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Steps To Create A Successful Celebrity Event Activation

As we discussed in our last podcast, sponsoring celebrity events is one of the lowest cost and fastest turnaround options for brand managers to obtain tangible assets that can be shared with consumers, news outlets and retail distributors to impact sales. Events attract top tier press, and provide content takeaways that can easily be seeded to press. Events also provide the opportunity to create brand advocates and build relationships with attending celebrities.  These celebrity event activations range from film festivals, fashion shows, award shows, premiere parties, celebrity birthdays, charities and custom events.

In our last podcast we spoke about these five steps: 

  • As a first step, source relevant events
  • As a second step, have a team be on hand to activate the event
  • Design the layout
  • The 4th suggested step is to participate in the red carpet
  • Our fifth Step Is To Ensure The Team Has Overall Brand Knowledge & Touch Points

But many brands don’t take advantage of the full potential of an event, and in this podcast you will learn seven more steps brand managers should know before they activate their next event sponsorship.

successful celebrity event activation

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Easiest way to have a successful celebrity event activation…more steps for success!

  • The sixth step is to secure testimonials
  • What to give as a gift
  • Get photos of your brand with the celebs!
  • Social media posts
  • Your PR release
  • Reach out to … Press!!
  • The other brands

There is plenty more!  Need an in-depth explanation? Download the full transcript for more details and get a chance to win a FREE rent my brain consultation worth $500.

celebrity entertainment campaign