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Productions Branded, a division of Hollywood Branded Inc., focuses on the production side of the entertainment industry. Working with productions of all sizes, we help to reduce and offset the cost of creating and marketing TV shows, Feature Films, Video Games, Web Series and Music Videos. We create below the line cost savings via product placement and brand integration as well as promotional alliance, licensing extensions and production gifting (wrap and premiere parties) for the property by sourcing appropriate brand partners. While our central focus is the North American marketplace, we have partnered with production companies in South America, Asia, India and Europe for integration and marketing alignments for brands interested in globally targeted entertainment marketing initiatives.

Services include:

  • Procurement of barter (free) product for on-screen use;
  • Negotiation of cash fee deals for larger scale on-screen brand integrations;
  • Identification and development of promotional and licensing partners;
  • Resourcing of discounted or gratis swag for production cast and crew, premiere and wrap parties.

During early planning stages, the production hires our agency to source and provide all of the following elements, which are needed throughout the entire shooting process:


  • Props – anything a specific character holds
  • Wardrobe – any product which touches the bodies of the actors
  • Location – all places where the production is shot
  • Transportation – anything that transports characters
  • Sets – all items featured in the scene