We impacted holiday retail sales for footwear company Dearfoams with a partnership with late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and a host of other celebrities.



Dearfoams, the nation’s oldest and largest slipper company, wanted to make a major impact in retailer sales over the Christmas holidays, while also increasing awareness among a college-students and millenials.

womens dearfoams closed toe scuff with lacing

dearfoams slipper fairy challenge



We launched the 2010 Slipper Fairy Challenge social media campaign which called to action consumer and celebrity fans to participate in Singing, Saying, or Tweeting about who they would give slippers to in order to win prizes ranging from slippers to money.  Hollywood Branded Inc.  sourced the digital marketing agency to design and launch the contest, and secured celebrity entertainers to participate to perform and video tape the Slipper Fairy Song for inclusion in the mini-site in order to create a larger viral presence, additionally we created a USO charity component where slippers were delivered to bases on behalf of the specified celebrity.  To announce the launch of the contest, we negotiated and secured a live commercial on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! launching the client’s first ever brand integration partnership.

The Result

In addition to Jimmy Kimmel, 7 celebrities were secured for the social media microsite platform and PR, including Mario Lopez, Taylor Armstrong, George Wallace, Aldis Hodges, Madison Pettis, Pilar Lastra, and Shaunie O’Neal.

The site featured some of Dearfoams’ hottest new styles for Fall 2010, an array of exciting prizes, tens of thousands of tweets, hundreds of videos and Facebook “Likes”. Ultimately, we generated over 100,000 online impressions at in less than 45 days and created a significant buzz inside the company by engaging and sharing with the target market and allowing their creativity to spread the word.

On Jimmy Kimmel, Dearfoams received seven verbal mentions, hands-on, and on-screen exposure when Jimmy Kimmel opens the show with a special message while wearing a pair of navy blue DM753 Dearfoams slippers.

Immediately after, a series of slipper fairy videos filmed on Hollywood Boulevard air. The final slipper fairy video features Jimmy Kimmel’s Uncle Frank who sits on a sofa decorated with Dearfoams slippers. He sings the jingle and concludes the segment with, “thank you Dearfoams.”

A still frame appears reading Win slippers at’ while a voiceover explains the Dearfoams promotion, “Go ahead. Make yourself comfortable with Dearfoams. To win the slipper fairy challenge go to or follow

“Hi I’m Jimmy Kimmel with a message from Dearfoams the slipper so indulgently  comfortable  and fashionable  you can wear them to relax at home or at your talk show. Dearfoams make the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list that has feet. You can have a chance to win free slippers at every week the first 50 people to submit a video of themselves can  win a free pair of  Dearfoams. You can Say It, you can Tweet It, or you can Sing the Slipper Fairy song.” – Jimmy Kimmel