening is, because of reviews, social media conversation, just everybody talking about your product, you can’t necessarily control that. You can facilitate that, you can work with it, but you can’t control that with the exception of giving an exceptional customer experience. That’s really the only way that you can influence that is just giving them the tools and giving them truly great products and service, so that they will talk about you over and over again. We talk about brands all the time, so we’re constantly doing that work, but yeah. Controlling the message with commercials, that’s getting tougher and tougher and tougher.

Stacy Jones: 17:43         

  • Yeah. Everyone’s just tuning out and ad skipping, so that’s why we love influencer marketing and product placement integrations in content and all those things that you can do, and of course, leveraging affluence.

Josh Elledge: 17:56         

  • Yeah. Yep.

Stacy Jones: 17:59     

  • Someone is starting out or they’re established, and they have a little bit of credibility, what’s the first step? Are they just dialing their radio station like you did? Probably not, so what do they need to actually do to launch themselves on this pathway?

Josh Elledge: 18:14     

  • Yeah. Here is what I would do if I were starting brand-new today, and the answer I give by the way changes every six months, so if you’re listening to this a year from when we recorded it, I would probably adjust this information. If it were me today, because again, Facebook keeps screwing things up, you know, social media keeps evolving and changing, culture keeps changing, consumers keep changing, at the beginning, when budgets are tight, I want you to be very, very careful about how you spend your money. I blew 25 grand on PR for Savings Angel. It was a big waste of money and that’s really unfortunate that it happened that way, so learn from my experience. That’s, by the way, why we launched Up My Influence because I heard so many horror stories of people like, “Look, I just want to get buzz.” I get it. We all want to get buzz. We all want people talking about our thing. You can pay people and they can help you with that. There’s definitely some things that agencies can do where they’ve got a little bit of influence, but you’ve got to be so careful.

Josh Elledge: 19:30   

  • What I would do, if you’ve got very, very little budget, is number one, keep listening to podcasts like … keep listening to Stacy’s podcast, and I would say number two, is let’s say, especially if you are like B2B, is that I would join … like, let’s say you’re an expert in social media design. You design the best graphic images and that’s your agency is you just create social media content. What I would do is feel free to join all the Facebook groups, so you can always improve your skills and that sort of thing, but I would join all of the Facebook groups, like let’s say they’re like realtors or something like that, so what you want to be is the token social media person in that East Orlando realtors’ group or something. You want to just be in that group and you want to be helpful. Be a good person, gives lots of value, share lots of tips, share lots of best practices, review people’s social media, and give them tips and help them. Just give, give, give, give, give. All right?

Josh Elledge: 20:45       

  • You might be thinking, “Well, Josh, I’m not going to get paid for that.” If you are, you’re thinking way too short sighted because what’s going to happen is if you do that for a solid six to 12 months and you serve in enough communities, you’re going to be set. You will make a full-time income. There’s no doubt about it. That’s just the way that it works today. You don’t have to go nuts on this, but somehow you need to indicate that you are open for business and that, as a professional in your industry, this is how to engage with me because what will happen is people will hover over your name, they’re like, “Man, this gal really knows what she’s talking about.” They hover over the name and they’re like, “Oh, look at that.” Then, they see something, your profile image, your cover image, or something in your bio or whatever, they click on it, and then boom, there’s all your links, there’s your featured image that talks about what you do. Yeah.

Josh Elledge: 21:35 

  • If you want to search me on Facebook, just search Josh Elledge, E-L-L-E-D-G-E, and just copy what I do. It works. Just, again, be … When you wake in the morning, Stacy, I love this advice, and the first thought in your mind is who am I going to sell to? Listen, sometimes it feels necessary, especially if it motivates you to do something, but I’ll tell you that it’s a pretty stressful way to live if instead you wake up and you’re like, who can I serve, who can I give to, how can I give the most value to as many people as possible. You work with a giving mindset. You wake up and you recognize that there’s something deeper to why you’re on the earth, like why are you here, what is the impact that you get to cause, what is your why, what are your core value? When you live in that, then it’s like, the money will come. It really will.

Josh Elledge: 22:38               

  • I’m sure you’ve heard business leader after business leader after business leaders say this exact same thing. You could choose to believe me at this level or you could believe me at this level. It’s really up to you, but I’m telling you that mindset about your purpose, it just makes all the difference in the world.

Stacy Jones: 22:59    

  • Absolutely, it does. I can guarantee that as well. Okay, so they’ve gone out, they have created a presence on various social platforms where their competitors are not, and they can stand out and shine and be helpful to other people and serve those communities. What else can someone do?

Josh Elledge: 23:22     

  • If you’re serving, I would say in terms of investing in your authority, obviously because you’re being judged every time that people are choosing whether or not to engage with you, so let’s say that you’re being helpful, someone hovers over your name, get your Facebook profile optimized, I would also, I would say in the 2019 and beyond, you cannot over-invest, if you’re in B2B, you cannot over-invest in LinkedIn. It’s that important. If you want to engage with the media, they’re going to use LinkedIn. They’re going to do a Google search on you, if your LinkedIn profile is properly optimized, generally it’s going to come up in the first page of search results unless you have a pretty common name. Sorry Stacy Jones.

Stacy Jones: 24:12        

  • I know. There is a band leader out there.

Josh Elledge: 24:16     

  • There are two other Josh Elledge’s that float around on the internet. I feel bad for them because they can’t really get much coverage with me. Yeah. What you want to do is you want to make sure that everything communicates that you take this very seriously, that you’re a professional in your space, so you will attract the caliber of client relative to the level of your branding and you will never exceed that. A high-level client is not going to hire someone who has low-level branding. It’s just not going to happen because a high-level client is going to be very picky and they can’t waste their time, so they have to work with someone who they feel is already working with clients at their level. I wish I could tell you that you can get around that. It’s really hard because you’re going to be based on your branding, everything from your website design to everything that’s in your social media profiles, it’s all going to be judged ruthlessly.

Josh Elledge: 25:34               

  • Look, I could sugarcoat it for you and say, hey, just go get them tiger, but I’m telling you that your success rate is going to be much higher if you make the investments. At the beginning, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do because I understand budgets aren’t quite there, but every dime you get, man, put it back into branding. When people see, okay, she’s got head shots, she’s got a great logo, she’s got great messaging, she’s producing great content, she’s engaging with her audience, all of this communicates something to that potential client that says I want to be a part of that.

Josh Elledge: 26:14        

  • See, even when I launched Up My Influence, five, six years ago, I was really doing it pretty part-time because I already had a thing going with Savings Angel. I’m good. I didn’t put a lot of effort into the branding because I wasn’t really actively looking. That said, I didn’t get a lot of inbound leads out of nowhere. When I started getting more interest in there, we took all of that, just kept on investing it into our branding and now I can tell you we just don’t have to worry about where business comes from. That’s a really great position to be in and I have been in that position when you have to stress every day about where’s my next meal, how’s my next meal going to get paid for? I’ve been there. I know what that’s like.

Josh Elledge: 27:05               

  • I want to let you know, it’s going to be okay, you’re going to do all right, just keep … You’re in the right place, doing the right thing, learning from the right experts. Just follow this advice and it will get better. Trust me. When you go to a conference, and I’ve been to a conference as a nobody, I’ve done a lot of conferences as a “nobody”, right, because we’re all somebody, but I’ve also been to conferences when I’ve been a featured speaker. It is a completely different experience and I want that … eventually, I want that celebrity experience for everybody because it feels good, but man, it’s so much easier to build and grow your business when people are standing in line waiting to talk to you, pick your brain, ask you questions, get your advice, and find out how to engage with you.

Stacy Jones: 27:53               

  • That is fantastic advice and everything that all of our mothers probably said, a birds of a feather flock together and appearances matter. You are stating again that they truly do.

Josh Elledge: 28:04      

  • Yeah. Thank you, Stacy. It really works, I promise.

Stacy Jones: 28:07    

  • Really works. Okay. Where can people make a bit of a mess of this if they move forward and how can they not get the results that they want?

Josh Elledge: 28:18          

  • Yeah. Marketers screw this up all the time because what they don’t realize is that when you’re engaging with audiences, especially if you want to work within the media, look, you’ve got to take your sales hat and you’ve got to put it on a shelf. If audiences, if consumers, smell sales on your breath, they are going to turn and run. It’s kind of like if you’ve ever been to maybe a networking event or a mixer of some sort and you’re just walking around and some dude comes up to you. He’s wearing like a … I’m going to date myself … Herb Tarlek, WKRP in Cincinnati, he’s wearing kind of like that used car salesman jacket or whatever and all of a sudden … he’s probably got bad breath, too, but he just goes into robo-sales mode.

Josh Elledge: 29:09       

  • How does that feel as a human, as a person? How does that feel to be treated so thoughtlessly that you’re nothing but a potential lead or sale to that person? It feels lousy. That should give us a clue because we’re all, you know, chances a vast majority of people listening to this, we’re business owners, but we’re also all consumers, so it’s really important that we engage with people at the level exactly how we would like to be engaged with. What that means is do you want to be sold to? Nope. We don’t. Do we mind being informed? Yeah, that’s okay. I want to know what people do. Like, I like well, like, “What do you guys do?” That’s cool. Just inform me, but you don’t need to go into the sales pitch. I’m good. I’m smart and Stacy, you’re smart and everybody listening to this, we’re all smart. We have to treat our audiences like they are brilliant. At least at our level of intelligence on up.

Josh Elledge: 30:18     

  • Here’s the thing. This is really fascinating. Consumers, we all pride ourselves on the ability to read people. We all think that we can read people better than anybody else, at least we’re above average, when in fact, we’ve all got this skill. We could watch a reality TV show and there’s just going to be some people you like and some people you don’t like. Well, what is it? Well, some of it is, it’s non-verbal, it’s how they say things, it’s their body language. We build this profile of somebody based on all of these cues, all of these poker tells.

Josh Elledge: 30:54        

  •   If you think you can look at your audience as just sales leads and then think that that’s not going to come across, yeah, good luck. Your people are way too smart for that. They’re going to spot it a mile away, so you’ve got to get it right in your heart. When it’s right in your heart, look, I’m telling you people are going to love you, they’re going to resonate with you, and they’re going to want to know how can I engage more with you. You’ve got to just take a break, so give value, inform, tell stories about what you do, but let people take that next step. Like, the dating metaphor I think is so completely appropriate for sales and marketing. That is, is that you don’t go on a first date and ask for someone’s hand in marriage. That’s a little creepy. Right? Maybe it might work in a romance novel, but it doesn’t work in real life.

Josh Elledge: 31:47 

  • The appropriate thing to do would just be to always just present your best self and always just be authentic and genuine with people. Let them, like, we’ll engage in this dance together. When it feels like the right time to have that first kiss and it’s meaningful, we’ll have the first kiss. When it feels like it’s the right time to say, “I’d love for you to meet my parents,” like, you’ll know if you’re truly being attentive to your audience or to your potential client, you’ll know, if you’re following their cues, when it’s appropriate to do that. If you do it too early, it’s pushy and it’s icky. You’re going to find out that people keep braking up with you and it’s like, what? Chances are if people keep breaking up with you, there’s something wrong there. Might be something wrong with your product or service, but generally, it probably has more to do with you.

Stacy Jones: 32:51      

  • Earlier, when we were chatting and sharing, you had mentioned that there’s such a high importance in creating content that you can share with your audience.

Josh Elledge: 33:00 

  • Yeah.

Stacy Jones: 33:01   

  • Can you share a little bit more about that with our listeners today?

Josh Elledge: 33:04              

  •   Yeah. I went to college for Family Science, even though I’ve kind of become known as this thought leader or whatever in working with the media and communicating to audiences. My background is in Family Science. I study relationships. One thing that I learned in terms of building relationships is that quality time generally is overrated and quantity time is underrated, so people think that they need to have … like, well, if I go to Disney World with my kids, yeah, I will create memories or whatever, but you know what? Kids just like hanging around with you. As long as you’re showing them attention, that’s good. Kids are going to use that and they’re going to build, you know, that’s going to be good for that development and that relationship.

Josh Elledge: 33:58     

  • Just spending time with my wife, like just even if we’re just walking on a walk together, that is good for our relationship. Your audience, what you need to do is you just need to spend time together, so how do you do that? Well, you do that by producing content. Give them opportunities to spend time with you. If you’re not producing content, how’s that going to happen? If you’re saying, “Look, I’m going to spend time with you, but the only way for you to do that is you need to pay me money,” yeah, good luck with that. They’re not going to want to spend time with you because they don’t know you very well.

Josh Elledge: 34:40      

  • You need to be … I think the goal is to omni-present, is to be everywhere. Again, at the beginning, that’s really tough, but you do what you can do. My suggestion is that you pick one platform and you put everything you’ve got into it. Whether it’s podcasting, YouTube, producing written content, pick a single social media platform and you dominate that social media platform. You pick one and you put everything you’ve got into that one platform. You keep on going when everybody else quits.

Josh Elledge: 35:14     

  • We have clients that are big time YouTubers and there was a time, you go back a few years ago when they were producing three videos a week. Even today, they’ve got maybe a hundred views on those videos, but they kept at it. Four months later, they’ve still got maybe a hundred, maybe 200 views on those videos. Six months, a year into it, now they’re starting to get maybe a thousand or more views per video. Then, a year and a half, two years later, now they get 50,000 to 100,000 to a half a million views per video. What happened? They just kept on going when everybody else quit. They got better at what they do, that’s important, but they just stayed in the game. Everybody, that’s … I mean, I’m sure you’ve heard this. Everybody always quits too early. Some things you need to pivot, for sure, but you won’t know that until you’re really, really, really, really, really put it out there.

Stacy Jones: 36:13           

  • Well, and what’s also so fantastic is, if you are putting all of that time and money and energy into that single platform, when you do have some air and you have some room to come up or get some help, all of those platforms can be extended. It’s easy to chunk everything together and now you have awesome content that can be repurposed and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Josh Elledge: 36:36     

  • I hear you. At the beginning, I know it’s stressful to feel like I’ve got to do this, this, this, this, and this. It’s okay. Rome wasn’t built in a day, you’re going to be able to hire people in the future. Right now, pick one thing, dominate it, master it, and just laser focus and all the other stuff’s going to come. It really will.

Stacy Jones: 36:55    

  • How have you seen all of this evolve and where do you think it’s going? I know you said earlier that we’re not going to have traditional advertising and marketing that we know of today in 10 years to come, but where is affluence marketing going?

Josh Elledge: 37:11               

  • If you’ve just been relying on some little Facebook ads hack to become successful and that’s your meal ticket, that’s not going to cut it because Facebook can make one algorithm change, bam, gone. Then, you’ve got to try and find your next little trick. If you are respected as an authority and people know, like, and trust you, and you’ve got an audience that comes with you, look, you can be completely platform agnostic. I really think that ultimately we should be platform agnostic and that we put all of our effort into building our brand and our expertise, our platform, so if some new social media thing comes about, all you have to do is because you’ve built up these audiences in these other places, maybe you’ve got a big email list, maybe your blog gets a lot of traffic, you add all of that up and say, “Hey, come on guys. We’re going to go do this,” like whatever that new things is, it’s going to be really easy for you. If you’ve just been kind of poking around at different things and you really haven’t focused on giving value, that’s going to be tough.

Josh Elledge: 38:29               

To my fellow podcasters who are only just interviewing, that’s good, that’s a great way to get started, but I think you want to invoke and infuse your own wisdom into that platform, so that people can say, man, Stacy … not you Stacy, you do a fabulous job. Obviously, you’re very, very … but I’ve been interviewed by some people and it’s great. Again, you get started in whatever way you can, but eventually, you really want to hone in on one very specific niche and dominate that niche. Try to go to the blue ocean if you can where there’s no infighting and stuff because again, I think competition is for losers. Just give, give, give, give, give and start using that platform and saying, “This is what I want to be known for and I am going to be the person when it comes to this very specific call to action.”

Stacy Jones: 39:25               

  • Yeah, that’s awesome. I can relate. I actually hit over a hundred podcasts before I actually turned this into an interview series.

Josh Elledge: 39:32   

  • Wow. Yep.

Stacy Jones: 39:33       

  • I did all of these solo-

Josh Elledge: 39:34    

  • Mad respect.

Stacy Jones: 39:35               

  • Yeah.

Josh Elledge: 39:36        

  • Mad respect. A hundred episodes of teaching, that’s a lot of work, my friend.

Stacy Jones: 39:40   

  • It’s a lot of work, and I decided that enough of hearing from me, and I wanted to have our audience be able to actually listen to other experts that I really respect in this whole world of [crosstalk 00:39:51].

Josh Elledge: 39:51   

  • Wonderful. Now you’ve to that … like, you’ve got collaboration, you’ve got people working together for a common purpose. It’s beautiful, Stacy. I love what you’ve created.

Stacy Jones: 40:02        

  • Thank you. Is there anything that you can share with our listeners, how can they learn about you, how can they learn more about Up My Influence, how can any or everything, what would you like them to do? What is your call to action?

Josh Elledge: 40:17           

  • Thank you so much. We do a lot of pro bono stuff. Again, my philosophy is, it’s just give, give, give, just invest in that next generation of business owners because a lot of those business owners are going to succeed. They will say, “You know what? Josh invested in me at the beginning when I wasn’t really ready to invest in him, but now, we’re starting to look at some different ways that we can invest,” so that’s a great philosophy, a great way to grow your business, but we do a free webinar, I do a lot of YouTube now, a lot of podcasting, but you can find all of that at UpMyInfluence.com. Click on webinar. That webinar is 90 minutes of serious, step-by-step, tools, techniques, action items, exactly what to do, especially if you’re interested in building your authority through using high authority platforms like media.

Stacy Jones: 41:17 

  • Perfect. I know all of our listeners are going to agree with me here is your passion absolutely comes across both on screen, I’m looking at you, but as well as through our ears. That’s what makes you so successful in sharing and that’s what everyone needs to learn from. You’re not sales pitchy, you are actually genuine, you are actually very passionate and caring about making sure that everyone else is getting help and doing better in life. That’s wonderful.

Josh Elledge: 41:45  

  • Even in audio, you can hear my cheeks blushing right now. I don’t know what that sounds like, but I’m sure there’s a sound to it.

Stacy Jones: 41:53

  • Yeah, he’s a little red. He’s [inaudible 00:41:55] a little bit. Is there any last bit of advice that you want to give our listeners today?

Josh Elledge: 41:59 

  • Gosh. Stacy, yeah, and really that is when you surround yourself with experts, you know, we certainly, hopefully all of us believe that we’re the combined average of the five people you hang around with most. Now, at the beginning, it’s tough to get into those circles because everybody understands this principle, so I always wanted to sit … you know, look, when I was in middle school, I was a total poser. I really wanted to be accepted, I was super nerdy, I tried way too hard to be able to sit at the cool kid table. One thing that I learned eventually is that it’s not enough to try to fake your way there. It’s far better to just be a good person and just be a genuine person. The best way to get into these circles is to serve your way in.

Josh Elledge: 43:02    

  • If I could give one lasting piece of advice is if you want to increase your associations is serve your way in. Find some influencers, do something nice for them, and this is what I did, this is how I got to speak at Social Media Marketing World, this is how I got to do some really amazing work with John from Entrepreneur on Fire and Kate from Entrepreneur on Fire, you know, been able to do some really great stuff with them. It’s that I started by just finding something that I could do, something nice that I could do for them that was really in my wheelhouse, and I just kept on serving on my way to the top. I’m not at the top, but I keep on … I try to aim in that direction, so just keep on serving, keep on giving. I promise it’s the currency that is going to move things along so much faster than just going to old school sales lines.

Stacy Jones: 43:59    

  • Perfect. Well, Josh, thank you so much for joining all of us today. It’s been really greatly appreciated.

Josh Elledge: 44:03   

  • Stacy, thank you so much.

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